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Feb 26 2003

Late to bed, early to rise

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I don’t know why I am such a doorknob sometimes. I knew I had to get up early today to take The Man to the airport, but I was too busy watching the Discovery Civilization channel and having a cat on my lap to go to bed earlier than normal. So, I fell asleep probably about 11:30 PM and got up at 4:45 AM to head to the airport. I meant to wait with The Man until his plane took off, but I think he knew I was about to fall asleep so he sent me home. The drive lasted forever. Listening to NPR and smoking cigarettes to keep myself awake. Gak. Finally got back to sleep around 7 AM and slept until noon, when The Man called to tell me he made it to St. Louis with no problem. He’ll be home Friday. Til then I am on my own.

So. . . now I’m sitting home alone, showered, made up, and hairstyled, trying to force myself to go out and get a coffee or go to the mall or do something other than sit around and watch TV. I’d like to take Vic out somewhere but she e-mailed yesterday to tell me she was feeling a bit under the weather, so she probably won’t be up for it.

I know what I want to do. I want to get a Web Cam so I can take grainy pictures of myself in front of my computer! Because who *wouldn’t* want to see that?

I’ve noticed that when left to my own devices I will not talk at all. I will sing, but not talk. I have gone whole days before without uttering one word, only to scare myself with the sound of my own voice when someone on TV or one of the cats does something abysmally stupid. I can’t let stupidity pass unremarked. So today, I haven’t spoken since early morning. I have spent time singing along with Guns N’ Roses and The Eagles, but I don’t count that as talking.

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Feb 24 2003

ph34r my mad shopping skillz

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Just a quick brag entry. . .

I stopped into Value City (GAK!) on my lunch hour with Zuchiboy and picked up two sets of very nice stainless steel flatware. They were originally marked at $25.00, marked down to $19.95, but with the 75% blue ticket discount (big sale) I paid *drum roll* $5.00 a set!

Damn, I love sales.

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Feb 24 2003

Vicki’s Man, Zuchiboy’s Man, my Man

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On Thursday night me and The Man went to the bar to meet up with Vicki and her Man. I had a really good time, although I got drunker than I wanted to be. I blame our waitress. She started mixing the drinks stronger and also brought me and Vic talls instead of shorts a couple of times, so I at least ended up getting fairly lit up. Vicki was feeling pretty good as well, but both of the men were sober — The Man only had a couple of beers because he was driving and Vicki’s Man just drank Coke, because. . . I don’t know why. He just did. Anyways. . . it was fun. He was nice. And funny. Just like I thought he would be. We spent a lot of time trading tasteless jokes with the waitress. Poor girl.

V’s.M. asked me about my journal and why I even bothered with it, since it’s not the whole truth. He said that people from around the world are reading this and not getting the whole story. In a way, I see his point, but then again not really. Everything I write in here is what I’d write in a normal paper journal. If I don’t want people to read, I lock entries. No biggie. But he was really going on about the fact that I’m not completely honest. . . I didn’t really understand what he meant (maybe because I was drunk). . . I don’t think it is possible to have a journal tell the WHOLE story. I’d spend my whole life writing down every thought that came into my head if my goal was to tell the WHOLE story. *shrug*

The other thing that I really remember was that they told us that they were thinking of looking for a place more local. That made me really, really happy. It’s not for sure or anything, but even the possibility that they will live less than an hour away instead of 3 hours is enough cause for celebration. I would really miss Vic if she was gone.

I like V’s.M. (he needs a different nickname). He reminds me of my dad, in a weird way. He’s interesting and intelligent, but still more than capable of sinking right down to the lowest depths of humor to get a laugh.

On Friday I was back at work with a mild hangover. I don’t really get hangovers bad unless I drink myself into oblivion. I just felt a little off. Nevertheless, I went out to lunch with Zuchiboy and his Man, who I’d only been introduced to. I had a very good time. They are both intelligent, funny people and they get my humor, which is a bonus. So, we ate Chinese and bullshitted for awhile, and I met a new person without being drunk and/or making an ass of myself, which is just so rare as to be special. So that was good too.

I’ve been meeting a lot of significant others lately.

