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Nov 01 2013

First Trick or Treat

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It rained all the ding-dong day on Halloween this year. Fortunately, The Man’s place of employment (which is where I used to work) does indoor trick-or-treat. If an employee wants to participate, he or she puts a balloon on their cubicle or office, and the kids can go trick or treating. It’s nice. So, we took The Boy there.

He dressed up as Obi-Wan Kenobi. I got his costume off Amazon and it was a nice, lightweight job that he wore over a set of pajamas. I tried to keep him dressed lightly, but his face was still rosy red by the time he was done. That might be because he went full blast from the time we started until we finished. He didn’t care about the candy, he was just glad there were so many people he could talk to and a nice big place to run around in.

When people tried to give him candy, he would often take a piece out of his bucket to give back to them. I guess he thought he was working on the barter system. He wanted to carry around a box of Nerds the whole time. And he didn’t say “Trick or Treat”, possibly because I had never taught him to say “Trick or Treat”. Instead, he ran up to everyone and greeted them with a very enthusiastic “Hey, man!” This was a big hit, as you can imagine.

We got a lot of compliments on his cuteness. He IS pretty cute, if I do say so myself.




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Apr 21 2013

Goodbye house.

I get really attached to material things and places. There are several houses I’ve lived in that I probably would buy and live in again, except then I’d have to leave my own home, where we’ve been making a lot of memories. It’s one of those can’t win situations – if I go back to one of my other homes, then this home becomes one of those places that I miss and long to re-posses.

Today, we said good-bye to Grandma’s house. It will go to a new family on Wednesday. We stopped over to look it over one last time. The rooms were all empty. The garage still had Grandma’s car in it, but Grandpa’s work bench was stripped and bare. I wandered through the rooms, and went upstairs to the two rooms that had, at different times, been my bedrooms. I touched the walls and whispered good-bye to the house.  I asked it not to forget me and to be good to the people who were coming next.

It was not the way I wanted to spend my 35th birthday, closing that chapter of my life, but we don’t get to choose our times and seasons.

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Dec 21 2012

Holiday Annoyances (half-assed)

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You guys, I have no less than THREE half-written entries on my desktop. I write a bunch and intend to go back to it later, and I never do. So I’m putting this one up, even though I wasn’t done with it. Asher’s doing great – he has four teeth, he’s starting to walk a little bit, he’s eating lots of food. I have holiday pictures that I will try to remember to post. Merry Christmas!

The post office, after a run of doing very well which lulled me into a false sense of security, has lost my Christmas cards. The delivery status says “Delivered”, but the cards are emphatically not here, so…yeah. I called up to the post office and very diplomatically asked if they were perhaps holding a package for me for some reason. The guy I talked to got all my info and said he’d look into it. Ten minutes later, my mail carrier was standing at my door, acting like I had hidden my Christmas cards on purpose to get her into trouble. Geez, that guy must have ripped her a new one! I mean, not that she didn’t deserve it, because this problem isn’t exactly new, but I really didn’t expect the post office to send me my carrier for punishment. I think the best excuse she offered was “Well, maybe they are still out in the system somewhere.” I just looked at her and said “The status is marked ‘Delivered’. Does the post office often mark things as delivered if they are still in transit?” She had to admit that no, the post office does not do that, because that would negate the whole point of tracking a package. Anyway, she said she’d go check “with those other people” (meaning the family with a similar name and house number who live a mile away) and try to find out what she could, but I’m trying to resign myself to the fact that the first Christmas cards I ordered that included The Boy have been lost and there is no time to get more made. I’m really, really sad about this.

It’s hard to hold back on giving The Boy his Christmas presents, because I feel like he will enjoy his new toys and he doesn’t understand about Christmas yet, anyway. He’s only 10 months old. If it’s already this hard to wait to give him presents, I’m pretty sure the years when he’s really, really excited about Christmas are going to be torture.

I’ve been baking quite a lot for the first time in years, and it’s because we’ve decided to stay home on Christmas morning and afternoon. The evening will be spent at the in-laws’, as usual. Normally, we’d be going to Grandma’s on Christmas Day, but…Grandma’s gone. Also, The Man and I decided long ago that any children we had wouldn’t be rushed out of the house on Christmas to run all over Creation. This is not an annoyance, except I just realized I’ve been putting all of my preparatory emphasis on treats and not enough on having actual food in the house, so I need to start thinking about that, as well.

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May 14 2012

First Mother’s Day

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My first Mother’s Day was great. We woke up to get ready for church and The Man gave me an extremely lovely card and my present from “my boys”.

Church was nice, even though The Boy was trying to break his perfect behavior record. He took a lot of “daddy dancing” to keep him happy. I was on altar guild duty afterwards, so I booked through that so we could get on the road to Grandma’s.

