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Oct 30 2002

Disappointment in extremis

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ARGH! Well, no supervisor position for me, because I’m not even eligible. We have a rule in this company that you have to be in your current position for a year before you are eligible for any promotions. And I’ve only been in this position for eleven months. I can’t be mad at the policy, but I can be mad at myself for forgetting about it and getting all hyped up and excited. There is a small part of me going “It’s only a month. 27 days, really. WHY CAN’T THEY MAKE AN EXCEPTION??”, but I know the answer to that. Because one exception leads to a lot of exceptions. So, I can’t apply for anything for another month. Which just makes me angry. We’re coming off of a hiring freeze, and these are the first positions to be backfilled in a long, long time. It just makes me grit my teeth that I can’t even apply for them.

This weekend I did not get a lot of my To-Do list done, but we did get a lot accomplished. Let’s see, we:
1) Cleaned the house. Most of it.
2) Rearranged the bedroom and killed all the dust bunnies that had been hiding under the bed.
3) Got the storm windows in
4) Got a medicine chest for the bathroom so we don’t have crap all over the counter.
5) The Man fixed my muffler bracket so my muffler doesn’t fall off.
6) He also put up some more handles on the cabinets in the kitchen.
7) Did a LOT of laundry.

Which is quite a bit of work for a weekend. Or anytime at all, for that matter.

Started the cats on Eukanuba dry cat food, and the reception has been lukewarm. So, I backtracked and started mixing it with their old food. Going to see how well that went today. They emphatically DESPISE the Nutro Max Gourmet canned food I tried to feed them. I think it’s because it’s the kind with chunks and gravy, and they really only eat the standard “mush” kind. My bad. I didn’t know it was chunky when I bought it.

The temperature is dropping. It’s supposed to snow this weekend. I am just shivering already. Going to go home tonight and start a fire in the ol’ fireplace.

It’s “Goth Day” here at work. Don’t ask me why we have this “Spirit Week” stuff at work — I got enough of that in high school. But, if it’s easy to go along with the theme of the day I’ll do it just so I don’t have to dress up. So, today I dug out some black clothes and some silver ankh jewelry. I know that doesn’t make me a Goth, but oh well. No one in our little town knows the difference anyways. I used to dress like this all the time. Dunno what happened to me, maybe I got more chipper or something.

Started looking for a photographer today. Decided that me and the Man should probably have some engagement pictures taken so we can distribute them to our families and random other friendly folks. It’s going to be expensive, mainly because we need SO MANY large pictures. We need 6 8x10s (one for us, one for each parent/parental group) and 13 5x7s (for siblings, grandparents, and godparents). That’s a lot. There is one studio that I REALLY want to go through, but I know that they are a tad on the pricey side. We might just end up going the department store route for our engagement snaps and saving the nice studio for the wedding.

Vicki is not returning my calls again. She does this from time to time. I think she might be dead. Are you dead, Vic? Let me know.

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Oct 26 2002

Cell phone works, and a new job?

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Got the cell phone to work this morning. Called Sprint back and discovered that the phone was not properly programmed yesterday, so went through that with the nice lady on the phone and 10 minutes later I have a working cell phone again. YAY!

Today I submitted my resume and job interest form for a supervisor position here at my company. Currently, I am on a “special project” working with the training department, but technically I am still a phone rep. Which means at any time I could be sent back to take phone calls, something I am not looking forward to at all. When I got to work today and saw the posting for a supervisor position I jumped on it. Hoo-rah! I like training and everything, but A) This position is in no way, shape, or form permanent and B) I think I’m ready for something new. I’ve been doing training off and on for two years. I like creating documentation and working with the online tools, but I am getting tired of being in the classroom. I enjoy it and all, but it gets tedious. Would I take a permanent training position if it was offered? YES. . . there is still more good than bad about the job. Would I turn up my nose at the chance to be a supervisor? NO. . . since I started at this company I thought that it would be kind of fun to be a supervisor, I hope I get the chance to see if I was right or not.

