Oct 22 2008

I must save my cat pictures.

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This morning has not been an exercise in fun and calmness, as I expected it would be.  When I tried to turn on my computer, I got the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death, but this time it was telling me that I had a “Bad Pool Header”, whatever that means.  Research on the internet presented several different opinions of what this could be: bad drivers, bad RAM, bad hard drive, or demons.  Because the only thing I could fix myself is bad drivers (I have a laptop, which makes replacing hardware. . . impossible), I booted to Safe Mode and spent the next two hours grabbing files and burning them to DVD.  We’ll just call this my semi-annual Panic Backup.

Once I got all my pictures, music, and random documents burned, I shut down the computer, disconnected my docking station, and booted up again.  Of course, now everything seems to be working fine, which helps to confirm my suspicion that it was the docking station drivers that were screwing everything up.  This freaking dock has been a headache since I bought it and now I am OVER IT.  I am going to get a USB hub, which will run everything except my speakers, and pitch this damn docking station into my box of Forgotten Computer Parts.

On the plus side, I got the floors vacuumed and two loads of laundry folded while all those files were backing up.  Efficient use of time FTW!

J-bird and I are heading north tomorrow morning for a long weekend at Dr. Mom and Moll’s.  A bunch of people seem to think it’s kind of weird that I’m going to see my in-laws without my husband.  Is it weird to like your in-laws that much?  I’m glad to be weird, if so.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I am allergic to some unknown but omnipresent thing, so I have started popping a Xyzal every day.  I got a whole fistful of them from my doctor when I had hives, but according to the web site they work for allergies too.  When they’re gone I’ll try some over-the-counter thing.

Also, I have a dentist appointment this afternoon.  It’s only 10 AM and it’s already a bothering kind of day.

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