Jan 23 2008

Cooking question.

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Do you cook? Like, regularly? If so, how many different things are in your dinner rotation? I feel as though my dinner rotation has too few things in it. It seems like we’re eating the same stuff all the time, although maybe that’s just me. I’ve been trying to add some stuff to it, trying out new recipes and whatnot (Steak sandwich=yes, sweet potato soup=no). Today I decided that maybe turkey breast is a good thing to try, so now I have a 3 pound turkey breast brining in my fridge. The Man will most likely HATE it because brining is supposed to make the turkey more juicy, and he is a psychopath who prefers his poultry to be dry. But what am I supposed to do? I’m running out of meat options here. I’m certainly not going to start bringing home some of the stuff I saw in the meat case today (Beef liver? Duckling? CHITLINS?)

This is on my mind because I went shopping today. I don’t really like grocery shopping, and today was worse than usual. It wasn’t busy at all, but everyone in the store – employees and customers – seemed to be drugged. They were moving at a very dazed, lackadaisical pace. One of my first stops in the store was the deli counter. I was the only customer, and I only wanted 2 pounds of ham. I was at that counter for TEN MINUTES. Not waiting to be served, or trying to get someone’s attention. . . the deli lady just apparently was the slowest meat slicer in all creation. She’d slice some, wander to the scale, slice some more, wander back, it’s like HURRY UP MEAT LADY I HAVE OTHER THINGS TO DO TODAY. God knows what would have happened if I had ordered more than one kind of meat. I might still be there.

I saw more people just standing in the aisles, more people staring hopelessly at the spice display, more people using their carts to block off entire shelves while they were only interested in one particular product. No one was being deliberately rude, they were just. . .blank. Like zombie shoppers. There was an elderly black man sitting on an Amigo in the middle of the laundry detergent aisle, just staring off into the middle distance. I was about to ask him if he needed help, or if his motorized scooter had perhaps run out of go-juice, when he kind of shook his head and buzzed off. This was not an uncommon sight today. Did they add something to the water?

Anyway, food, right. What do you like to cook for dinner? What are the “staples” in your freezer or cabinet? Personally, meat-wise, I try to have the following on hand: Several pounds of ground beef, a pork tenderloin or two, a chuck roast, kielbasa, and chicken breasts. Anything else is usually bought with a specific recipe in mind and used that same day or the next day (see: cube steak, turkey breast, ribs, any chicken meat that is not breast).

My favorite things to make for dinner are: pork tenderloin and baked potatoes, pot roast, carrots, and mashed potatoes, any kind of pasta, and sloppy joes. I make other things, but those ones are the low-maintenance, no-thought things that get me through.

Sometimes I think I’d like to make a cooking blog, but then I remember that the only way I can prepare food is with a recipe in front of me. Not very original.

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