Was out sick yesterday with a sore throat. . . I am really tired of sore throats. But no doctor will take my tonsils out, regardless of the fact that they have been inflammed for 12 years straight. I am not exaggerating. There has not been a day for the past 12 years that I have been able to look at my tonsils and see anything resembling normal. When I go to the doctor’s (which I do very rarely) they just say “Well, if we take out the tonsils, something else will get infected” GREAT LOGIC. I’m glad that’s not the standard line for everything. . . “Well, if fill this cavity, you’ll just get another one.” Eek!

I really don’t like doctors anyway. That’s a combination of my grandmother’s influence (she’s Christian Scientist), and the fact that the doctor I had when I was a child was a quack. Seriously quacked. I don’t go to doctors if I can self-medicate. But for some things (like surgery and prescription drugs) they are necessary.

I am so ready for the weekend. I have a list of stuff that I want to do, but I bet that none, or very little of it, will get done. I am prone to being a lazy ass on the weekends.

I think I am going to switch the cats over to a new food. I have been reading some disturbing things about IAMS lately, possibly causing urinary blockage. My cats are not prone to UTI’s, but I don’t mind being on the safe side. Plus, I don’t exactly love the ingredient list in IAMS cat food. Gotta dig up the name of that one food that I want to get them on. . . think it’s Nature’s Recipie.

That’s all for now.

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Oct 24 2002

Cell phone woe

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So, yesterday I decide that I want to get a cell phone again before winter hits us hard. Just in case I am stuck in a snowbank or get into an accident or something, you know? So, I go to Best Buy (devil store! devil store!) and pick up a very nifty Sprint phone. Actually, the salesperson was quite insistant in telling me that it is currently the most popular model, whoopee. Have to charge the battery fully before I can activate it. Let it charge all last night and went to do the online activation thing this morning. Got all the way through the online activation form, hit the final “Submit” button, and voila! an error message stating “Online activation is currently down. Try again later.” So, I try to activate my phone in the other two ways, except that since I apparently got so far in the online activation, they show me as already having an account. GRRR. Call customer service and David Doorknob who answered the phone says the number I received from online activation is registered to someone else. . . he finally found my “account” with my Social Security Number. He tells me that I have to wait 12 hours for the information to cycle through the system so that they can tell how far the setup actually got, or else I might end up with a lot of extra crap on my phone that I don’t want. So, I still do not have a working cell phone, which bothers me, because when I buy a new toy I want to use it NOW.

Got a funny e-mail from my dad today. It was just full of Stevie Nicks lyrics (Dad and I both love us some Stevie) — at the bottom of the e-mail he said he had been painting woodwork all night and listening to Ms. Nicks.

I am tired, tired, tired today. I foolishly started doing laundry last night at 9:30 PM so I couldn’t go to sleep until the dryer quit (I live in fear of dryer fire). Gotta finish the laundry tonight and get the Man to wash the dishes. We have got some interesting specimens growing in the kitchen. Gotta pick up some paper towels so I can clean the mirrors and dust. Or, I should just pick up some cloth cleaning rags. Much better and I won’t run out of them. Look at the big brain on me!

Last night the Man and I watched a movie after work, some little piece of fluff called “Someone Like You” with Ashley Judd, Hugh Jackman, and Greg Kinnear. Cute movie. Right after that, at like 8:30 PM the Man went to bed and slept until 7:30 AM. . . he’s kind of sick and has a sore throat. I’ll be getting that as soon as he gets over it, but I will actually call into work and use some sick days :-) I have no problem calling in sick when I am sick. I have like 70 hours of sick time saved up or something goofy like that.

