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Sep 02 2013


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Today was the first time The Boy attempted to say Fate’s name. Usually, he calls her KEE! or just says “Meow” at her. But today, when I was talking to her, he said “Fay!” and I said, “Yep, Fate.” So, he said “Fay!” again. The cat was unimpressed.

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Aug 03 2012

Goodbye, Little Old Lady Cat

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Yesterday morning, our little clockwork kitty tik-tokked to a stop. Her mainspring had failed, and despite our willingness to attempt a fix, the repairman said there was nothing to be done. All we could do was pet her as she wound down and let her know that she had been one of the very best parts of our lives.

Destiny, August 1 2012


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Jan 13 2012

Yep, still pregnant.

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First of all, I just want to say THANK GOD for the Akismet plugin. My spam comments used to consist of wonderful compliments such as “Great post! I’d never thought of it that way before!” and then the spammy part would be the link to their V!@gra page or something. And while I still do get those comments, the Old School Spambots have lately been coming out in force. You know – the ones who paste in three paragraphs of “Jane Eyre” and then 26 links at the bottom? Yeah. Those ones. Akismet catches all of this crap so all I have to do is click “Empty Spam” and that’s the extent of my dealing with it. If you’re running a WP blog and don’t have this plugin, well, I just don’t know what to say to you.

Secondly, I am now considered full term on this pregnancy, which I guess means I could “go” at any time. Watch out, she’s gonna blow! My hospital bag is 90% packed. The things that aren’t in there are the things that I use every day, like deodorant. And sweat pants. I only have three sets of sweat pants; I can’t just take one out of rotation and put it in a bag! I’ve got a few things packed up for Asher, but his packing list is small because the hospital has assured me that they will provide for almost his every need while we are there. The Man’s bag is not packed at all, because I need something to do in the early stages of labor, right? He has a pretty small list as well, so that should take us all of 10 minutes to throw together.

I’ve gotten the bassinet cleaned and set up, all tucked in with sheets and the baby monitor (we have a sound and motion monitor, so there is a sensor pad that has to go under the mattress). The bottom shelf of the bassinet is stocked with a diaper basket, receiving blankets, burp cloths, and pacifiers (which, now that I think of it, still need to be sterilized). His clothes are washed and sitting in a tote in the spare room, along with all of his other stuff.

And, the reason all of his stuff is still in the spare room is because his room is still not done. It’s not our fault. We ordered windows. They took three weeks to arrive, and then they were the wrong size. And not the wrong size, oh we can jimmy it and make it work. These were the wrong size, we need to cut some bricks out of our house. Needless to say, we had to have our supplier order new ones. They will be here in ANOTHER three weeks. After that, The Man and his merry band of helpers can finish the drywall and I can paint, and we can decide what’s going on with the floor, and then maybe we can put the kid in his own room. This is just ONE of the reasons I hope to make it all the way to my due date.

On the personal front, I’m pretty physically uncomfortable. I don’t sleep well. I sleep from about midnight to 3:00 AM, when I get up to use the bathroom. After that, I toss and turn, and catch an hour here and there until around 8:00 AM. Then I get up and lay around the house because I am still tired. My ankles are swollen and so are my hands. I can’t really fit into my shoes. Small things (like getting dressed) cause me to lose my breath. And – this may be TMI, but oh well – my boobs are getting more boobtastic by the day. Before this pregnancy, I wore a B cup. I’m now straining to maintain the integrity of a DD. If I didn’t have this enormous belly to take the focus off, I’d be awfully self-conscious.

Things that I worry about:

  • The cats. Isn’t that precious? Some people have to worry about introducing a new baby to actual human siblings who might have not great reactions. I’m worried about ruining the lives of two elderly felines. They sleep for 22 hours a day. I’m not sure what’s going to be “ruined” about that, but you can’t tell my brain anything. It imagines the worst possible scenarios and then takes those scenarios and puts them in the Most Likely To Happen category.
  • My ability to deal. Not “will I be a good mother?” or “will I let my child down?” but literally “will I be able to deal with this?” I don’t really worry about being a good mother, mostly because at the early stages ‘being a good mother’ equates to making sure the baby doesn’t starve and is clean and fed. I can be that mother. Right now, I’m more worried that I will not be OK mentally with all of these changes.
  • Never sleeping again. I don’t sleep well now. I understand that will not change and will actually get worse once the baby is here. That’s not something I’m looking forward to.
  • I won’t be able to breastfeed. I want to. I hope I can. I’m scared I won’t be able to.

OK, here’s a picture of me at 36 weeks. The Man took this one. I’ve been trying to get him used to my camera so I have some chance of having a few pictures of the boy with me in them, too.

Me @ 36 weeks.

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Dec 19 2011

Another month gone.

I’m trying to remember what I’ve done since I last updated. I guess that’s kind of the point of keeping a regular blog, but as you can see, I fail in that as well.

Well, first of all, the boy is doing fine. I had a checkup last week and his heart rate was right where it should be. I have a growth check after Christmas, so I’ll get to find out if he’s still on track to average size or if he’s working his way into behemoth territory. We also started childbirth classes. The first one was kind of ho-hum, not a lot of new info covered. The second was more interesting, since the instructor was talking about pain management techniques and fetal monitoring. Hey, those scalp clip things are not so awesome, huh? Also, I really could have done without the play by play breakdown of how an epidural needle goes in, but I know they want us to be aware of what’s involved in all this stuff. It’s not their fault that I wanted to throw up. Our third class was canceled, so this week is our fourth. We have one more after that, which is when we’ll tour the birthing center and see where all the magic happens. I still need to register for Infant CPR and breastfeeding classes, but for some reason they won’t let me do that until after New Year’s. The boy’s room is slowly moving along. It’s insulated now, and the windows have been ordered and should be here by January 6. The Man is bringing home drywall in batches, so pretty soon there might actually be a ceiling and some walls in there.

