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Sep 26 2002

Back from beyond

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Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written. Been kind of busy with both work and personal life, so the journal had to kind of fall to the side. Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been doing:

1) Dad came home for 3 weeks — Dad came up from his home in sunny Florida to visit for three weeks. I did not get to see him as much as I wanted to, but the last time he came home I was on my sabbatical from work so I could see him pretty much everyday. This time I was not only working, but in the middle of a couple of rather large projects (more on that later) so my time with him was limited. He brought some pictures (some — ha! It was more like a suitcase full) that I need to go through with my sister and decide which she is going to get and which I am going to get. That will take years.

2) Cousin got married — That only took a day. But still went to the wedding and the reception where I got to see my dad’s side of the family, most of whom I don’t see at all.

3) Built a new deck — OK, so I didn’t do any of the work. But I was forced to climb in and out of my house instead of walking down the stairs. The deck went up in one weekend and it is purty.

4) Work — Between launching a new phone system and bringing a new product into our call center, the trainers have been some busy bees. Everything seems to be going well and we are meeting deadlines, but it’s been kind of tense around here for a couple of weeks.

5) Ren Fest — This bums me out. Because of all the other stuff going on, I only got to the Ren Fest once this year. Very not cool. But I did buy two incense burners, which I needed.

6) Sick — The first week Dad was home (week of Sept. 4) I was sick and stayed home from work for two days. I hate head colds. And at that point it was still really warm outside so I was not only sick, I was hot and sick.

So. . . all things considered it will be nice to go home tonight and just crash on the couch and watch some TV. I haven’t touched the Silmarillion in about two weeks so I need to get back to Feanor and his crew and see what happens next. That book is just so hard for me to read. I can comprehend it, but I have to keep flipping back to the appendix to find out who they are talking about — there are so many intertwining stories that it’s hard to keep straight who’s an elf and who’s a Valnor and who’s married to who and who wants to kill who.

Today I went to lunch with one of my team members and bought a Sailor Pluto doll for $5.00 on clearance! What a deal! I guess it’s because Sailor Moon has not really been popular in the US for a couple of years, so none of the kiddies want the stuff anymore. I might go back to the toy store because they had the plush dolls 3/$10.00 — but they only had Jupiter, Venus, and Tuxedo Mask (or as Vicki calls him, Tuxedo Man). Am I a big freak for being so into Sailor Moon? The funny thing is that I really do not like the anime because it seems to be geared to 8 – 10 year old. The manga is more for young adults/adults and that is what really hooked me in. Maybe it’s just the American version of the anime that sucks, but I cannot watch a cartoon where the main character routinely says things like “Wicked cool!”. If someone has seen the Japanese version, can you please clue me in? Is the dialogue better? If I get subbed/dubbed versions will the better dialogue carry over or is DIC the best I can hope for?

OK so that’s my big Sailor Moon paragraph. Now I will talk about my plants. I have two plant success stories. The first one is my African Violets. These were some sad looking plants. My cats had chewed all the flowers off and so I kept them in my bedroom where they did not get the right amount of light and I kept forgetting to water them. So, I took a chance and moved them to the kitchen windowsill (the one over the sink). I started mixing plant food with their weekly water and now both of them are BLOOMING with a vengence. They are so damn pretty! The other story is my Peace Lily which lives at work. Something very bad happened to this plant. I watered it last Friday before the weekend like always, but when I came in on Monday the thing was in total collapse. It looked like the saddest plant I have ever seen. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it so I just decided to “flush” the soil and see if that helped anything. So all day, I poured water into this sad looking plant. Sure enough, the next day it was better than ever! It looks amazing now and I’m not sure what the hell happened. Maybe it just wanted some attention or something.

Well, this was a damn long entry. I hope you’re all happy.

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Sep 06 2002

Dad’s home

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Last night my father flew into Michigan from his home in sunny Florida. His plane was delayed for about an hour while they changed the tire on the plane or something. . . apparently the front wheel was broken. I just picture two guys standing on the runway trying to find the lugnuts that they dropped on the ground and swearing after the cheap tire iron they were trying to use snapped in half. So anyways, as I was saying, my dad is here for three weeks. He’ll be shuttling around between friends’ and relatives’ while he tries to visit everyone he wants to visit.

I am tired. Tired tired tired. I have not been sleeping well or enough lately. The problem is that I get worn out about 8 PM, but by the time 11 PM comes around I am awake again (and Star Trek TNG is on. . . ) and not quite in the sleep mode. But then in the morning I am worn out and not quite in the work mode. Viscious circle. Bad.

This weekend I really really want to head down to the Renaissance Festival. Keep meaning to go, but life interferes. I hope it’s nicer than last year — We got soaked in the rain! But it was kind of fun nonetheless.

Hmmm. . . I’m out of things to say.

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