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Apr 24 2007

Pros and cons in the world of MOGs

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Our household is still playing World of Warcraft, both because it’s still fun, but also because there hasn’t been another good game to come out and lure us away. We tried Everquest 2 several times, but the game engine is just too much for us. Sony has a way of designing their games so that the full effect can only be appreciated if you have an $18000 computer, and none of us do. Without such a beastly machine, gameplay tends to be laggy and somewhat prone to disconnects. You also have to set the graphics way down low, so you’re not seeing the whole game anyway. Plus, there’s the issue of zoning, which as far as I’m concerned should have went the way of the dinosaurs once Dark Age of Camelot was released.

The Man has been making noise about trying Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar, but the little I’ve heard and read has convinced me that this will not be the game for us. There are only four player races, for one thing, and we like our variety. There are only seven classes, three of which are different versions of fighters. There is no arcane magic class, such as a mage or wizard, and players cannot choose the side of evil and play as an orc or goblin.

So, we’ve been pinning all our hopes on Warhammer Online, and so far, we like what we see. Mythic, the people who brought us Dark Age of Camelot, which was an exceptionally innovative game, is the company behind Warhammer. It looks as though they’ve snagged the World of Warcraft engine, which is a good deal, because that will make gameplay both familiar and easy. Because of this, the graphics are reminiscent of WoW, but with a Mythic twist, which makes things a little more realistic and less manga-ish. So far, there are only five playable races in the game, but players can choose good or evil, which helps. There are also the little Mythic touches which makes their games so fun to play – in Warhammer your avatar’s look changes depending on your level. If you’re a dwarf, for instance, the higher level you get, the longer your beard grows.

Is anyone else looking forward to this game? Or what new MOG have you got your sights set on?

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Feb 11 2007

Your mother’s in our office.

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Chris and The Man often leave World of Warcraft open and on the character select screen when they’re not playing. This is fine, except they also leave their speakers on. The select screen in WoW goes back and forth between plain music and plain music + a rather strident wordless chanting. It sounds vaguely Latin, and very much like any chanting you hear in a horror movie about demons. If you were walking by our office and didn’t know any better, you might be expecting to run into both an old priest and a young priest holding their crucifixes and saying “The power of Christ compels you!”

Fortunately, our computers have not yet started to rotate and spew pea soup everywhere.

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Jan 27 2007

I’m going to need more bandwidth.

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For some reason this really annoyed me.

I’m in the middle of downloading the patch for World of Warcraft’s Burning Crusade expansion. There’s the usual status bar indicator, telling you about how much you’ve got downloaded, and then above that the text that tells you what file is coming through the pipe at you. The text reads, exactly as follows:
Dowloading “Patches” . . .

Wuh the f? First of all, what’s with the quote marks? Am I downloading a patch or am I not? Am I downloading some super-secret file that they are just calling a patch? I can imagine all the devs walking around Blizzard headquarters making air-quotes and saying things like “Tonight we launch Operation “Patches”. Soon they will bow down to us!”

Secondly, PATCHES? Isn’t that what you name your cat or something? Couldn’t they just have said “Downloading the patch” or even, “Downloading Update 4.0.4 v.2″ or whatever number we’re on now? Because if I’m downloading Patches, the small and fluffy cat, I don’t think my LAN cable can handle that. Now I’m imagining a kitten getting forced through a fiber line, trying to work its way into my house. Once the download is complete, my DVD drive will open automatically, and a new pet will be sitting there, waiting for me to suit it up with armor and go fight the Burning Legion.

Then again, if they’re trying to force a kitten through the fiber optic cable, no wonder this patch is taking so long to complete. At 159 MB, that better be one insanely cute kitten.

Patches says “Blizzard made me this cute so I could destroy you all!”

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Mar 03 2005

Ooooh, picture!

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If I ever get committed because people question my sanity, this picture will probably be People’s Exhibit A.  HELLO FAKE SMILE.

I’d be a dirty liar if I said that I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED my shorter hair, but I do love several things about it:

  1. It doesn’t take as long to wash.  Along these lines, it takes less shampoo and conditioner.
  2. I can dry it with a blow-dryer in 10 minutes instead of 30.  If I leave it air dry, it’s dry almost before I realize it.
  3. No more split ends/broken pieces, which was the whole reason for getting it cut in the first place.

While I don’t hate this look, it’s not what I’m used to, and I’m probably not going to leave it short.  I’ll let it grow, and hopefully this time I can manage to take better care of it so I’m not doing this again in four years.

My first week as an unemployed drain on the state has been a little quiet.  My time consists of looking around for more things to clean.  You’d think my house would be spotless, but you fail to take into account the sheer number of things that I hate to clean.  For instance, our bedroom.  It’s not necessarily DIRTY, but there are clothes all over the place that don’t have a home.  Hilariously, since my summer clothes are packed up, The Man has a lot more clothes than I do in our closet.  It would be easy for me to clean the bedroom if I had some storage containers to pack excess clothing in.  But, I don’t.  And I can’t run out and get any because I don’t have a car during the day until Chris gets home.  Personally, I think The Man is ecstatic that I don’t have a car, because that means I can’t go into town and spend his hard-earned money.  Meanwhile, I’m half-heartedly swiping at things with a dust rag and wondering what else I can bake with the supplies I have on hand.

