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Nov 01 2013

First Trick or Treat

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It rained all the ding-dong day on Halloween this year. Fortunately, The Man’s place of employment (which is where I used to work) does indoor trick-or-treat. If an employee wants to participate, he or she puts a balloon on their cubicle or office, and the kids can go trick or treating. It’s nice. So, we took The Boy there.

He dressed up as Obi-Wan Kenobi. I got his costume off Amazon and it was a nice, lightweight job that he wore over a set of pajamas. I tried to keep him dressed lightly, but his face was still rosy red by the time he was done. That might be because he went full blast from the time we started until we finished. He didn’t care about the candy, he was just glad there were so many people he could talk to and a nice big place to run around in.

When people tried to give him candy, he would often take a piece out of his bucket to give back to them. I guess he thought he was working on the barter system. He wanted to carry around a box of Nerds the whole time. And he didn’t say “Trick or Treat”, possibly because I had never taught him to say “Trick or Treat”. Instead, he ran up to everyone and greeted them with a very enthusiastic “Hey, man!” This was a big hit, as you can imagine.

We got a lot of compliments on his cuteness. He IS pretty cute, if I do say so myself.




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Sep 06 2013

Me and my shadow.

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Today we went for a walk on the rail trail, and The Boy discovered his shadow. He spent some time dancing around with it to see if it would really do everything he did.

When he got tired, I put him in his stroller and he watched my shadow. I made it wave to him and he seemed kind of freaked out. Shadow people! They can communicate with mortals!

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Sep 04 2013


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Kid at Meijer, looking at The Boy:
“I wish I had a robot, I wish I had a robot, I wish I had a robot, I wish I had a robot…shirt like that one.”

It is a pretty cool robot shirt.


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Aug 28 2013

Time runs forward.

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It seems like 90% of the pictures I take these days are of Bash running away from me, and that’s not even a thinly veiled metaphor, that just IS the truth about childhood and parenting. He is running away from me, faster than I could have ever imagined.

I read a quote once that said “Motherhood: the years are short and the days are long”, and I’ve found that to be pretty true. To be honest, the day-to-day of raising an infant and toddler is not really that exhilirating. I read these message board posts and mommyblogs and whatevers where the moms sound like they are just wide-eyed with wonder over the amazing gift of preparing chicken nuggets for the 50th day in a row, and I wonder who these women are. I mean, yes, I enjoy the privilege of being able to stay at home and care for my son. I love that I don’t have to drop him off with someone else every day and then go to a job that I maybe don’t even like, just so I can help put food on the table. I know that I am incredibly fortunate that my family can afford for me to be at home with Bash. However, the mechanics of child-rearing are dull. My days are pretty routine, and I’m glad for that. I like predictability.

The downside is that predictibility lulls you into a sense of “everything is the same oh Lord we’re doing this again I can’t believe this is like the 800th time I’ve put this toy back together”. Then, sometimes you look up and realize that this person you’ve been with every single day for the past 540 days (give or take) can say “mailbox”. He knows where his nose is. And you realize that there were moments and milestones that you forgot to record, that you didn’t have time to write down, and now you’ll never remember exactly when it was that he first started saying “meow” whenever he saw a cat. Or exactly how funny he sounded when he said “Byyyeee” in his wistful little accent that is kind of North Dakota and kind of Cockney…where did he pick that up, anyway? And why does he say “Bye” to every single car that drives past?

He’s such a strange little boy, so funny and surprising, and if I don’t start writing down the things that make me laugh and give him a big kiss, I don’t think I’ll remember half of it. I have a bad memory anyway, and things are moving so fast.

I want to be able to look back at his childhood and be able to see at least some things clearly, and I’ll never do that if I don’t start recording. Hopefully, you’ll see more posts from me. I don’t even know if anyone is still looking at this blog. Probably not. But I am looking at it, and maybe one day he’ll be looking at it, too.


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Aug 16 2012

Six Months

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Today The Boy is six months old.

Half Birthday Picture

It’s really crazy to look back and see how different he is just six short months after we brought him home.

Homecoming day

He went to sleep tonight at 7:30 PM, and if he has a regular night, he’ll get up around 1 AM and 5 AM to eat, and he’ll get up for good around 7 AM. He is sleeping in his own room now. We moved him in there a couple of weeks ago, when he developed his first cold. He was keeping us both up, and we decided to move him so that one of us could sleep in our room while the other took a shift in his room with him. Luckily, he was only really bad for two nights, but I think that having someone with him for those two nights helped with the transition. Now, there’s no problem.

He spends some time every day playing on the floor with his toys, having a fine time, and not needing anything from me other than the reassurance that I’m right nearby.

Playing on the floor

He can crawl properly, but not consistently. He falls to one side after a few “steps”, and tends to rely mostly on army-crawling or rolling to get around in a hurry. I’m sure that won’t last long.

Working on crawling

He eats a variety of “solid” foods (how solid is baby food, really) and has liked everything we’ve given him so far with the exception of green beans, and that might have been my fault. I got the idea to try adding a little seasoning to the green beans, and it may have been that he objected to. We’re going to try them again soon. I’m making all of his baby food, and I think that’s contributed to his acceptance of most things. We gave him store-bought peas one time, and he refused to eat more than a couple of bites. But the peas I make for him? He loves them.

He smiles and laughs at us. He’s happy to see me and his dad. He really is happy to see the cat. I’m sure he thinks she’s a furry toy, and can’t understand why that toy keeps moving away from him. For her part, she tolerates him so much better than I ever dared dream. She’s quite jealous of the attention he gets, but she deals with that by glomming on to whoever is playing with him, not by attacking him.

The Boy and his jealous sister

He knows his name. If you call him, he’ll look at you, assuming that there is nothing else more interesting that he’d rather be checking out. He also knows “up”, and probably several other things that he’s keeping to himself (don’t have to respond to “no” if you don’t let on that you know what it means). I’m thinking of starting baby sign.

Hi there

There are so many other things that he does and doesn’t do, this entry would be forever long if I detailed every way that he’s awesome and all the cool stuff he does that make us proud. Suffice to say, it’s been a wonderful six months. Our baby is growing up quite well. He’s handsome and strong, and loving and sweet, and such a good boy. We love him so much.

Such a big boy

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