Sep 19 2008

Lipsticked pitbull/pig v.2.0

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I went to my cousin Shawnsie’s bridal shower last Saturday.  I thought I looked pretty cute.  I had my hair done up in a nice way, had my glasses on, had on a nice crisp white button-down with the fashionably open collar.  The plan was to meet at J-bird’s house and ride over together.  I was driving along in my automobile, and happened to catch a reflection of myself in the rearview.

“Self, you look kind of like Sarah Palin with your hair like that.”
“I know, huh?  Weird.”

When I got to J-bird’s, she finished her preparations and we got in her car.  I said to her “I kind of feel like I’m dressed up like Sarah Palin.”

J-bird did a double-take and said “Holy crap, you DO look like Sarah Palin.”  We had a chuckle, and went on to the shower.

While we were at the shower, no less than THREE seperate people came up to me and called me “Sarah”.  Or said “Whoa, it’s Sarah Palin!” or told me that they were all behind me (this side of my family is conservative).

I didn’t think it was THAT much of a resemblance.  I mean, for one thing, Sarah Palin uses bronzer, or at least is not crazy albino lady, like I am.

“I might be wearing lipstick, but I’m neither a pitbull nor a pig.”

“I said ‘Thanks, but no thanks’ to that Bridge to Nowhere!  I swear!”

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