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May 21 2007

A Friday Five on Monday? Madness!!!

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Have you ever felt like writing something, but you don’t have anything to say? Yeah, me too. That’s why you get a Friday Five on Monday. It’s wacky.

At this moment, how many rolls of toilet paper are there in your house?
14.5 – And I have such a commitment to truth and accuracy that I went downstairs and counted them up, just so I didn’t lie to the Friday Five.

At this moment, how many working flashlights are there in your house?
Only one. It’s one of those ones where you only have to wind it up, and it takes no batteries. That’s the only reason it works.

Do you know where some candles and matches are?
There are no matches. We only have lighters. There are candles all over the house, and I have a trunk in the living room full of them. The lighters are on the dining room table, in our jacket pockets, and on the front porch.

If the power were to go out right now, how long could you probably get by on the food in your house?
Well, we couldn’t cook any of it, because our stove is electric. I guess we could try and cook something on our wood-burning stove in the garage. We could maybe last a few days – I haven’t been grocery shopping in a couple of weeks, because I don’t want food to just be going bad while we’re up north.

It’s someone’s birthday, and you’ve GOT to come up with something to give him or her RIGHT NOW! What have you got?
Books. We have books up the yin-yang, on all different subjects. Some of them are even almost new. Also CDs. Since getting my iPod, the only thing my CDs are good for is backup in case my iPod’s memory goes. They live in the attic now, waiting for their big chance to save the day.

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Feb 10 2007

Friday Funyuns.

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Behold! some questions that come from a Friday Fun site.

When you were growing up, were pets part of your family? If so, what kind?
Before my parents divorced, we lived on a farm, so there were all kinds of animals running around. The ones I didn’t consider pets were the poultry (chicken, ducks, geese, turkeys) and the pigs (because once they get big they can knock you down and eat you). But I was always out with our goats, and we had dogs and barn cats aplenty.

If you have a pet (or 2 or 3 or 4!), do you tend to spoil it (or them) rotten?
Yeah, pretty much. But whenever I buy them something fancy or special, they hate it. Cat beds, toys, food, whatever. They hate it. They want the cheap stuff. Plebeian cats.

What is your feeling on pets in clothes? Cute, practical, or too Paris Hilton for you?
The only pet I ever had that wore clothes was our miniature schnauzer, and he had to wear a sweater in the winter because he was small, and his haircut was so short. Otherwise, I don’t dress my animals. I think it’s funny when people do it for jokes, or Halloween or something, but as an everyday thing? No.

If you don’t have any, would you want one? And if so, what kind of pet?
I have two cats. That’s enough for now. I always think I would like another schnauzer, but I don’t really want to deal with walking a dog. I’ve tried fish; I killed them. I’ve tried a hamster; it bit me. Cats are pretty much it, I think.

Do you have any favorite pet, current or in the past?
Well, I really love my cats. They rule. My favorite pet from the past was the aforementioned schnauzer. He was really my mom’s dog, but he was such a good puppy. I still miss him.

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Feb 03 2007

Sickness, no. Friday Five, yes.

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I’m still sick! I’m not going to talk about it much. I just want to mention that over the past week I have strained both sides of my rib cage with coughing, and just today, while enjoying another rousing coughing fit, I FELT and HEARD something snap in my ribs. I am destroying myself.

Anyway, Friday Five, from the LiveJournal community this time. The other site had questions too stupid to even read.

How far back can you trace your family tree?
Sadly, only to my great-grandparents. And even more sad, I don’t know all of their names. I’ve been slowly filling in the blanks. My great-grandparents did have some interesting first names, though. Crikey.

What is the most interesting (or strange) thing you’ve heard about one of your relatives?
I don’t know. I have a lot of craziness on one side of my family, and it’s not the fun kind of crazy. One thing I learned in the past couple years that I didn’t know before is that my maternal grandfather had no sense of smell. I think my grandma told me that he lost it after getting wounded in the war, but I could be confusing that with something else. Anyway, he was shot through the back of his neck on D-Day +6. My mom also told me that he had quite the temper, but I never saw it. He was always pretty mellow around me.

How do you feel about legacy names like John Henry Smith IV or naming children after other relatives?
Since I plan on naming any future daughter I have after my grandma, I feel pretty good about it. I don’t think people should feel compelled to carry on the name if they hate it, but there’s nothing wrong with it if you like the idea. The Man’s family (dad’s side) has a “legacy” name, but it’s used as a first name, middle name, whatever. The current bearers are his dad (middle name) and his nephew (first name). I don’t think my family really has any names carried down like that.

Would you consider yourself and/or your family to be traditional?
In most ways, yes.

What is one tradition you have passed on to your children and/or plan to pass on to them?
I hope to carry on the tradition of having great friends among your cousins, knowing and loving your grandparents, and feeling at home at any of your aunts/uncles houses. My extended family was always very welcoming, and The Man’s is the same. I want our kids to have that same safety net.

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Jan 16 2007

She makes me degenerate. Seriously.

