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Aug 23 2009

Quentin Tarantino has spoken, everyone else can sit down and shut up.

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“The second World War could still deliver more stories and films, but I believe that Quentin [Tarantino, director] put a cover on that pot. With Basterds, everything than can be said to this genre has been said,” Pitt tells the German magazine Stern. “The film destroys every symbol. The work is done, end of story.”


Brad Pitt is so funny.  It’s best when he’s serious and he doesn’t realize how stupid he sounds.

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Aug 05 2009

Actual words of a blog post, actually written by me.

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These JK Harris commercials have always confounded me.  You know, the ones where the person is standing in shadow, talking about how the IRS was beating down their door to get the back taxes, so they called JK Harris?  Well, at the bottom of the screen in the scene showing the shadowy victim of the IRS is some text that reads:  “Actual words of a JK Harris customer, as spoken by an actor”.

Watch the commercial.

So…if the person in the commercial is an actor, why is it so important to protect their identity with the Shadow of Back Tax Shame?  What horrible secrets lurk behind this thin veil of anonyminity?  Discuss.

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Jul 30 2009

Who in the what now?

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A Boston police officer who sent a mass e-mail referring to Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. as a “banana-eating jungle monkey” has apologized, saying he’s not a racist.


No, dude.  That’s not how it works.  You can’t bust out with one of the most racially-charged analogies in the history of civil rights in a MASS E-MAIL, and then be all “Oh, I’m not a racist!  Some of my best friends are…banana-eating jungle monkeys!  Just kidding, guys.  You know I love you.  How about some watermelon to go with that fried chicken?  What?  I said I’m not a racist!  Gol!  Take a joke”.

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Jun 26 2009

Whosoever shall be found, without the soul for getting down…

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This is an e-mail I sent to Special Op B today.  I loved Michael Jackson when I was young.  Thriller and Bad were two of my favorite albums – hell, they still are.  I can’t stay that I like where his life took him in later years, but no matter how freak-show it got, it couldn’t erase the awesomeness of his earlier work, and I think that says a lot.  Anyway….

So, I thought about you yesterday when I heard that Michael Jackson had died.  Do you remember dancing around in your bedroom to Thriller with all the lights off, except the one lamp that we had a red scarf or something on so it made the lighting all spooookay?  And memorizing the little monologue at the end because it was so creepy?  Or dancing to Beat It and Billie Jean?  Or singing Man in the Mirror out in the woods when you were living in Caro for that year?  He got so creepy in the last 10 years, but man he was such a force in our childhood.  I miss that.

I miss the Michael Jackson I had a crush on back in the day, when my parents were still married.  But, I’ve been missing that Michael for a long time.  It’s almost like he was murdered by the crazy dude who’s been masquerading as him for the past decade or so.  Now, it’s just acceptable to mourn his death.

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Jun 18 2009

Ed, Henry, what’s the diff?

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Every time I glance over the headlines on and see an article that references “Rollins” saying this or that about the state of the world, I just for a minute think, “Wow, Henry Rollins sure is being taken a lot more seriously than he used to be”.  Today’s headline happened to be entitled:  “Rollins: Iran cries out for freedom”.

You’d think by now my brain would have clued into the fact that this is ED Rollins, the politico, and not HENRY Rollins, the punk rock, spoken word guy.  But, no.  Every time, I think Henry Rollins is now a political contributor for CNN.  Not that I wouldn’t like to see that, but is it likely?  I think Henry Rollins cusses too much for CNN.

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