Jan 08 2009

Send laundry gnomes. Also, more Yooper Bars.

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We’re home from vacation.  We meant to be home yesterday, but as soon as we got over the Mackinaw Bridge, the roads turned to crap and it started snowing that glittery snow that means freezing and badness incoming.  So, we stopped in Indian River and finished our trek this morning.

I am currently buried under 80 loads of laundry and 1.6 bazillion presents that don’t have a home.  In the interest of reducing the number of things I have to find homes for, I’ve already eaten both of the Yooper Bars that were part of our stocking stuffers from Dr. Mom and Moll.

I might update again when I am not so busy getting the smell of cow poo out of our clothes.  In the meantime, here is a picture of a pig to tide you over.  I also want to tell you that this  pig tried to knock me down EVERY TIME it saw me alone.  It was not my piggy friend.  It was the devil pig.


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