Dr. Mom and Moll sent me Suikoden 3 in the mail yesterday.  I had planned to spend the whole day in an unshowered gaming frenzy, but two things conspired to make this not so.  First of all, I don’t want to fall into a pattern of not showering just because I don’t have anywhere to go.  Even though I managed to con The Man into actually marrying me, I would prefer that he continue to think I’m a viable human being, and not begin to see me as sentient sewer sludge.  Secondly, it turns out you can load data from Suikoden 2 into the new game, but all my Suikoden 2 data is on PS1 memory cards. . . so that means I have to play it over again on the PS2 before starting Suikoden 3.

I did play it for a little while to get the feel of it. . . it’s kind of a bothersome combat system from what I can figure out so far, but maybe I’ll get used to it in time.

Time is one thing I have a lot of.

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Nov 17 2004

Hello again.

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No, I didn’t die.  And no, the ladies at my wedding shower didn’t kill me.  I survived quite nicely.  Actually, I’m not sure why I haven’t been writing.  I keep meaning to, especially since I really do want a “chronicle” of the days leading up to the wedding.  It’s just that I’m having a hard time getting words out right now.

Let’s see, it’s been twelve freaking days since I last wrote something.  That’s ungodly.  Let’s start with the wedding stuff first.


The shower went well, I thought.  I felt kind of badly because I didn’t have time to go around and spend time with everyone there, but I did try to at least greet and say goodbye to all of them.  We ended up getting a TON of stuff just from the shower, so I had to have Vicki’s boyfriend help me pack my car.  Apparently he’s an expert packer.  I managed to get my thank-yous written and mailed this week, so they should arrive before the wedding.  Then I get to do it all again.

I got my dress back, and despite my fears, it looks great.  It fits wonderfully – and I can’t tell you how strange it was to put this dress on and have it FIT.  I’ve had my wedding dress for two or three years now, and I had to buy it way too big, because it was on clearance, and they only had BIG or TEENY.  But when I went to the seamstress last week, put the dress on, and it FIT, I was so amazed.  I mean, that’s why I took it there in the first place, but it just seemed weird.  The seamstress also added a bustle.  The dress has a small train, and there was no way to pick the train up for the majority of the night.  Weird.  So, she added some hooks and loops and now I can hook my train up – or rather, other people can hook it up for me.

My veil is still steaming away in the bathroom, not because it needs more steam, but because it is currently hanging five feet off the ground, which means it is remaining wrinkle-free and safe from my cats, who would LOVE to sink their claws into some nice tulle.

Now that it’s getting close to the wedding, all of the vendors are contacting me to solidify the details.  We’ve met with the coordinator at the hotel, I’m going to the florist’s today, and we’re meeting with the photographer tomorrow.  The one that hasn’t contacted me – and that I’m kind of nervous about – is the DJ.  He’s doing the ceremony music as well as the reception, so I really hope that he doesn’t have questions about the schedule I sent him.  I’m going to e-mail him today asking if he needs directions to the hotel or anything, and I guess I’ll ask him then if he has any questions.

I have to pick the programs up today as well.  It’s going to be a “run around” kind of lunch hour, I can already tell.  I freaking HOPE they ran the programs off correctly and nothing went wrong there.

What’s left?  I have to buy the garland and stuff to decorate the arch.  I think that’s it.  I HOPE that’s it.

One reason I’ll be glad when I don’t have to think about the wedding anymore is my e-mail.  I use a program called Mailwasher, and I’m not deleteing any of my e-mail from the queue because I need them both at work and at home.  Thus, my e-mail program is full of stuff that I have to wade through to find my new messages.


So. . . EQ2 is out.  That, more than anything, is the REAL reason I haven’t written anything for twelve days.  EQ1 was like computerized crackrock, and EQ2 is worse.  What’s worse than crack?  Smack?

Anyway, I’m really pleased with this game.  At first I wasn’t too sure I would like it as much as I liked EQ1, but I do.  If anyone is playing on the Antonia Bayle server, you can find me under the name Tilessa.  Just be aware, I am a role-player, so I’m not necessarily going to be nice to you.


Way back when, probably three weeks ago now, I left my coat at my mom’s house, which means I’ve been wearing my other winter coats to work – the Carhartt, the ski jacket, and the motorcycle jacket.

I don’t ride motorcycles.  Anymore.  Actually, I’ve never driven a bike, but I used to ride with my dad when I was a wee thing, and I liked it.  I’ve wanted a motorcycle jacket since I was little, because all my dad’s friends had them and they looked BOSS.  Or MONEY.  Or whatever the new slang is for “cool”.  Anyway, when I was 16 I bought my own, and I still love it.  I don’t wear it often, because it’s heavy and fitted and I need to wear a relatively thin shirt so it fits correctly.  But I wore it to work one day this week.  I got the strangest comment from someone walking by my desk.  I had my coat slung over the back of my chair, as usual, and this guy walked by and said “Are you going for a new identity or something?”  I had no idea what he meant, but he went on to say something along the lines of he saw the jacket and wondered if I was trying to toughen up or if I had colors on the back of it.  I basically just smiled him off, but it bothered me.  Most of the people I work with have no idea who I really am or what I’m really like.  They have no call to make comments about a “new identity”, because most of them have never seen my real one.

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