Feb 24 2008

Venturing out.

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Today I went out all by myself, armed with my new epi-pen in my purse. I picked my epi-pens up last night and was alarmed at how large they were. More like an epi-magic marker than a pen. They also came with a training pen, so I could get used to stabbing myself in the leg with a big f-in’ magic marker. Anyway, they’re big, and now one lives in my purse. To celebrate, I went out and bought some new pots.

The Man and I have had the same (cheap) cookware since we started living together. We bought cheap, because when we first got together we were poor. We just needed something to make ramen in. Now that we’ve graduated to many different meals containing actual meat, I decided it was time to retire Our First Cookware. It was warped on the bottom, the non-stick coating was kind of flaking off, and the wooden handles had seen better days. I took myself off to TJ Maxx to look at the deals to be had – I’m not going to pay $50 for a damn pot if I don’t have to. I picked up two new skillets, a sauce pot, and a stock pot, all in stainless steel and all with glass lids. They are all, also, from Wolfgang Puck’s line of equipment, but I confess that this mattered much less to me than the sticker that read “dishwasher safe”. I hope that sticker isn’t lying, because I really don’t want to be hand washing a bunch of pots.

On the mystery allergy front, The Man and I went out this weekend and bought new laundry detergent, fabric softener, and soap. Everything is fragrance and dye free, because I am still having small, itchy episodes and I don’t know why. It’s time to start replacing things and seeing if that helps. I didn’t realize until we replaced all this stuff how much scent=clean to me. It’s very disconcerting to pull out a load of laundry and not smell anything. Or, for that matter, it’s pretty disconcerting to get out of the shower and not smell like soap. I washed my sheets last night and they were absolutely smell-less. I guess that’s good in one sense – at least they didn’t smell like BO or something. I just always liked getting into a bed with clean sheets because it smelled so good. Now there is no smell, just sheets. It’s kind of sad. In a small, stupid kind of way.

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