Sep 02 2008

Next steps to dog.

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I got an e-mail today from the rescue people saying that the board has approved us for ownership.  The next step is meeting the dog.  We have to do two meets before we can take her home, but if all goes well we can take her home at the end of the second meet.  We are e-mailing back and forth to schedule the meets, but right now it looks like the first one will be on Thursday.  The second one will take place at a rescue event on Saturday.  So, if everything goes smoothly we’ll be bringing home a dog on Saturday!  And we have nothing ready for her!  This is just like those dreams in which I’m nine months pregnant and we don’t even have a crib!  Except with a dog!

The Man and I plan on building a cat tree tomorrow to give the current animal residents some “get that thing away from me!” space. I also have Feliway on my supplies shopping list, because if I know my cats, we are going to need all the help we can get to smooth this transition.

And, for all those who are curious, here is a picture of the dog – “Ears McGee” as Mackers calls her.  Her ears don’t really stick up like that – it’s just because she’s running.

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