Feb 18 2008

No more, please.

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I had to go running back into the arms of the medical community this morning. Not only did the bottom of my feet send out terrible bolts of pain when I walked, but my lips and tongue were so swollen that it was painful to swallow, chew, or talk. Plus, all the nasty hives on my legs that had gone away after the hospital visit were back in full force. Not to mention the new and exciting patches on my forearms and torso.

So, The Man took me to the urgent care center where I received a painful steroid shot, a prescription for a stronger antihistamine, and an extension on my prednisone prescription. My lips and tongue are back to normal, and I can walk without pain for the most part now. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I broke down and cried in the doctor’s office – I’m just so tired of this, and the whole “can’t walk, can’t talk, can’t swallow” thing was what pushed me over the edge. It’s been going on for four days now and I’m ready for it to at least start getting better. I’m waiting to see what tomorrow brings. I have an appointment on Wednesday with a “family doctor” that the ER guys recommended to me, since I don’t have a primary care physician. I’m sure if things aren’t on the mend by then I’ll get referred to an allergist to see what is causing this. As I write this, my hands are itching terribly, so I’m sure I’ll have nice new patches by the time I go to bed. *sigh*

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