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Feb 24 2002

Not much to say

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Well, The Man is back home safe and sound, although he was searched at every airport and made to remove his shoes three times for security checks. He says that next time he flies he is wearing slip on shoes. I can’t say as I blame him

I spent the week shopping and cleaning. I enjoyed the shopping quite a bit. . . got three new pairs of shoes and picked up some clothes for my Man. The cleaning just Needed To Be Done. Our house was Dirty. And that’s all there is to say about that.

I’m back at work today, which isn’t so bad on a Saturday. It’s generally pretty slow in the tech support world on weekends so most of the time I can do my own thing. . . I’m hoping that soon I will be doing a different job here, but nothing is certain and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Tonight the Man and I are going to see “Queen of the Damned”. I liked the book a lot but I’m not so sure the movie will be any good. The previews make it look kind of like a rock video. . . I hope they will at least get the histories right. But I suspect that the movie will not include ANY of the vampiric history and will instead be more of an action flick. . . in which case I will be severely disappointed.

Everyone’s been so quiet lately. What have you all been up to? The only one I’ve been keeping up with is Vicki. . . the rest of you must be hermits like me. CyberPunk is working on giving me an update, but she has not delivered yet There will be a reckoning! J/K girl you know I love you.

Well, I’m out of stuff to say. Bye.

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Feb 12 2002

The wide world

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Well after a year of not going anywhere in particular suddenly the Man and I are back on the travelling scene. He has to go to Pennsylvania for work next week and will be gone the whole week *sniff* and then on March first we are both leaving for a weekend in Traverse City, courtesy of a very nice Christmas present from The Man’s mom and friend

So, what are my plans for next week while the Man is away? Not much! Just sitting around the house and moping, pining away for his return

Hey, does anyone but me watch Sex and the City? How about that season finale? Big left! That bummed me right out, I liked Mr. Big!

For the past couple of days I have been trying to teach myself to draw characters a la Sailor Moon. . . it’s kind of fun but I’m not very good at it. Pff, oh well it’s not like I’m going to write my own manga or anything!!

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