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Dec 17 2007

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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Mackers came over on Friday evening and spent the weekend at our happy home. We wanted to finish our Christmas shopping and also, you know. . . hang out together, since we probably wouldn’t have a chance to do that for a little while. Saturday was our big Christmas bonanza of shopping and wrapping. We shopped for what seemed like a gojillion years, and then we came home, made dinner, and wrapped presents for another gojillion years. We were wrapping presents through the whole showing of Pulp Fiction, although we did take many breaks to groan and stretch and say “My back is killing me!” But, it was all worth it in the end: I got to spend time with Mackers, I got my shopping 99% done, and almost everything is wrapped and under the tree, waiting to be distributed to various households.

One thing that is making me angry right now is the present I ordered for my dad’s girlfriend. I ordered this thing on November 29. The web site stated that it would probably take 12 days maximum to make and ship. It’s still not here. I sent an e-mail to the proprietor on the 13th, asking very politely for order status, as I was going to have to ship this thing to another state once it arrived. I have heard nothing back. Nothing. Not even a “I’m holding it hostage” or “Yeah, yeah, I’ll get to it, I’m pretty busy”. Not a word. This is nerve-wracking.

On Sunday, when Mackers had to drive home, we woke up to find that six inches of snow had fallen overnight, and it was still snowing outside. Not only was it snowing, but it was blowing and drifting, too. Hooray! She had a small problem getting out of the driveway (meaning she kind of slid off the driveway, and we had to shovel her out), but once she got on the road she said it was relatively okay. Well, except for that part where her car was possessed, and she could take her foot off the gas and watch the speedometer show her that yes indeed, she was speeding up. But a quick reboot fixed that problem.

The Man and I spent the rest of Sunday indoors. We played Warcraft and napped and read books and played more Warcraft. Somewhere in there, our neighbors used their powers for good and plowed our driveway for us. Very stealthy of them, for we did not even see nor hear it happening.

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Aug 18 2007

Drummond Island 2007, Photo Essay

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Today we returned from our trip to Drummond Island. The weather was less warm than we might have liked, with a lot more wind than we were expecting, but it was still beautiful. We did have one absolutely perfect day (Wednesday) that we took full advantage of. We took a long pontoon ride, all around a bunch of neighboring islands. On this trip, we saw the damndest thing. Halfway between Drummond Island and the next island out (there’s about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile of water between them), we came across a red squirrel just swimming along. No freaking idea what that was about.

J-bird and I spent a lot of the ride sitting in the very front of the pontoon, pushing against the water with our feet.

After we were done tooling around, we heaved to at a sandy beach on a nearby island that we’ve been to many times in previous years. The water this year was very low, so we didn’t do much swimming, but it was the perfect depth for wading around with the niece and helping her find rocks, seashells, and going SPLOOSH in the water.

We stayed up late one night, sitting on the docked pontoon watching the Perseid meteor shower. We were one day off from the peak, but we still managed to see some very impressive meteors in the sky. One was so big it looked like someone had used a camera flash on the boat. In other sky-related news, last night (Friday) we all ran outside at 9:54 PM and watched the space shuttle Endeavor streaking across the sky. It is amazing how little time it’s visible for – and then it fades away into the distance, as though it’s going out.

We spent a lot of time doing what we love best on vacation – lounging around reading books, or just hanging out and talking. I fought through The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie and then picked up the much lighter fare of the Conclave of the Shadows trilogy by Raymond Feist. There was card playing, and alcohol consuming, and fire sitting galore.

On Friday, The Man, J-bird, her husband (he really needs a nickname), and I took off in J-bird and H.H’s Jeep for a big explore. Drummond Island is a haven for those who love to trail ride, as the whole island is peppered with ORV trails. We were gone longer than we thought we would be, but we had never been down some of these trails, and they got pretty rough in spots. We did have to turn back a couple times when the way became impassable, but we did see some awesome things and added a few more places to our “cool spots” list.

The Man on the footpath to the Glen Cove sand shore. Not very far from the ORV trail. We didn’t know there was a sand shore; we’d only found the rock shore on previous trips.

Me and The Man at the Glen Cove sand shore.

The Glen Cove rock shore.

Part of the trail to Marble Head Point.

Looking down from the cliff top at Marble Head Point. The cliff face was split in twain at this spot.

Me and J-bird on another trail leading away from Marble Head. In the spring, this trail is used for mud bogging at the Jeep Jamboree. When we went down it, all the evidence that remained were huge ruts (like this one) and some small(er) mud patches.

The week went by much too fast. We love it up at Drummond Island. Every time we go it seems like we never have enough time to do everything we want to do. But, we always really enjoy whatever it is we’re doing, even if it’s just relaxing with the family, teasing each other, and cooking up some barbeque.

Next trip: back up to Dr. Mom’s for Labor Day weekend.

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