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Jan 22 2002


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So, listening to NPR on the way to work today and they were reporting on something that I find pretty disturbing — Ground Zero in NY has become a tourist attraction. They have built an observation deck where you can go to view the wreckage and street vendors are now selling the typical souvieniers — hats, scarves, T-shirts. What do the T-shirts say, I find myself wondering? “I went to Ground Zero and all that was left was this lousy T-Shirt”?

I understand the need to go there and mourn, kind of like people visiting the Vietnam Memorial. But, what kind of sick fucks stand there and take family pictures at the site SMILING HAPPILY for the camera (more than one disturbed family was seen doing this)? In spite of the sign asking people not to take pictures or record film, many respectful tourists are seen snapping photos and running their camcorders. . . hoping to record what? A body being removed? A rescue worker break down in tears?

This little post really belongs in my Rant board, but I just thought I’d post it here. . . because this is what I’m thinking about today. I’d like to hear what any of you think: tasteless? tacky? understandable? Are you planning on making your own trip?

I haven’t been doing much of anything lately, which is why I haven’t been posting. The Man rearranged our living room furniture, so I’m happy about that. We are taking a short trip at the end of February, which will be nice. Work is work. What have you been doing?

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Jan 08 2002

TV and DAoC

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That’s what I did last night — watched the new episodes of Sex and the City (yay it was great) and Oz (yay it was great, but sad) and did NOT get to play DAoC because Chris spent the night and I like to let my Man play with his friends when they come over. However, The Man did fix the bedroom door (which I broke a couple weeks ago) and we are attempting to get the living room rearranged, that will take a couple of days.

Today. . . is work again. I am seriously tired of work. I do not like to work. I am inherantly (sp?) lazy and that’s okay with me. But ya know, sitting on your ass doesn’t pay the bills. I know, I’ve tried it. It doesn’t work.

I’m going to do some work on this site today I think. . . redo the “How to Bribe Jasina” page so that it is updated, and that’s about all I can think of to do right now. If you guys have suggestions for this page or things you’d like to see, don’t hesitate to shout them out. I will be adding a wedding page soon when I start making wedding plans, so my out-of-staters can get the low down on the nuptual situation and make their plans accordingly.

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Jan 07 2002

Ugh, I’m at work

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You got it, it’s Sunday, and I’m at work. I have to work weekends now. I am not happy but I suppose that’s the penalty for being the low girl on the totem pole. The Man is at home with one of his buddies and they plan on playing DAoC all day, then tonight we’re all going to watch the new episode of Sex and the City! YAY! New season! Will Carrie and Aidan really get married? Will Miranda have her baby? Will Charlotte and Trey break up? And how many new guys will Samantha conquer? I can’t wait to find out. But this “season” is only 6 episodes long, so I suppose most of my questions will go unanswered for awhile. Six Feet Under should be starting new shows here too anytime, so that will give me something else fun to watch.

I tried to get some housework done on my one day off. Managed to take the ornaments off the tree (it’s The Man’s job to actually remove the lights and take the tree down), vacuum, and sort of half ass pick up the living room. Also did laundry, how exciting. You can tell that I lead a frantic life, right?

Listened to NPR on the way to work this morning and had to chuckle at the various descriptions of the state of the world: “There is no joy in Katmandu”, “It is a sad day in Rome”, and “There is no trust in Israel”. Sounds pretty bleak, folks. I’m not saying the world is not in a crappy place right now, but honestly. Makes it sounds like we are all weeping and spinkling ashes in our hair.

I really have nothing of importance to say today, just rambling. So. . . I guess I’ll stop.

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Jan 03 2002

It’s gonna be a Happy New Year

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Well, happy new year guys and gals. The earth has completed another circuit of the sun, causing us all to buy new calendars and drink excessively. I hope you all played safe on New Year’s Eve and are relatively undamaged from your festivites. Me and The Man stayed home and partied indoors with Bud Light, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and DAoC. We’re such computer geeks! But why go out and risk the possibility of drunk drivers and stray bullets?

Back at work, lah dee freaking dah. Can’t say as I’m overly impressed/refreshed. I’m here, I’m getting paid, you can’t make me like it. I’m starting a new, even more annoying schedule soon, which means I will no longer have weekends off (BOO HISS) and will have to get up earlier in the morning. The horror!

For all of you who Want To Know, school is still on the distant horizon — we need to take care of our bills first though, for the economy is unstable and we want to pay our creditors while we have jobs. So, don’t be expecting me to show up with a degree anytime soon, but hopefully, one day I will get edumacated.

Has anyone made any New Year’s Resolutions? I’m curious — I think personally New Year’s Resolutions are bunk, but if you want to make one, feel free. I’d like to know what you resolved, if it isn’t too personal. If it’s too personal, leave me out of it!

Peace and Love, and cloud hopping flower sniffing tree huggers,

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