Feb 20 2008

Hopefully done for awhile.

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OK, I hope this will be the last I have to say about my strange, sudden allergic reaction for awhile. I went to a new doctor today, who is probably going to be my “primary care doctor” from now on. He was recommended by the guys in the ER, because I do not have a primary care doctor, because I am freaking lazy, I guess. I haven’t had a family doctor since. . . well, ever, I guess. I mean, my mom used to take me to the local guy to get my immunizations, but I never, ever went in for yearly check-ups. I guess once you get to be around 30, you’re supposed to have a family doctor, or your insurance carrier and all your specialists (not to mention any ER doctors you might run across) think you’re kind of wacko.

New Doctor gave me a FREE three-week supply of antihistamines (I’m all about free drugs), and a prescription for epi-pens. Yes, I now have to carry a self-injector around with me, just in case I run across something that makes my lips and tongue swell up to unbelievably painful proportions again. He made sure to tell me that the epi-pen would only buy me 20 minutes, so I had better be getting to the hospital pronto if I actually have to use it. I’m thinking if I have to inject myself, no one is going to have to tell me to get to the hospital. I will be screaming and crying the whole way there, because I am a big sissy when it comes to needles.

In three weeks I get to go back for an appointment, and at that point we will do some allergy tests. If I’m still having to be on antihistamines, we’ll do a blood test. If I’ve weaned myself off of antihistamines with no ill effects, we’ll do skin tests.

So, that’s the news. New drugs, epi-pens, and hopefully a hive-free three weeks until some tests are run. I hope I can just get on with things, now. Things like playing on my newly repaired computer.

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