We need to start winterizing the house. Here is my list of things for us to do:

1) Get the storm windows in. Ideally, get new windows (yeah right)
2) Fix the trap under the sink so it stops leaking.
3) Figure out what we are going to do so the pipes won’t freeze. Stepdad wants to build an enclosure or something, I’ll let the men fight that one out. (Note to self: Call stepdad and remind him that it’s almost November and we need to get cracking)
4) Organize under the kitchen sink.
5) Set mouse traps. We have a mouse under the kitchen sink and the cats can’t get to it.
6) Get curtains in the bedroom instead of venetian blinds
7) Organize the shed. My hose needs to go indoors for the winter.
8) Clean out the bird feeders and refill
9) Pull up the garden
10) Set up the trellis for the trumpet vine.
11) Mulch around the french lilac and trumpet vine
12) Get some storage bins to pack away my summer clothes.

Which makes it look like a bothering kind of day, to quote Winnie-the-Pooh.

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Oct 16 2002

I need to go back to school

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That is basically the main thought running through my mind. I need to go back to school and get my degree in small business administration so that I can, ya know. . . start a business! I know what I want to do, and I know it will take a lot of work, but I also know that without some education in how to manage and do accounting and some basic marketing stuff I will FAIL FAIL FAIL. And that would be too bad. So. I am hoping beyond hope that we can do Christmas, get married, get some bills paid off, and I can go back to school. I need to look into grants and stuff like that, although I shy away from student loans because of the horror stories I have heard.

The more I think about what I really want to do with my life the less I want to be doing the job that I am doing. I don’t feel like I’m really making much of a difference here, in any sense. But to do my “dream job” I will need lots of money, some land, help, and luck. But most of all, I will need my education.

I could just kick myself in the shins (that would be a feat) for not just going to school over the past few years — even just taking one class a semester! Think how much closer I would be to my goal! And I screwed it up! God, sometimes I am a freakin’ moron, you know?

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Oct 15 2002


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Well. For not having much energy this is the second entry of the day. I must be on some kind of roll. I was just purusing the archives of The Finn, someone I don’t know at all but whose journal I read, because I’m like that. He was talking about friendship and now I shall do the same. I am nothing if not original.

Vicki (my best friend, for those of you Not Keeping Up) has a new Man In Her Life. I am very, very glad for her, because she needed a new man. And this one, from all appearances, seems to be a real man. Not a control-freak, whiny, no responsibility boy, but someone who has got his head screwed on straight (other than the NC-17 rated puns and random comments). The problem is that he lives nine hours away. This is hard on both of them, so they are talking about living arrangements and who will move where and so on. Both of them are concerned about the other one — she’s afraid he won’t be happy down here, and he’s afraid she won’t be happy where he lives (which is BFE in case you care to know).

In the middle of all this negotiation is me. Like I already said, Vicki is my best friend. But, she is also the only friend I have in the area where I live. Ms. Mac lives 2 hours away. Lotsa folks have fled to Colorado (coincidentally, the land of The Finn and his wife). Two are gone to Arizona. I haven’t really kept up with people from high school, because let’s face it, I didn’t really like a lot of people in high school. I am not grudging dear Vic her happiness. If she decides to move, I will not whine and cry and gnash my teeth. I will send her on her way smiling, and resign myself to seeing her once every three or four or six or twelve months. But that will leave me with no social life. I will absolutely be without a social life outside of my fiance. That is hard to take. I don’t make friends easily, and at this point I have pretty much forgotten how to make a new friend. All of my friendships came through necessity — transfers to new schools, geographical moves, work. Well, I’m not in school, I’m not moving, and I already know everyone at work, I see them 8 hours a day and I don’t want to see them any more than that!

Um. . . whoops I just posted this and it’s not done. Continuing. . .

So. I am trying to steel myself for the Worst Case Scenario — Vicki moves way up north and I stay where I am. This will be hard for me. Vic has been a constant in my life from the time I was about 12 (certain months-long fights to the side). That is a helluva long time. And if she goes, I’ll miss her, probably more than she realizes.

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