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Dec 28 2006

Yes, we’ll watch out for deer.

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We’re up at Dr. Mom’s for a week or so. Back next Saturday. Try to live without me.

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Dec 23 2006

Like, omigod.

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We’re going to Detroit tomorrow to see “White Christmas” with The Man’s family. Sadly, that will probably be the only white Christmas we have, since today it was 50 degrees and raining. In Michigan. The day after the goddamn winter solstice. There is no justice.

Anyway, here’s some crap from Friday5 for you to digest. Mmmm. . . crap. The voice in my head automatically read these questions in a Valley Girl accent, that is how vapid and mindless they are. Like, gag me with a spoon.

Which of your friends has the nicest hair?
I’ve always liked Vicki’s hair, since it’s curly and thick. It must be kind of a pain to keep under control, but it sure is nice to look at.

Which of your friends has the nicest smile?
I’d have to say The Prodigal. She’s one of those people who smiles with her whole face. She illustrates the phrase “her face lit up”. It’s awesome.

Which of your friends is the best gift-giver?
They all rock. I don’t think any of my friends has ever given me anything I was unhappy with. I hope they can say the same for me.

Which of your friends is the most different from you?
Probably The Prodigal again, but there is more the same about us than there is different.

Which of your friends is the oddest?
Hands down, Vicki. No question.

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Dec 17 2006

Where is YOUR hammer?

This is going to sound kind of stupid, but my cats are simultaneously driving me nuts and depressing the hell out of me. They’ve been at each others throats for at least a solid month. Meaning – Fate will kick the shit out of Destiny for no reason at all. And therefore, it’s gotten to the point that when Destiny even SEES Fate anywhere near her, she automatically goes into defensive crouch and starts growling. No shit – not hissing, straight up growling. This is the cat who has been docile her entire life.

It’s depressing, because I miss the days where they would curl up together on the bed and take a nap. Or, I could sit on the couch with a cat on my lap and another one on the armrest behind me. And it depresses me because I know that neither of them are happy right now. Destiny spends most of her day under our bed, and Fate is just being a terrible bitch. I’m tired of breaking up cat fights (I’ve tried letting them fight it out, ha ha that doesn’t work). I’m tired of trying to fit in time with each cat without the other one being in the room. It totally sucks.

OK, in other news, we had Christmas at Mom and Stepdad’s today, and it was awesome. I got lots of loot that I really wanted (including a tripod for my camera AND the Pride and Prejudice miniseries on DVD), and I got to see the stepsisters, stepbrothers, and their kids. One of my stepsisters has a new baby, who has the same first name as The Man. I’d call him Miniman, but that makes it sound like my husband and stepsister had carnal relations, and that’s just not so. Anyway, he’s cute, in the way that new babies are. His older cousin, my stepbrother’s girl, just flat-out does not like the new baby at all. Most of what she said today was “No baby!” We all tried our best to convince her that the baby was here to stay, but she just was not having it.

On the way home, we saw two groups of deer. So, yes Mother of Mine, we did “watch out for deer”.

Last thing for tonight, a late Friday Five.

Where is your hammer, and what did you last use it for?
We don’t have A hammer, we have many hammers. The only hammer I use regularly is a small framing hammer, and I last used it to hang pictures in the house.

What is your everyday cutlery like?
Like, silverware? It’s pretty cool – the forks only have three tines, whether they’re salad or dinner forks. The only thing that bothers me is that the butter knives don’t have serration on them. Anyway, they’re kind of heavy, and on the end of the handle, the metal makes a loop and then twists around the handle.

What are you using for a toothbrush?
Right now, I’m using a standard soft-bristle Oral-B I got from my dentist. Usually I use a Crest Spinbrush Pro Whitening, but the batteries are dead.

How particular are you when it comes to writing implements?
The only real writing I do anymore is on my computer, and I’m pretty particular about the kind of computer I have. I mostly use regular pens only for making lists or small notes, so it doesn’t bother me if they kind of suck. But if I’m doing any real longhand, like writing out cards or letters, I need to have a pen (preferably ballpoint) with a medium to heavy tip, that dispenses a good amount of ink. I cannot take scratchy pens.

What is the most use-specific tool you own?
I own a sweater shaver, for fixing sweaters with pilling, but that’s not really a tool. We have a little doohickey that you put near wires to see if they’re live or not. That is not really a multi-use thing.

