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Mar 05 2002

Snow in April

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There are certain times of the year when Michigan’s unpredictible weather gets me down. . . like when it snows and snows AND snows. . . IN APRIL. Ugh. We had a couple of nice days, and then yesterday we got dumped on. And the weather today says we can expect more snow over the next few days. I’m not happy.

Well. . . what has been happening? I’ve been buying things that are outdoors related — bird seed and a new bird feeder and bird bath. Also I got a new hanging plant for inside the house.

Easter with the family was nice. Me and The Man went to my Grandmother’s like always. My mom, sister, and brother-in-law were also there, so it was a nice little gathering. We also attended a confirmation party for one of my cousins. . . that was nice as well but LOUD — there were quite a lot of people there.

Work is work. I’m working in training again on a temporary basis, writing documentation, spending time instructing, and working on our online tools. It sure beats listening to customers all day long.

Sorry this entry was so long in coming, but like I said I’ve been spending time instructing and when I go home I sure don’t feel like getting in front of a computer. . . hopefully the journal entries will be a bit more frequent now.

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Mar 05 2002

Wow! did it snow

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Hey all. . .
Well the weekend in Traverse City was AWESOME. We had so much fun. What a beautiful town that is. We were lucky (?) to get to experience a taste of northern Michigan winter, since it began snowing Friday night and was still snowing when we left on Sunday. The roads were clear all day Saturday (go superplowers!), but on Sunday the drifting finally caught up with the city and the roads were complete SHIT. They stayed complete shit until about Grayling (40 miles away) and in places visibility was very low. However, we made it home with only about 45 minutes added to the return trip.

The downtown area is full of neat little stores so we spent a couple hours on Saturday wandering around and shopping. Bought several nice little things — jewelry and knickknacks mostly. We will be making a return trip in the summertime, hopefully.

Beyond that, nothing much is happening around here. First day back at work and that of course is a let down after a long weekend, but I gotta eat, ya know . Hoping to get this interview out of the way today — trying to move to a different position in the company but since I was sick on Wed. and then gone til today my interview has been delayed (BOO HISS).

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