Aug 27 2008

Zomg! Dog!

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I’m freaking out a little bit right now.  As I wrote earlier, The Man and I are looking in to adding a dog to our household.  Mostly because The Man wants a dog.  So, we filled out an application with a local rescue, and waited to hear back.  Actually, we waited to be denied, because AFTER I filled out the app it came to my attention that they don’t home dogs with people who have young children, and I put on the app that we were trying to have kids.  Even though we don’t have kids right this very second, I figured they would reject us anyway.

BUT, someone contacted me today asking when would be the best time to come for a home visit.  This is where they look your house and yard over to make sure you don’t have lampshades made of human skin or suspicious bones poking up out of the ground.  Plus I’m sure they look for things like if you have enough space for a dog and whatnot.  You know, in between inspecting the lamp shades (lucky for me, all my lamp shades are stained glass).

So, now that it looks like we are going to be getting a dog, I’ve been gearing up for a freak out because OMG I don’t know anything about dogs!  So I spent my day looking up crate training, and how to introduce a dog into a house that has cats, and how to build an outdoor dog run, and all this other crap that has me freaking out.

And, if you ever want a good laugh, I suggest reading articles about integrating cats and dogs.  But, you have to read one by an expert, and then one by a layperson.  Because the experts are all “Don’t leave the dog alone with the cats, because DOGS KILL CATS.  Don’t allow your cats to run or else the DOG WILL CHASE AND KILL IT.”  And the laypeople are all “Things will be tense for a few days, but eventually the animals will find a way to live together.”  While I’m sure the experts have good points, the whole IF YOU DON’T DO THIS JUST RIGHT YOUR ANIMALS WILL DIE A GRISLY DEATH tone is not good for someone like me.  However, I am totally unable to be all laid back and let things work themselves out, like many of the laypeople recommend. That just seems like a recipe for disaster.

So, I plan on going with what sounded most reasonable to me: keep the dog crated or on leash in the house until it’s used to the cats and the cats are used to it.  Give the cats a cat tree so they have a place to escape to that the dog can’t follow.  Put a dog run in the back yard so the dog can get its run on during the nice weather without me having to spend all my waking hours outside exercising a dog.

This Sunday is the home inspection.  Eek.

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