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Dec 11 2006

I felt like a freaking genius.

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Today I got in my new car and drove to the grocery store at 2:30 PM. This might not sound like much to you, but for the past couple of years, The Man has been doing all our grocery shopping after he gets out of work, because I cannot deal with grocery stores after 5:00 PM, when all the workforce is out, trying to get their shopping done. They’re all riled up. I need to shop in relative quiet, because otherwise it ain’t happening.

So. I got to the store, with my list, and got everything we needed (and I few things we didn’t). Feelin’ good – going to be out of here by 3:30. Got to the checkout, loaded up the belt with my stuff, and transferred bags to my cart. Still doing okay, things are going well.

Time to pay. Time to get out my. . . um. . . where’s my wallet? Hmm, my purse isn’t that big. Where’s my. . . oh shit. My wallet is on my desk, where I left it last night after doing some online Christmas shopping. I have no way to pay for all of this stuff.

Luckily, The Man only works ten minutes away, so he could come save the day, but still. How totally sucktastic. I hate grocery shopping.

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Dec 09 2006

Sixth grade Friday Five.

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Hey, everyone! It’s time for our weekly sucktastic Friday Five!
I see what they’re trying to do below, with these questions, but these are like journal prompts I would’ve gotten in the sixth grade. Sixth grade was all about the introspective journal prompts. Anyway, I resent the fact that my Friday Five questions are attempting to manipulate me into admitting that the world is a nice place and I have a good life. Those things may be true, but I don’t need manipulation from some half-assed themed questions in order to admit it. GRRRR!

In what way is today better than yesterday?
Well, let’s see. Yesterday I got drunk and played five-handed euchre. Today I went shopping, and then watched a program that claimed the Earth’s core might freeze solid within as little as 100 years. This would turn off our magnetic field and expose us to deadly solar radiation. Guess we’d better step up that space program, eh? I guess they’re pretty much a draw, as far as how much I’m enjoying myself goes. But, it is nice that today’s Friday, and that means my husband will be around for two days. We get to hang out!

In what way is this year better than last year?
Let’s see. . . this year is better than last year because I have a car. And we are further along in the house remodel. I’ve spent more time with Mackers, so that’s a bonus. But I’ve spent less time with Vicki, so that balances it back out to neutral. Honestly, I think the two years are pretty much even. Then again, I don’t have last year’s journal entries to look back at to make sure. They’re still moldering on my computer, waiting to go into archive.

In what way are you better than you were six months ago?
I haven’t done a lot of personal growth lately. Maybe someone can chime in and tell me that I’m less annoying, or I exhibit fewer symptoms of paranoia, but if I’m actually WORSE now than I was six months ago. . . just keep that to yourself.

Besides technology (because that’s so easy), what’s better about the world today than the world you grew up in?
Oh, technology is SO EASY, huh? Well, I look around and don’t see any flying cars, which is what we were promised. It is past the year 2000, and I don’t see any moving sidewalks, food in pill form, or jet packs. If it’s so easy, give it up. Bring on the teleportation!
What about the world now is better than it was in the 80′s? Let’s see – reunified Germany. McDonalds no longer serves the McLean, so that’s good. Television programs are better, although I don’t think the music is (kids these days with all their noise and that damn hop-hippity-skippy or whatever they listen to *grumble* [just kidding, I like most current music, I just like 80's music better]). I like the Human Genome Project. Or does that count as technology? It would be nice to say that we live in a safer, more accepting world, but I think we can all agree that’s a bunch of bullshit.

In what way will you make (or have you made) someone else’s day better, today?
I contributed to my local economy by buying things. I talked to Mackers on the phone and alleviated her crushing boredom for an hour. I kissed my husband. I gave you something to read, even if you think my writing is terrible, so there’s that. I can’t claim to have done enough to turn my Brownie pin right-side-up*, but I’m just living my life. To quote Trent from Reality Bites, “I am under no obligation to make the world a better place.”

*Was this something peculiar to my Brownie troop? On Scouting days, when we wore our uniforms to school, we were supposed to turn our Brownie insignia upside down until we’d done a good deed. Then, we could turn it right-side-up again. I’ve looked online and it seems like this is usually only done during investiture ceremonies, so doing it all the time might have been a Mitten Bay thing, or even a Troop 744 thing.

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