Oct 10 2008

Another friggin’ cat post?!

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Destiny is out and about.  We don’t keep her in the kennel anymore, because of the previous poop incidents.  I couldn’t stand the fact that if she got her cage dirty an hour after we went to bed, then she had to sit in filth for six more hours until I got up and rescued her.  So, now she is out and about in the house all day.  At night, I set her up in the bathroom and she stays in there.  That way if she falls down and scatters nastiness all around the litter box, she at least can go to the other side of the room and sleep on her clean bedding.  She hasn’t been improving as quickly as she was.  We seemed to have reached the point where any further improvement is going to be gradual.  She can get around, but she still falls over a lot.  She can’t climb stairs or jump onto furniture.  She looks kind of like an automaton because she is so jerky when she walks around.  But, she seems to be pretty happy and is eating well, so I’m guessing everything is going okay.  We have another vet appointment next week.  I’m sure the vet will say something really cheerful like “Well, it could still be a brain tumor.” or “She probably isn’t going to get better. . . ever.”  Those are the kinds of things I hear when I take Destiny in.  Even when I tell her how much better Destiny is doing, or how she seems to be more energetic and happy – the vet comes back with something like “You never know with brain injuries.  She could crash tomorrow.”  Can I just say I do not like this particular vet?  I like the other two vets, the ones who have seen Destiny for nine years.  This one is Dr. Gloomy-Come-Lately, and it pisses me off.  If she wasn’t taking good care of the cat, I would refuse to see her.  But as it is, all she’s doing is being Eeyore, and Destiny doesn’t understand her dire predictions anyway.  I mostly just ignore her, or if I’m feeling particularly sassy, I tell her that there’s no point in worrying about what might happen, since she’s already said there’s nothing we can do to prevent it.

In other news, I noticed when I linked that post up there, that it was my 900th post.  This got me all curious, so I decided to see what my other “milestone” posts were:

  • 100:  Feeling kinda bad.  I suck at titles.  The thing that cracked me up in this post was the last couple of sentences, where I talked about how I needed to stop letting myself go and join a gym.  I think I was 3 sizes smaller at that point than I am now.  Not letting self go:  FAIL.
  • 200:  It lives! Oh man, the Hell Neighbors.  I am so glad we don’t live in a trailer park anymore.  However, many of our current neighbors also let their dogs run free.  But they are all nice people and take care of their dogs in other ways.  So at least I don’t have to deal with dogs running loose AND loud arguments about how “all I ever wanted was a salt water fish tank and you WOULDN’T LET ME HAVE IT!” (true story)
  • 300: And you wonder what we talk about? I love my husband.  We still have variations of this conversation.
  • 400:  I guess it’s better than constant scabbing. Oh look, another post about Destiny and her health problems.
  • 500:  Disappointing mass media. I guess this is just a typical post where I go on and on about nothing.
  • 600:  Running on. . . running on empty. Wedding planning.  Looking back on it, our wedding was pretty simple to plan, but at the time, it sure felt like everything was going too fast and I was going to ruin everything by forgetting to order napkins or something.  It’s funny to think that we almost ruined everything by forgetting that we needed to get a marriage license until like, the LAST POSSIBLE SECOND.
  • 700:  Every time. I hate it when something on my car breaks.  But I love going up north!  J-bird and I are heading up for a long weekend in a couple of weeks.  Eee!
  • 800:  B-day +1. Aw, my 30th birthday post.  How appropriate.  What’s up with my smug little grin in that picture, though?

Did you enjoy this ramble down memory lane?  I know I did.  Now I just have to remember to mention when it’s the big 1000.

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