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Feb 12 2008


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Hot chocolate with Bailey’s. It warms my fingers up and tastes delicious.

PS – the song currently stuck in my head is “Babe” by Styx. You know it’s you, babe! Giving me the courage and the strength I need!

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Dec 07 2007

You will not be sorry.

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Do you love yourself and/or love another person? Do you/other person eat meat? If the answers to both of those questions are YES, then get your ass to the store, and buy everything you need to make this sandwich. Even if you’re like me and somewhat skeptical of steak sandwiches. This is a damn good meal. However, if you are trying to be on a diet, are concerned about heart damage, or are just a heathen who doesn’t like butter, you might want to give this a pass. But I wouldn’t.

FYI – I bought 3 pounds of cube steak and that was one pound too many. We have a lot of leftovers, and there wasn’t room in the pan for all the meat. But then again, there’s only 3 people in our house.

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Oct 20 2007

Trixie, slooow doowwn!

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There’s not a lot I miss about living near Grand Rapids – between the traffic, the cliques, the deer, and the sheer distance everything is away from everything else, it kind of got annoying – but one thing I do miss is the shopping. I went over today to spend some time with Mackers, and we decided that a trip to the mall was just what we needed. We didn’t even go to the “good” mall, but the one we went to still had a Banana Republic, Body Shop, and Origins. If an Origins store appeared in my local mall it would get laughed out of business. My local mall consists of such rare treats as Spencer’s Gifts and Footlocker. It’s rather sad shopping.

Anyway, I spent the day with Mackers, and we laughed and joked and made up some new phrases (Don’t lift your tunic at me!). We were caught laughing uncontrollably at a little boy in the car next to us, and we spent much time giving voice to what we believed other mall patrons were thinking. For instance, the solid and no-nonsense looking gentleman standing uncomfortably in front of Bath and Body Works – “Whole damn house is full of froo-froo crap and she’s in there buying more! Fancy soaps and lotions, I can go to the store and get three bars of soap for $2.00 – who needs fancy soap? And those candles – makes it smell like she’s baking a pie, and you know the woman can’t bake. Her pies smell more like chili.” Or the young girl, wearing what was obviously her first pair of stiletto boots and leg warmers, wobbling hesitantly after her friend – “Trixie, sloow dooown! I just got these, and you know I’m not all that good with balance. Oh, a sale at Forever 21!”

We also ate at a restaurant that had a very odd menu. Every item on it sounded good, but when you looked at the description, every item also had one thing as a component that did not belong there. Strawberries in things that didn’t require strawberries, avocado showing up in unlikely spots, mayonnaise as a dressing on items never before slathered in the stuff, and corn in everything. Everything that didn’t come with strawberries, avocado or mayonnaise had corn in it. And not just regular corn, charred corn. Doesn’t that sound appetizing? All I could picture was a bunch of corn kernels, roasted in an open fire to a deep, charcoal black. YUM. I managed to eat a burger sans mayo and Mackers found a California chicken club that was strange only because it consisted of entire chicken fillets instead of smaller pieces, as might be usual (it also had avocado on it, but since it was a California club, this was not especially strange. If there’s one thing I learned on my one trip to California, it’s that everything has avocado in it, and if it doesn’t then it’s not California cuisine).

I saw one deer on the way home. It ran right out in front of my car, tripped on the loose dirt on the shoulder of the road, shook itself off, and bolted into the woods, probably more in embarrassment at falling over in a most impressive way than in fear of almost becoming another gross carcass on the side of the road.

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Sep 08 2007

Shopping and shakes.

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Today Vicki and I got together for one of our semi-annual shopping and lunching things. We met for lunch at 11:00 AM and were the first customers in the restaurant. Regardless of this, our waitress seemed to be on quite the time crunch, since she was stopping by every five minutes to see if we were ready to order yet. Now, Vicki and I never order quickly when we’re in a restaurant, because we’re feverishly gabbing and we kind of forget to look at the menu. So, I could understand her rushing us if we had been sitting there for twenty minutes or so. But, seriously, she was like pushing us to order moments after we were seated. And then she kept. coming. back. every ten minutes to make sure we were eating our food and not wasting time gabbing. When we left an hour later, the place was still only half-full. It’s not like we were taking up a table that she needed to turn over for phat profitz, she just didn’t want us there for some reason. I mean, she was friendly and everything, she was just. . . in a hurry. She even came up to the table once, stood there silently for like 5 seconds, and then walked away. Crikie.

After lunch we kind of roamed around the town aimlessly. We went to Wal-Mart, Petsmart, and Barnes and Noble. We are totally old nerds now, because we spent hours shopping for bird seed and Tupperware and were totally content doing it. She even said something like “We used to spend hours looking at clothes, now we look at bird feeders. We suck.” But hell, it was fun and what are you going to do? Personally, I love shopping for anything (except cars), because there’s always something new to look at. Unfortunately, I left a bag full of books in her car! Curses! New books, that I now have to wait a whole day to read, because I’m going to pick them up tomorrow!

When I got home, Chris and The Man were hard at work re-shingling the roof of our well. It’s got one of those wishing well roof things over it, and the cedar shingles were basically rotted totally away. Dr. Mom and Moll sent us home from their place with two bundles of cedar shakes they didn’t need, so I made The Man promise that he’d get to re-roofing this weekend. I picked up a can of gold spray paint and gave our weather vane a makeover. We just need to get a piece of flashing for the ridge, and put the weather vane back up, and we’ll have ourselves a nice spruced-up well.

The Man gnawing on a cedar shake before he nails it into place.

Our old weather vane with a spiffy new coat of gold paint.

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Aug 02 2007

There is hope.

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So, last night, Grandma, Mom, J-bird, and I were sitting in McDonald’s, enjoying a totally unhealthy dinner. Right behind us was one of those half-walls that are so popular in McDonald’s. We were just eating, chatting away, when slowly we all realized what was coming from the other side of the partition.

J-bird: So then I -
Unseen small boy: Nuh-na-nah-na-nuh-nuh-NA! Ballroom blitz! Ballroom blitz!
Me: *snerk*
J-bird: Uh. . .
Unseen small boy: It’s a ballroom blitz! Ballroom blitz!
Me: Is he singing. . .?
J-bird: Yes, but not very well.
Me: Yeah, but how cool is it that he even knows that song? Or maybe he just watched Wayne’s World?
Unseen Small Boy: What goes around comes around! I’ll tell you why!
J-bird: Nope, he’s just got cool parents.
Me: Awesome.

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