Sep 07 2008


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I sprained my ankle today trying to hop over the dog’s tie-out while she was running after a toy.  I didn’t want to get tangled up in the cord, but I landed wrong and hurt myself.  No long morning walk for doggy tomorrow.

In other news, the cats do not like the dog one bit.  This is probably because she wants to play with them, and her version of playing is to lunge at them, much like she does with other dogs.  Once she lunges close enough, she drops to the ground and wiggles around, but the cats don’t really seem interested in sticking around to see what comes after LUNGE.

They also don’t seem interested in their new shelving system, designed to give them an up-high escape and perch where the dog can’t follow them.  So far, they like to hide upstairs, really only coming out when the dog is out for walks or when she is crated.

The Man is taking a very laissez faire attitude toward keeping the dog under control when she is in the house.  I’m sure this has something to do with the cats’ total lack of interest in being around the dog, since she’s been able to get after them once or twice, because no one’s been holding her leash. *ahem*

The new harness we bought on Friday, specially designed to reduce or stop pulling, is already broken.  The dog literally pulled it to pieces.

The dog’s name is Fern, by the way.  I might eventually get some pictures once she stops moving around so much, or once my ankle heals enough so I can chase her again.

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