Jul 31 2008

Perhaps, blood?

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The Man is in the living room watching There Will Be Blood, a movie in which I have zero interest.  I didn’t watch Deadwood either.  Anyway,  The Man claims that this movie is really, really boring, which makes me feel pretty good about my decision to opt out.  However, when I asked him what he planned on doing tonight he told me “I’m going to watch that movie.  Um, There Might Be Blood?”  And then I laughed.  Because all I could picture were a bunch of passive-aggressive oil barons.  As for my night, I went to my Grandma’s, and my sister was there too.  It was pretty fun.  All we did was sit around and talk, but I like sitting around and talking.  J-bird brought some leftover banana birthday cake, which was yum.

We’ll be going up north in a couple of weeks, which means I’ve had to get my List Of New Reading Material together and narrowed down.  I’m taking four books with me, I hope.  I hope I can get them all.  My local Barnes and Noble sometimes lets me down.  Anyhow, this is what I’m going to get:

I’m so excited for new books!

OK, I can hear people yelling on this movie The Man has in, and I have to say, there is a lot of God-themed bellerin’ in this flick.  “I am a false prophet!”  “I am a sinner!”  “I abandoned my boy!” OK, that one wasn’t God-themed, but he was made to holler it out in church nonetheless.  Add to that the soundtrack of ominous, discordant violins of doom and it sounds like a REALLY ANNOYING MOVIE.

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