We had a cookout at Grandma’s. Mom, Stepdad, J-bird, and Brother-in-law were there, and we went next door for a bit to see my uncle and his family (uncle was out on a pass from his physical rehab center, so everyone was anxious to spend a little time with him). The Boy was good for an hour or so but then things started going wrong for him. He could not get a nap, and he wasn’t really eating well. Fussy, fussy. Plus, very farty. Poor baby was gassy to the max.

And…that’s pretty much how it went. He cried a lot. Sometimes, he cat napped for a half hour or so. We went to The Man’s parents’ house, and he cried a lot there. And farted. Lucky for me, they were putting a new layer of stonecrete on the driveway, so I took him outside to watch the tractor and the kids raking the driveway with the 4-wheeler. That fascinated him. We sat on the porch and watched the work until they were done, and he forgot about being gassy. But then…they finished. And he remembered that he didn’t feel good. At that point, The Man and I decided to pack it in and take him home.

At home, he pooped in his bathtub and screamed through his diaper and PJ change. But then I sat him down on the couch with a blankie and an elephant toy, and he snuggled in with me. The Man came and sat with us and we sang him songs and kissed his head until bedtime.

So yeah. All in all, not a bad day at all.

The end of the day.

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Dec 19 2011

Another month gone.

I’m trying to remember what I’ve done since I last updated. I guess that’s kind of the point of keeping a regular blog, but as you can see, I fail in that as well.

Well, first of all, the boy is doing fine. I had a checkup last week and his heart rate was right where it should be. I have a growth check after Christmas, so I’ll get to find out if he’s still on track to average size or if he’s working his way into behemoth territory. We also started childbirth classes. The first one was kind of ho-hum, not a lot of new info covered. The second was more interesting, since the instructor was talking about pain management techniques and fetal monitoring. Hey, those scalp clip things are not so awesome, huh? Also, I really could have done without the play by play breakdown of how an epidural needle goes in, but I know they want us to be aware of what’s involved in all this stuff. It’s not their fault that I wanted to throw up. Our third class was canceled, so this week is our fourth. We have one more after that, which is when we’ll tour the birthing center and see where all the magic happens. I still need to register for Infant CPR and breastfeeding classes, but for some reason they won’t let me do that until after New Year’s. The boy’s room is slowly moving along. It’s insulated now, and the windows have been ordered and should be here by January 6. The Man is bringing home drywall in batches, so pretty soon there might actually be a ceiling and some walls in there.

I got 99% of my Christmas shopping done, and the Christmas cards got sent out, too. So, that’s our holiday cheer in the bag. We are not going north to Dr. Mom’s this year. I’m too pregnant for that long of a trip. Instead, we’ve decided to treat ourselves to a little overnight trip in a town about an hour away from us. We found a package that includes dinner and breakfast. It will be our last trip as a childless married couple. Freaky to think about it that way!

We’ve done two Christmas gatherings so far – one at Mom and Stepdad’s house and one at The Man’s stepdad’s house. Both were totally fun, although everyone wants me to sit down all the time. Mom especially cannot take me standing up. She wants me to sit! Sit down! Here’s a chair, why don’t you sit? This chair is more comfortable, why don’t you move? It’s cute, but I have to keep telling her that if I’m standing up, it’s probably because my back is killing me. The Man’s brother Lucky graduated university last week, and we went to the ceremony. You know what that means – bleachers. Halfway through I had to stand up (we were all the way in the back, so I wasn’t blocking anyone’s view). I got quite the sympathetic look from the woman at the end of our row. She knew EXACTLY what the problem was.

Destiny the Brain Damaged Cat had a small episode on November 30. No one is really sure what caused it. She was being chased by her sister, and then just lost the use of her back legs. She was on the floor yowling for about 3 minutes while I tried to keep her calm. After that, she was able to get up and move around, and she seemed fine. I took her to the vet anyway. They did some tests and determined that it wasn’t her heart, at least. That was the big fear – some kind of heart arrhythmia that left untreated could cause her to die whenever she got a little too excited. They wanted us to keep doing tests on other organs (of course), but since the cat was acting totally normally, and it was an isolated incident, we declined to do that. There have been no repeats since. The worst part of the whole experience was that they drugged her up to do the EKG, and for a good part of two days she seemed to not know where she was or who we were. Then I guess all the drugs left her system and she was A-OK. She’s sleeping on the couch next to me now, as usual.

That’s really it. It’s been quiet, which I enjoy. I have some crafts I really need to finish – some stuff for the boy and one thing for my sister’s birthday present. With that in mind, I need to get off the computer. But first, here are some pictures.

31 weeks pregnant.


Our Christmas card picture.


Our Christmas tree.


The boy's room, wired and ready for insulation.


The boy's room, all insulated and ready for drywall.

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