Dec 04 2008

Home stretch

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My Christmas gifts are 75% bought, although some of them are in that eerie state known as “shipped, but not yet arrived”, or even worse “not yet shipped”.  I don’t like that.  I had a problem last year with things being late and I don’t want a repeat.

The gifts that have arrived have been wrapped and placed under our tree, except for the ones that are still waiting on additional parts to be complete.  We got Luke’s dad a three-part gift and so far only one part has shown up.  What’s even worse is that I just realized (literally, while I was typing the previous sentence) I haven’t even gotten a confirmation e-mail for his stepmom’s present!  Um, eek?  Guess I better check on that.

My Christmas cards are all addressed, except for one, which is waiting on a name/address confirmation.  I need to get stamps and send them out.  We decided to send picture cards this year, and neither one of us is totally happy with the picture we ended up using, although at least we were both looking at the camera, smiling, and not cross-eyed or in the middle of talking.

This is all to say that I feel kind of on the ball this year, in regards to Christmas, at least.

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