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Apr 23 2002

Birthday parties

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Hey kiddies. . .

Well, Saturday the Man and I threw a modest little birthday party for yours truly. . .my birthday was Sunday, but I wanted a party on Saturday night just because that seems to be the party time. So, about 9 – 10 folks came over for a barbeque and booze fest. I can tell, though, that none of us are as big of drinkers as we used to be because we still have lots and lots of alcohol left in the fridge. Maybe it’s because everyone had to drive home afterwards, but at any rate the Man and I have enough leftover alcohol to last for quite some time, neither one of us being big drinkers. But it was fun, which was the point. Lots of food.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse again. Last week it was eighty degrees every day. Today it is snowing. You figure it out. I can’t. It’s Michigan. I covered my outdoor plants with plastic but they will probably die anyways. I hate it when I kill things. I feel bad because I put them in the ground too soon. I was lured by the false springtime.

Thanks to everyone who e-mailed wishing me a happy birthday — I had one!

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Apr 16 2002

Tax Day

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Yep, it’s Tax Day, and I didn’t even know it until I happened to glance at the digital display on my clock. My mentioning this fact to The Man caused him to rush home 2 hours early to get the taxes done — something he was supposed to do this weekend but forgot. Whoops. Oh well, we use Turbo Tax so it’s not like we have to mail them or anything.

I “finished” my training room project today — meaning it’s dusted, and the rack I was wiring sort of works. Actually, everything works except any method of connectivity. No modem, no LAN. . . it’s eerie. It’s like the gods of the Internet don’t want these computers online. So. . . that’s a project for a later date.

Tonight I’m going to Lowe’s to buy my outdoor flowers. Then, perhaps Vicki is going to come over if she isn’t a big LOSER. If she is a BIG LOSER she’s going to practice for her play.

Uh. . . that’s all I have to say.

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Apr 13 2002

I am in pain

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Yep you heard me right, I am in some pain. I’m sure by now the Man is tired of hearing me complain, but I can’t help it! My back hurts, and it has for about 3 days. I stayed home from work yesterday, thinking foolishly that a day of rest would help. It did not. So, I decided to come back to work and just deal with it. If it continues for a couple more days I’ll have to go to the doctor, but I do not really go to the doctor. . . as a matter of fact I don’t even HAVE a doctor right now, because the one I was going to is a quack.

Finally, finally the weather is warming up! It was 70 degrees yesterday and is going to be the same today. It was so nice to open the windows and let the house air out some. Plus I think I have a woodpecker coming to the suet feeder! How exciting spring time is! All of the finches and chickadees and other funny birds are coming back to my feeders, and my cats are just loving it.

Well, I’m going to take off and go wire up a rack in a training room. I’ll see if I can stretch out this pain with some movement — I really think I just pinched a nerve or something, and the last time that happened I just had to work it out. Cross your fingers for me.

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Apr 11 2002

New home for the journal

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I went to hunt up some old friends today. I stopped by the B’s web site only to find that she has this new nifty service called diary-x, which I promptly decided that I wanted to use as well. So here it is. My first entry. It reads like an advertisement. BUGGER!

For those of you who are making the grueling migration from reading my journal entries at my message board to reading them here. . . HI! Deal with it! The main message board is going to remain active, but the journal topics are going to be locked. That means no more replies! That means you have to post in one of the other forums. Deal with it!

I hope that once I learn to use these weird templates that are on this site I can make my journal better looking, but for right now I am frightened and confused.

So welcome, new and old readers. It only gets worse from here on out.

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