Speaking of MY significant other, we spent the weekend cloistered away from the world, playing computer games. Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am to be with someone whose personality and habit jibe so closely with my own? No, I haven’t? Well, I am DAMN LUCKY. Sometimes I just go along with life and take things for granted, but all of a sudden it strikes me how lucky I am to be with him. Because he understands me, accepts me, and loves me. And that is pretty damn rare. Until now, I thought every relationship was nothing but fights and problems, and pretending to be someone you’re not. Granted, there were fights and problems early on (lots of them) but now we have really found a groove and are okay with each other. I love him so much.

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Feb 20 2003

Kitty alarms

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I never really have to worry about oversleeping. My alarm clock has two different alarms on it, and if by some freak chance of nature they both fail, I can rely on the faithful Kitty Alarm.

This role is pretty much handled by Destiny. She used to be such a quiet cat. She rarely meowed, unless she was trod upon. But over the past few months, she has really found her voice. She shrieks now. I can’t say that I’m all in favor of the change, especially since she mostly shrieks in the morning, to tell us that her food bowl is empty. She’s not necessarily hungry, it’s just that her bowl is empty. She also is not content to stand on the floor and howl. She likes to get on the bed, right next to our heads, and then commence with her alarm clock duties. It’s kind of painful, but not only for us. Destiny has been swept off the bed before by a semi-concious human who is only trying to sleep until the next snooze alarm. It’s not like we’re trying to knock her down, we are just subconciously flailing about to locate the source of the loud, piercing sound. . . and she doesn’t move out of range fast enough.

Tonight we are going to the bar to have drinks and dinner with Vicki and Her Man. Should be fun, should be interesting. If I drink just enough, I can eliminate the feeling I always have when meeting new people — that I’m auditioning for a role that I’m not quite right for. It’s an uncomfortable sensation. But I’m really looking forward to meeting Vicki’s Man. I’ve heard a lot about him and talked to him on the phone a few times, so I know he’s a nice guy.

I got my hair cut last night — finally. Ended up getting about two inches removed because the split ends were so bad. It’s shorter than I wanted, but not so short that I felt the need to cry afterwards. It still falls below my shoulders, so that’s okay with me.

Does anyone want to buy me and The Man a digital camera? This is a toy that I really want, especially while I’m planning the wedding. But they are pricey, and I can’t justify spending that much right now. We promise to use it only for good, never for evil. We’ll give it a good home. We won’t knock it off the bed in the morning.

Speaking of knocking pricey electronic things down, one of the Demons (I suspect Fate) jumped on top of the office set up this morning and sent the DVD player a-tumbling to the floor. Made a rather nice crashing sound. I was kind of scared to look back there, lest I find a dead cat laying among a cracked DVD case and loose circuit boards. But everything looks okay — both cats are alive and don’t seem to be damaged. I haven’t yet tested the DVD player to see if the same can be said of it.

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Feb 19 2003

Time has no meaning

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I am trapped in some kind of temporal vortex. I came to work, went to a meeting, and when I came out, time didn’t move anymore. I worked, worked, worked all day. All day I tell you! And when I looked up, it was 2 PM. GAH!

So now I am shuffling about aimlessly, trying to find something to do. I have a task list, but I don’t remember what my notes are supposed to mean. “Guidelines for refresher classes” is a good example. What kind of guidelines? What refresher classes? I have no idea what I was talking about.

Tried to call Vicki today to see if I am actually going to get to meet Her Man, but they were out. Then I cried. Not really, but doesn’t that sound much better than “Then I shuffled about aimlessly some more”?

I need a haircut. My hair is full of split ends. It’s kind of nasty looking. But I am far too lazy to go to the salon. Plus, I’m not really in the mood to deal with a wacky hairstylist. Every stylist I get is kind of strange in some way. They are too excited about my hair. And they want to do strange things to it. I just want a trim, not a new-wave Impressionist art statement. Just a trim. My hair is straight; it’s all one length. I like that. Just a trim. Maybe I need to carry a sign to the stylist’s with me, and when they keep asking if I’m sure I don’t want a new style I can flash my sign that says “Just a trim”. It could work.

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