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Apr 21 2013

Goodbye house.

I get really attached to material things and places. There are several houses I’ve lived in that I probably would buy and live in again, except then I’d have to leave my own home, where we’ve been making a lot of memories. It’s one of those can’t win situations – if I go back to one of my other homes, then this home becomes one of those places that I miss and long to re-posses.

Today, we said good-bye to Grandma’s house. It will go to a new family on Wednesday. We stopped over to look it over one last time. The rooms were all empty. The garage still had Grandma’s car in it, but Grandpa’s work bench was stripped and bare. I wandered through the rooms, and went upstairs to the two rooms that had, at different times, been my bedrooms. I touched the walls and whispered good-bye to the house.  I asked it not to forget me and to be good to the people who were coming next.

It was not the way I wanted to spend my 35th birthday, closing that chapter of my life, but we don’t get to choose our times and seasons.

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Apr 21 2009

I took myself shopping.

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Hey, everybody!

I turned 31 today!  Holy crap!

I went shopping with birthday money from my mom, and got myself some new threads.  I had to go to five stores before I found one that wasn’t selling things that had billowly, ruffled sleeves.  What is up with that?  Did someone hire Galadriel to design the summer lines or something?

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Aug 31 2008

Happy Birthday to The Man

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Today is The Man’s birthday.  He doesn’t know how old he is – he has to stop and reckon it up.  I guess that means he’s getting senile.

We celebrated by having our home inspection from the rescue people, which we seem to have passed.  At any rate, they’re going to let us meet the dog.

We also went to dinner and shopping.  He got a new mouse.  I got new sheets for the bed.  Thrilling, I know.

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Apr 22 2008

B-day +1.

Whoops, I forgot to post on my birthday. Actually, I’ve been forgetting to post here for quite a few days now, and that’s no good. So, let’s see what I’ve got for you. . .

On Friday our large pile of dirt was delivered and dumped into our front lawn. I didn’t get pictures of that action because I was downstairs working out, but by the time I went outside The Man and Chris were already moving the dirt around with the Bobcat because the people had dumped it 6 feet south of where it needed to be. The three of us spent most of the day building the new berm. We had more than enough field stone for the walls, which was nice. All of us now have sunburns, which is not so nice. The plants on the berm consist of new and relocated plants – I finally moved the daffodils, lone tulip, and iris clump, and the stick-like holly bush. J-bird gave me clumps of grape hyacinth, and I planted two more holly bushes, gladiolas, two lilies, some phlox, and a columbine. It looks kind of severe right now, but I’m hoping that once everything starts to grow it will fill in nicely. (The gladiolas aren’t even poking up yet because I planted them as bulbs).

On Saturday we got up early because we were going to Mt. Pleasant to help Moll pack up some stuff from their house there. And also, to pick up a clock that Dr. Mom had given me (no picture of that, because it’s at the clock shop right now, getting cleaned). The packing went very quickly, and we were back home by 11 AM. Then we had errands to run, and I had a house to clean, because we were having a fire that night, and also Mr. Colorado was coming in to town to spend a few days. The fire went really well; it was the perfect night for it. J-bird and her husband showed up, and Lucky and Galleta stopped by to show off their new car. I drank too much, which I need to stop doing.

Sunday was a lazy, quiet day for me, although everyone else had places to go and things to do. The Man and Mr. Colorado left early to meet some of the other guys for golf. Chris took off to his brother’s house for a cookout, and I stayed home to do laundry, nap, and attempt to feel better. No really, I need to not drink so much at fires.

Yesterday was my birthday, and I mostly puttered around outdoors. I made a trip into town to drop off some packages and drop the clock off, but then I went home and planted grape hyacinth on the berm; fertilized our new trees (planted last year); raked out old mulch from one flowerbed, hoed it, and put down new mulch; and cooked dinner (turkey breast, mashed potatoes and apple crisp).

So, I guess now you’re up to speed.  I’m 30 years old this year, and it doesn’t feel any different to me.

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