I got 99% of my Christmas shopping done, and the Christmas cards got sent out, too. So, that’s our holiday cheer in the bag. We are not going north to Dr. Mom’s this year. I’m too pregnant for that long of a trip. Instead, we’ve decided to treat ourselves to a little overnight trip in a town about an hour away from us. We found a package that includes dinner and breakfast. It will be our last trip as a childless married couple. Freaky to think about it that way!

We’ve done two Christmas gatherings so far – one at Mom and Stepdad’s house and one at The Man’s stepdad’s house. Both were totally fun, although everyone wants me to sit down all the time. Mom especially cannot take me standing up. She wants me to sit! Sit down! Here’s a chair, why don’t you sit? This chair is more comfortable, why don’t you move? It’s cute, but I have to keep telling her that if I’m standing up, it’s probably because my back is killing me. The Man’s brother Lucky graduated university last week, and we went to the ceremony. You know what that means – bleachers. Halfway through I had to stand up (we were all the way in the back, so I wasn’t blocking anyone’s view). I got quite the sympathetic look from the woman at the end of our row. She knew EXACTLY what the problem was.

Destiny the Brain Damaged Cat had a small episode on November 30. No one is really sure what caused it. She was being chased by her sister, and then just lost the use of her back legs. She was on the floor yowling for about 3 minutes while I tried to keep her calm. After that, she was able to get up and move around, and she seemed fine. I took her to the vet anyway. They did some tests and determined that it wasn’t her heart, at least. That was the big fear – some kind of heart arrhythmia that left untreated could cause her to die whenever she got a little too excited. They wanted us to keep doing tests on other organs (of course), but since the cat was acting totally normally, and it was an isolated incident, we declined to do that. There have been no repeats since. The worst part of the whole experience was that they drugged her up to do the EKG, and for a good part of two days she seemed to not know where she was or who we were. Then I guess all the drugs left her system and she was A-OK. She’s sleeping on the couch next to me now, as usual.

That’s really it. It’s been quiet, which I enjoy. I have some crafts I really need to finish – some stuff for the boy and one thing for my sister’s birthday present. With that in mind, I need to get off the computer. But first, here are some pictures.

31 weeks pregnant.


Our Christmas card picture.


Our Christmas tree.


The boy's room, wired and ready for insulation.


The boy's room, all insulated and ready for drywall.

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Apr 19 2011

Another cat post.

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I try not to disturb Destiny the Brain Damaged Cat while she is napping. The reason for that is that she doesn’t deal with interruptions very well. If I innocently pat her sleeping form while I pass by, she is likely to violently awaken, and start screaming at me. I don’t think she’s screaming in rage. She always sounds more confused: “Where am I? What’s happening? Who are you? Oh, it’s you. Is it food time? Is something wrong? Where’s Fate? Is she going to eat me? Should I follow you? Where are you going? I’ll get up. What are we doing here? Are we going to play? What are you doing? That looks like food.” And it goes on. And on. AND ON. I think I’ve mentioned before that Destiny is kind of a vocal cat, and also that her voice tends to get on my nerves. I’m not trying to be mean about it, I’m just saying. I’ve tried to capture the ridiculousness of how much she talks on camera, but she seems to sense when I’m recording her and tends to shut up. If she were a smarter cat, I’d think she was weaving some complicated plot to make me insane, but I know the truth: she’s actually just stupid and noisy.

Sometimes, though, I can’t help but disturb her, and those times are usually when I lose track of her. Most of the time, if I don’t know where a cat is, I check three spots and I will find the cat(s) in one of those places. Those places are: couch, chair, love seat. When one of them is not immediately visible and is not in one of those three places, I commence The Search, where I rummage through the house looking for the missing feline. Most people would just shrug and wait for the cat to reappear, but these cats escaped one time about ten years ago, and now I worry constantly that they’ve gotten out of the house, even though they’ve pretty much never shown an inclination to go outdoors since that one incident. Plus, they have an irritating habit of sneaking into the downstairs closet when someone is in there getting a coat or rebooting the router, and sometimes they get shut in there. So, I start searching. And if it’s Fate who’s missing, no problem. I find her somewhere, she kind of blinks at me, and we both go on with our lives. But if I have to track down Destiny, then most of the time I am in for at least a half hour of this cat YOWLING at me.

For instance, I just lost Destiny. I located her napping in the towel cabinet, on the towels that we use for sopping up spills and for the pool in the summer. I opened the towel cupboard. She yowled at me. I shut the towel cupboard. She yowled at me. She opened the towel cupboard and stepped out, still yowling. She followed me out of the bathroom, yowling. I told her, “I didn’t want anything! I was just checking!” And, you guessed it, she yowled at me.

Right now, she’s doing laps around the coffee table, and every time she passes by me, she yowls. If I pet her, it pretty much just resets the cycle. I’m not sure what she wants, or if she even wants anything. The Man’s theory is that her brain kind of wipes while she’s doing laps around the coffee table, so when she rounds the corner, she’s like “Oh! There you are!” and then she keeps going until she comes around again: “Oh! There you are!”

She certainly does annoy me when she’s doing things like this, especially if it’s first thing in the morning, but sometimes I have to stop and remind myself that my little brain damaged cat won’t always be around to annoy me, and then I pick her up and give her a cuddle, and she drools on my shoulder.

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