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Jan 03 2014

Gonna have a bad time.

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We tried to go to Tennessee to visit Dr. Mom and Moll the day after Christmas. Well, no. That makes it sound like we didn’t make it. We made it to Tennessee just fine. We chose to do the drive in one go, so we didn’t get there until about 12:30 AM, Central time (we are in Eastern). The Boy was so excited. He was amped up, running around, freaking out, just being happy. I knew it was because he’d woken up after sleeping for five hours, and that it was, shall we say, false enthusiasm. Of course, he didn’t want to go back to sleep and he didn’t sleep very well after being interrupted like that, but we expected it. The unexpected horror show started bright and early the next morning.

Since this was a Christmas trip, all of us were there. That means me, The Man, The Boy, Lucky, Galleta, and of course Dr. Mom and Moll. All of the dogs, seven in total, were also there. And I think the combination of lots of people and lots of dogs snapped The Boy and broke him. He did NOT want to leave our bedroom. If we took him out into the main part of the house, he was freaking out. We tried to take him outdoors, once, since it was 50 degrees. He freaked out. If we were in our bedroom, he would happily play with dust or his cars, and he would be happy. If we went out of the room, he freaked out.

Also, he would not sleep on his own. He has always been a great sleeper. If you lay him down, he will usually just be quiet and go to sleep quickly. Not so much in Tennessee. He would not sleep in his travel crib. If you put him in there when he was awake, he would scream hysterically. For every nap and every night, we had to lay him in bed with one of us and snuggle with him until he fell deeply asleep. Then we could transfer him to the crib.

We only lasted two days.

There was no way either of us was going to spend better than a week cooped up in a bedroom and taking two hours out of every day in order to cuddle a toddler to sleep. It was ridiculous. On the third morning, we packed up and drove home. The drive home was also fairly miserable. The Boy was fussy…and when we tried to stop for dinner, he had a full on meltdown in Steak N’ Shake. Like, he cried for 15 minutes and The Man finally said “To hell with this” and took him to the car. I tried in vain to tell our server to just box up our order, wolfed down 1/2 of a sandwich, and we left.

Now we’re home and working to repair The Boy. The unwillingness to sleep has come home with us, but we aren’t putting up with it here. He goes into his crib and we check on him at five minute intervals (which is how we sleep trained him to begin with). He’s finally to he point where, although he still protests being laid down, he only cries for a minute before calming down.

His behavior is also somewhat deplorable. I don’t know how much of this is leftover freak-out from our trip, and how much of it is just him being almost two and probably starting to test his boundaries and being normally defiant. It’s draining, most days.

However, he continues to be my super smart genius baby. He knows the names of many shapes, numbers, colors, and letters. He will often count very fast under his breath, so sometimes he’ll be running around going “eight, noine, teen, leven, telve, tirteen”. It sounds very funny. He’ll pick up one of his shapes and say “Dimond!” and it is, in fact, a diamond. Colors are more hit and miss. If I ask him to point to the pink one, sometimes he will, sometimes no.

The meltdowns are a trial. I know that this is just how toddlers are. They don’t really have the capacity to process strong emotions properly, so fits and meltdowns are just a matter of life. But it really seems like someone flipped his switch into demon mode sometimes.

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Apr 21 2013

Goodbye house.

I get really attached to material things and places. There are several houses I’ve lived in that I probably would buy and live in again, except then I’d have to leave my own home, where we’ve been making a lot of memories. It’s one of those can’t win situations – if I go back to one of my other homes, then this home becomes one of those places that I miss and long to re-posses.

Today, we said good-bye to Grandma’s house. It will go to a new family on Wednesday. We stopped over to look it over one last time. The rooms were all empty. The garage still had Grandma’s car in it, but Grandpa’s work bench was stripped and bare. I wandered through the rooms, and went upstairs to the two rooms that had, at different times, been my bedrooms. I touched the walls and whispered good-bye to the house.  I asked it not to forget me and to be good to the people who were coming next.

It was not the way I wanted to spend my 35th birthday, closing that chapter of my life, but we don’t get to choose our times and seasons.

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Jul 27 2012

Did you know this blog is wicked?

If ever I feel like maybe I don’t have anything interesting to say, and that no one likes me, all I have to do is open up my comments spam and let the loving words of the spambots reassure me that yes, I am awesome and helpful. I do get the normal just walls of text advertising male enhancements or fake passports, but mixed in with all of them are marvelous complimentary spams such as:

“Hey sweetie from a young womanfan contunue the wicked blog”
“salutations from across the world. excellent blog I must return for more.” (Yes. YOU MUST.)
“I adored your helpful words. excellent stuff. I hope you produce more. I will carry on watching” (Knowing this is a spam bot, the ‘I will carry on watching’ line is a little scary. Will this spambot evolve into an all-seeing AI, as featured in the craptastic movie “Eagle Eye”?)
“Very interesting info!Perfect just what I was searching for!”

