Jul 15 2008

Oh no, I’m going insane.

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Have you ever had one of those moments, where something isn’t working the way you expect, and you’re so flabbergasted you start to wonder if something’s gone wrong with the world?  And then it turns out that no, you’re just a little dumb.  I just had one of those moments.  I wanted to plug my headphones into my laptop.  I grabbed my headphones, which were conveniently sitting next to my laptop.  I stuck the headphone plug into the port – or tried to.  Either the port was way too big or the plug was way too small.  Either way, it was not a proper fit.  I just sat there, trying to figure out how this had stopped working in the day since I had last used my headphones (and please understand, I was still trying to plug in while working this out – not my smartest look, probably).  Had the port broken?  Had some integral piece managed to break off and fall away, leaving this (relatively) gaping hole?  WHY WAS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?

Then I actually looked at what I had in my hand, and it was not my headphones.  It was, in fact, a cell phone headset.  And while that is a very understandable mistake to make, I still feel like maybe someone should be watching me to make sure I don’t accidentally hurt myself with sharp things.

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