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Jul 31 2002

Midsummer update

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Recommendation of the day: Drink Vanilla Coke. It’s yummy.

What I’m listening to: Well, at the moment, nothing. But I am really digging Eminem’s new CD and also that Five for Fighting song “Superman” or whatever.

What I’m thinking: Well. Here it is July 30 and I don’t think I’ve written a journal entry since the weather got nice. So I finally feel pity for anyone who’s checking this journal periodically looking for updates on my life. Here is your midsummer update from me.

So far, I have been enjoying the warm weather by doing a whole lotta nothing. I love doing nothing. It’s the best part of my day. I’ve been playing some PlayStation recently. Also, we painted the kitchen on the fourth of July weekend, so it is not dark and dismal anymore. It’s actually quite pleasant in the kitchen now. In August, The Man and I are going to Drummond Island for a whole week with my family (Mom and Stepdad family, not Dad family), which will be fun. Get to get away to a remote place and lay around. I want to go to the park side of the island and look for bears. Probably we’ll do a lot of fishing and I’ll lay about on the beach quite a bit. Hope to come home tan and relaxed.

Went to a birthday party the other day for The Man’s nephew — he’s two. There were a lot of small children there, since three of his siblings have a two year old and another child under 6 months old. That’s six kids. I held on to one of them for about an hour. He was the happiest, most content little kid I’ve ever seen. He was a-OK with sitting on my lap chewing his feet. Most little kids don’t like me very much; I think they can sense that I’m not too comfortable around them.

It’s been raining pretty heavily off and on for the past few days, and as a result our lawn is getting awfully long. I also haven’t weeded my flower bed in a long time so it’s looking a tad wild. Maybe tonight will be a lawn care night. Or at least I will do lawn care. The Man will probably be working on his Neverwinter Nights module.

Um. I’m out of stuff to say. Talk to you again when I can pull myself away from doing nothing.

Quote of the Day: Try Jesus. If you don’t like him, the devil will always take you back — taken off of a business card for a local church. I found it most amusing.

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