Tonight, I’m solo parenting The Boy, because The Man is out watching “The Dark Knight Rises”. Solo parenting at night is easy, because The Boy has started wanting to go to bed at 8 PM, and he generally sleeps until between 3:30 AM and 5:00 AM. That’s when it gets tricky, because sometimes he doesn’t want to go back to sleep. It’s hard to communicate “This is not play time, this is sleep time!” to a 5 1/2 month old. He doesn’t care that it’s 4:45 AM, a truly ungodly hour that I would prefer not to meet in a concious state.

My dad was just up for a visit, and he stayed here for a few nights, which he’s never done before. The Boy took to him really well, and vice versa. They are buddies.

I really should try to sleep. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow. We have to be three places, and they are not places that are close to each other. I hope The Boy is up for this, because if he’s not, it’s really going to suck.

(On a side note, I made these brownies tonight. They are currently setting up in the fridge. I really hope they live up to the hype. I mean, if you call something “Crack Brownies”, they better be amazing).

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Jun 15 2012

While I have a minute….

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It seems like I’m on a monthly update schedule. I do think a lot about coming here and writing, but then The Boy needs to eat, or he has a dirty diaper, or he wants to play, or it’s time for a nap, or to run my one errand of the day (more than one stop in the car is No Good for The Boy). So, while The Boy is napping, let me sum up.

I had my gall bladder removed on May 31. It went well, meaning that I only was in the hospital from about 6 AM til 1 PM. Surgery was at about 8:00 AM. I spent an hour hanging out in a room where they prep you and have the anesthesiologists come and talk to you. I think about three of those stopped by. One thing that really amused me was that my surgical gown had a port on it where they hooked up a blower, whose only job was to blow warm air and keep me toasty. Afterwards, my biggest complaint was that my throat killed me for two days. I would guess the breathing tube did not go in very easily. I’m off my pain meds now, and really only notice any issues at night, when I am trying to lay on my right side or put my right arm over my head. Then there is a painful pulling sensation, which is gone by the middle of the night. If I wake up, I often realize I can stretch without pain.

The Boy had his 4 month well check two days ago. He weighs 16 lbs, 12 oz and is 26 inches long. He’s in the 75th percentile for size, which is down from last time when he was in the 85th percentile. Still a big boy, though, and the doctor said he’s doing really well. I was told (again) that I could start him on cereal whenever I wanted to, and was also told (again) that there is no nutritional value to doing this, it’s more to get him used to texture. I still want to wait, and I am still mostly planning on skipping cereal altogether and heading right into something like pureed pears. We’ll see how it goes. I’m not rigidly locked in to a feeding plan. We do need to get him to the public health center for his 4 month shots, though.

His bedtime routine is pretty much down solid. He wants to go to sleep at 9 PM, and does not fall asleep well before that (if at all). He either sleeps through the night until 6 AM, or gets up once at around 3 or 4 AM to eat. We cut down on baths, because his skin was drying out and I could not keep on top of it, even lotioning multiple times a day. So, now he gets a bath every three nights. I have plunked him into a plain old water bath just to calm him down, because he LOVES the bath.

We’re working on getting naps down, now. Him sleeping on me is no longer working. He used to zonk out in my arms for 1-2 hours, but now he will only sleep on me for at most 30 minutes. However, he is resistant to napping in his crib. It takes me quite awhile to get him to sleep, but once he is down he tends to nap for 45 minutes to an hour. He naps in his crib in his own room, but sleeps in our room in the pack-and-play at night. The napping in his room thing is to help him recognize his room and be comfortable there for when we move him at night…plus his room is outfitted with blackout curtains and ours is not. It makes daytime napping so much easier. The biggest hurdle to napping is me recognizing his sleep cues. I’ve pretty much got it down that once he starts rolling to his side and sticking his thumb in his mouth, then it’s time to start the nap routine, but it’s noticing that quickly enough before he gets to his “overtired” point that is sometimes rough. I might miss it if he’s playing on the floor and I’m quickly checking a blog or something.

I still miss my Grandma. Obviously. Whenever The Boy does some new trick, I get so sad that we won’t be going over to her place on Sunday to show it off, because she loved him so much. And now I’m crying, so it’s time to stop talking about that.

We’re trying to make it over to Mom and Stepdad’s at least once a week, so they can see The Boy. We go to The Man’s dad’s on Sundays still, so they see him weekly, too. The Man’s mom is quite a ways away, and Dad is in Florida, otherwise our weeks would be even more full trying to get The Boy some quality grandparent time.

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May 15 2012

Things I am so grateful for.

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  • One last Easter
  • One last Mother’s Day
  • That she got to meet Asher
  • That we chose to start visiting every week and consequently spent a lot more time with her over the past few years than we otherwise would have
  • That she never had to be in a nursing home, and that she never lost her independence
  • That she was my Grandma

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