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ONOZ! I forgot about my journal again. Strangely, my life has been a whirlwind of adventure (for me, anyway), so not writing is kind of lame. Mackers was over this weekend and we had the mad shopping-and-consuming-alcohol tour of duty. She arrived Friday night and we were immediately held hostage by the three bottles of wine in my fridge. We were compelled to drink and drink again. The bitter end came with a bottle of 7 Deadly Zins, which was a dry red zinfandel, and not the lighter white we were expecting. Curses! We were up until 6 AM and ridiculed one of my neighbors for jogging during “the middle of the night”. . . until we realized it was five in the morning and we were drunken reprobates. The next day we went shopping – every store in the mall was having their semi-annual BIGGEST SALE OF THE CENTURY so we scored many good deals. Two pairs of cargo pants for $18.00! Hooray! However, my quest for a specific lamp and lots of shelving for the living room remains unfulfilled.

Sadly, no pictures were taken to celebrate our debauchery and submission to the consumerist ideals of these United States, because we were too stupid to bring our cameras anywhere, and too drunk to operate them at home. Boo!

To supply a small bit of reparations, a late Friday Five:

How high is your guilt threshold?
It is very easy to make me feel guilty about something. I will often feel guilty for doing something as benign as expressing an opposite preference (such as when choosing what to eat for dinner). This probably ties in to my desire to be well-liked and not have people screaming at me and/or calling me a bitch.

How strong is your resistance to sweets?
LOW. Hence, my midsection and butt are bigger than in days of yore.

How long is your fuse?
The average fuse length on the 1978 model is 12-14 inches. When lit, the Exploding Jas provides anywhere from 15-20 seconds of delay, allowing the operator time to get to cover. Recommended cover includes: trenches, cement walls, and tornado shelters. Damage varies, depending on weather conditions and surrounding terrain.

What is the quickest way to get you hot (you know what we mean!)?
Actually, I don’t know what you mean. Because, the parenthetical could be a “wink-wink-nudge-nudge” thing, or it could be more in the tone of “you filthy-minded pervert, we meant temperature/temper”. The Internet has no vocal inflection. So, because you are incapable of asking a concise question, I provide only ridicule in my answer.

How sensitive are you to ambient noise?
If there’s a lot of it, I spend lots of time going “Eh? What? What’d you say?” It doesn’t usually give me a headache or anything, though.

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Jan 08 2007

It’s a two-fer.

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A double dose of Friday Five, because my limited access to the internet at Dr. Mom’s prevented me from answering the Dec. 29 questions. I was going to post more pictures, but I thought better of it. I get very little feedback from my photo essays, and I have to imagine this is due to one of two things: 1) My photos suck, or 2) some people’s internet connections are just too slow to deal with it, and they give up long before the whole entry loads. Either way, I decided not to inflict another one on you. OK then, here we go:

What film did you think had the most annoying, maddening, preposterous, disappointing, or idiotic ending?
Easily, The Departed. I’ve mentioned before how The Man and I just didn’t like this movie overall, but the ending was definitely the most disappointing part of the film. It literally felt like Scorsese threw up his hands and said “Fuck it! Everyone dies.”

What is the most recent example in your life of something coming to an unexpected (or unwelcome) end and then turning into an even better beginning?
Nothing in my life has really ended lately. No friendships, no interests, etc. I think I’m kind of past that phase in my life where things come and go with a disturbing regularity. I’m kind of set in my ways now. And, at this point, if something ends, it’s pretty much gone for a reason.

How do you feel about your rear end? (alternate question for those who think this is just far too inappropriate: How do you usually spend your sitting-around-on-your-rear-end days?)
There is no secret that I think my ass is Too Fat. It’s also no secret that I am far too lazy to actually do anything about this. And the alternate answer is: reading a book or watching TV.

Some people read the endings of books before they invest time, energy, and emotion into the rest of them. What are your thoughts about this practice?
If it works for you, why not? I don’t do it myself, because I can’t process the ending without the appropriate context, but I do read a random part of the book before I buy it to make sure I can stand the author’s style.

How would you like to end each day, and how do you actually end each day?
Each day should end with the Housework Gnomes coming in and straightening up the house so I can wake up to a nice, calm place each morning. Each day actually ends with me doing some activity (reading, watching TV, playing with the computer) until I’m too tired to take it anymore, then going to bed. This usually happens at around 3 AM.

What is one healthy food you really, really like?
Seafood. Fish is good for you, right? Probably it’s healthier when it’s not drenched in butter (oh, hello, shrimp scampi. And hello to you, crab legs), but I like almost all seafood, in all preparations.

In what area of your life are you especially well-organized?
None. I am, at best, semi-organized. My desk is always in disarray.

Who is someone you’ve managed to stay in touch with?
Um, since when? There are a ton of people I’m still in touch with. Most of my friends are old friends. Special Op B, Vicki, Mackers, The Miller Boys. . . I’ve known all of them at least 12 years, and most of them for longer than that. Even the “newcomers” that I picked up when I started working at my last job, or got together with The Man have been around for six years or more by now.

What bad habit were you able to break (or what vice were you able to give up), and what was it like going through that change?
The only bad habit I have tried and succeeded at breaking is biting my nails. I did that when I was about 11 or 12. It was fairly easy, because my goal was not to stop biting my nails, but to see how long I could get my nails before I bit them off. I just never did. Now, I can hardly stand to bite my nails, but I will do it if clippers are not handy and I need to shorten them for some reason.

Someone out there, whether you know it or not, wishes he or she were more like you in some way. What is it he or she most likely admires you for?
I don’t know. Mackers tells me that I’m smart a lot, so that’s the only thing I could guess. She’s pretty smart too, though.

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