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Dec 29 2001

Not much to say

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Well the Christmas holidays are over and I for one am pretty glad. Of course, I had to work both on Christmas and Christmas Eve so I didn’t get to enjoy it much, but still. This is a very stressful time for those of us who Don’t Get Out Much — I actually had to leave the couch! The horror!

Well, The Man and I actually made use of our fireplace a couple of days ago. After some initial problems with smoke pouring in, we got the fireplace to draw and we could enjoy the massive amount of heat generated. I of course kept a STRICT eye on the flames and the cats as I was not going to let a stray spark alight my home or felines

I am really tired of work already. I did this job for a couple of years before I got promoted, and by the time my promotion went through I was thoroughly TIRED of tech support. But alas, here I am now doing the same thing. I thought it would take me at least a few months to get bored again but no such luck. It has been about a month and I am already bored. All I can do is hope that this agony is short-lived and I get to do something fun again soon.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. Talk to you all later.

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Dec 20 2001

Christmas shopping *groan*

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You heard it right — it’s Christmas shopping time. I hate shopping for Christmas presents because none of my family ever gives me a list. They just say “Oh, I don’t need anything” Grrr. . . yes you do it’s Christmas take this gift and LIKE IT. Anyways I got my check cashed and paid my car payments so I have money to go Christmas shopping.

I have to start my Christmas baking as well (I feel your pain, Vicki) which basically means about 400 cookies that will be gone in 4 days. *sigh* I am so not in the holiday spirit. No snow on the ground, instead there is yucky rain. This Saturday we are trucking out to mom’s for family Christmas, which I am looking forward to. But, I have to work on Christmas and Christmas Eve this year like anyone wants tech support on Christmas anyways!

The only presents that I know for sure I am buying are kitty presents although they will most likely just play with the packaging. They are getting a new litterbox, new beds, and a new scratch post. Everyone else is getting. . . something.

Going to see Lord of the Rings tonight with The Man and his friend. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie but NOT looking forward to how packed the theatre will be. I really don’t like going to movies on opening day, but c’est la vie. . . I will survive.

Well, gonna go now. Toodle-oo, Go with God, and don’t take any wooden nickles.

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Dec 15 2001

It’s beginning to snow

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You heard me right — the snow has descended on us here in Mid-Michigan, and I for one am okay with that. I know by the end of the winter I will be good and tired of the white stuff, but for right now it’s kind of nice to see snow again.

Well, a nasty surprise today at work. No paycheck. For some reason, I and three other lucky individuals were not included in payroll so we didn’t have our checks today. We are told that they will be Fed Ex’d to our homes and we *should* have them tomorrow, but then again the last time this happened payroll actually sent them through the regular mail so it took a few days. Bah. I need that money for Christmas presents. I am, shall we say, unhappy.

Other than that, it’s Friday so not too much is wrong. I have two days off, we got our cable modem, and tonight The Man and myself are going computer shopping. Last night we went and bought computer guts, but the poor old system we have at home apparently couldn’t handle the new innards. So, alas, we must retire it and find a new one.

Welp, I’m our of things to say, what a surprise. Later.

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Dec 13 2001

I feel ill

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Bet you wanted to know that, huh? Well, like the subject line says, I’m at work and I don’t feel too hot physically. I’ll spare you the details, but I really wish I was at home laying on the couch instead of sitting at my ergonomically correct desk taking phone calls

Well, got an e-mail from the front desk today to “Call Victoria Donovan as soon as possible” — written just like that. Now, some of you may have caught on to the fact that vicki’s real name is NOT in fact Victoria Donovan. . . she just did it to be funny. Made me laugh after I figured out who the heck the receptionist was talking about.

Did you ever have a dream that you couldn’t remember, but the feeling stayed with you all day? I have been experiencing that today. I had a dream that made me feel kind of sad and scared, and though I couldn’t remember the dream, every time I try to remember it I feel sad and scared again. So I guess I should just let it go, eh?

This is only my second week back on the job of taking support calls and already it is getting a wee bit stale. That does not bode well for my patience in waiting for a better job to open up higher up the food chain. I’ll stick it out, though, the money and the insurance is good and really, it’s not like this job is all that difficult. Nothing to complain about other than a strong feeling of deja vu. . . (it seems I’ve done this before)

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Dec 12 2001

Just another day

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Greetings everyone who never comes here anymore!

It’s just another day for me at work. I got my system access now so I am much happier about that. Came in a half hour early today to catch up on all that stupid work I created for myself yesterday but now I am doing pretty good.

Played some DAoC last night for the first time in awhile. Luckily I was able to get a good guild group so I leveled my character to 27. ROCK ON. If anyone is interested in picking up dark age of camelot, play on the Kay server and choose the Hibernia realm. Once you’re on look for me as Ninevrise or do a /who company to find my guildmates. (points at the slackers in Colorado)

Enough gamer chat.

Today at work me and one of my cohorts performed a sting operation on her husband’s computer. We’ll call the husband “Mr. I’m too cool to lock my workstation”. We run NT here at the office, and when you leave your desk, you’re supposed to “lock” your computer so you have to put a password in to access it again. Well, Mr. I’m too cool to lock my workstation never does that. Since his wife also works here, and happens to sit next to me, we took advantage of his unlocked workstation as soon as he went for a smoke. Mr. I’m too cool to lock my workstation is now sporting the very latest Michael Jackson wallpaper. He loves it.

Enough work chat.

My Christmas tree is looking a bit tipsy. The angel is a wee bit too large for the tree, so it’s leaning forward a bit. It doesn’t help that the cats attack it every night and tear down ornaments. I have the Christmas tree equivalent of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in my living room. It’s fun and festive for all!

Enough tree chat.

I’m out of things to say.
Talk at you later.

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