Sep 23 2008

Taking my own advice.

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I guess I fooled some of you with the previous post, thinking that I was taking this all pretty calmly.  The truth is, I wrote that stuff out mostly as a reminder to myself to not jump ahead into thinking the worst.  The truth is, I have moments where I am scared shitless and when I wonder why she’s not getting any better.

Today when I woke up her bedding was covered with streaks of vomit, meaning that she had thrown up sometime during the night and then had laid in it.  She has a hard time using the litter box, even with the new, low sides.  If I’m not there to support her, she falls over straight-legged, like a toy that’s been knocked off a table.

It’s hard, and it sucks.  The vet can only tell us that if it’s viral, it will take time to work itself out.  If it’s bacterial, it will take time for the antibiotics to work.  And, if it’s a tumor, we have to see a neurologist, and that will take money.  Probably more money than we can afford.  Needless to say, I’m getting a little tired of talking to the vet.

In the meantime, I’m trying to keep her as comfy as possible.  She seems less interested in food today, but that could just be me not processing things correctly, because I’m offering her food more frequently.

In any case, she hasn’t gotten worse, and that’s the main thing.  Thanks to everyone who’s asked after her and offered wishes for her recovery.

Do you mind getting that camera out of my face?

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