Mar 18 2008

He shoots his lobster from the three-point line. . . score!

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I’m watching TV and this Red Lobster commercial comes on. I guess it’s Lobsterfest, which makes me sad, because I rarely get to eat lobster. Anyway, I’m watching this commercial, and they do one of those slow-motion, dip the lobster in the butter shots. Only, the butter GEYSERS up over the top of the butter bowl, which would only happen if the person had SLAMMED the fork containing the bite of lobster down into the ramekin. Who does that? No one. Only commercial people do that. I don’t know what it’s supposed to convey, or make you feel. Gushing butter just makes me wince, because I know there will be grease spots over any cloth item it touches. If I was out to dinner with someone who was so excited about lobster that they slam dunked their bite into their melted butter, I might have to take a vow never to eat with that person again. Right after I cleaned up all the collateral butter damage with a moist towelette.

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