Oct 16 2008

Hopefully the last cat update for awhile.

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I just got back from taking Destiny to the vet, and hopefully we’re done going there for awhile.  The vet says we don’t have to come back for two months unless she starts getting worse.  I’m also supposed to taper down her prednisone dosage to every other day, again, as long as she’s not getting worse.   She apparently lost weight in the last two weeks (how? I don’t know. She’s eating more than she was), but the vet says she’s stronger, has more energy, and is more willing to stand and walk.  That’s good.  She also said there’s not much we can do about her new habit of crapping outside the litter box, since she probably doesn’t even realize she’s missing the box.  That’s bad – for me.  Because I get to start the day with a steamy pile of poo.  At least she hits the newspaper we put outside her box. . . most of the time.

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