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May 31 2002

Memorial Day

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Well, for Memorial Day weekend me and The Man headed up north to carouse and do up north things, like sit around a bonfire and drink, and ride on the trails. We were guesting with some friends at their cabin, so it’s not like we had to sit in a tent in the rain or anything, for which I am eternally grateful. We took off Sunday afternoon to beat the traffic and missed what looked to be the best or worst event of the weekend, depending on how you look at it. Well, I guess you should be the judge: here’s the page that The Man’s buddy put up to commemorate.

I left the cats in Vicki’s care and since they aren’t dead I will assume that she performed her task. She did leave me a disturbing note indicating that my cats threw a kegger while we were away, but fortunately they cleaned up the house before we got home.

Since the return to work on Tuesday I’ve been just doing normal work things — training and writing modules.

This weekend will be quiet, I hope. Need to do laundry and pick up the house, but other than that I have no major plans. Thankfully the weather seems to have stabalized and we are now getting our normal late spring/early summer warmth. I guess it’s time to go back to Lowe’s and replace the flowers that I killed by planting too early.

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May 21 2002

Back to work

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The weekend was mostly uneventful over here. Went to see Star Wars Episode 2 yesterday with the Man — it was better than Episode 1 by far, but damn that Anakin Skywalker is an asshole. The best part was seeing Yoda drop his staff and fight with no physical problems whatsoever, and then pick his staff back up and hobble around like a cripple again. . . what’s up with that?

Talked to my dad — surgery on Wednesday for the shoulder, but the doctor is not sure if he is going to be able to fix his shoulder or if he is going to have to put in an artificial socket. Dad says he is in a lot of pain (understandable) but the medication is helping.

We have a mouse in the house who eats my birdseed. So, we bought some mousetraps which the Man set up under the sink but didn’t bait. . . so I have to find them all and put peanut butter on them. . . and then set them again without getting my fingers snapped since I am not the most agile person in the world.

Week two of the Slim Fast diet begins and to tell the truth I have yet to see any results here! Not expecting to drop 10 pounds already or anything but honestly. . . you cut your calorie consumption by a CONSIDERABLE margin and something should happen, right?

Well, what’s on everyone’s agenda for the Memorial Day weekend? We’re headed up north to a friend’s cabin to do up north things like drink and go off roading. Should be fun, but probably cold since the weather still hasn’t started acting like spring. Boo hiss.

Uh, by the way I am still checking the message board. . . even though no one is posting there! Come on, you can still comment on my journal entries, even if you do have to click an extra link.

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May 18 2002


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Well, I’m getting over a minor cold, which kept me down in the dumps for the past week while I was doped up on Vicks 44 M. But, now I am left only with the extremely annoying hacking cough, which comes and goes.

My cousin called last night to let me know that my father, who lives in Florida, fell off of his ladder while trimming a tree. I called dad in the hospital and he told me that he was still waiting for the doctor, but that he broke his shoulder and had to get his arm stapled to close up a rather nasty gash that he assumed happened when he caught his arm on the chainsaw — YIKES. I have to call him today and find out what happened with all of that.

So, what’s been doing in my life? Not too too much. Went to Greenville on the 5th to attend a surprise birthday party for my mother. Her birthday is the same day as mine but my slyboots stepdad rightly assumed that if he scheduled the party for after the Big Day then mom would be less likely to suspect any Mischief. So, mom was surprised and me and the Man got to attend a party and see family members that we don’t get to see too often.

Work life: busy week for us. Two new products launching on Monday and it was a race to get the documentation created in time. One of them is still. . . incomplete. It will be a scary Friday, since I’m training a class at one, have to get books printed for another class on Monday, and have to check up on a couple of other smallish things. So I guess I better get to it, huh?

‘Til the next time it occurs to me that I haven’t posted a journal entry in awhile. . .

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