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Mar 29 2006

Box stitched, my ass.

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I ordered a new bedding set yesterday. For the last few years, we’ve had a down comforter on our bed, and I really liked it. It’s warm, it’s lightweight, and you don’t need another blanket. But, The Man doesn’t really like covers unless it’s really cold. So, he always pushes most of the blanket to my side of the bed, where it goes over me and hangs onto the floor. Over the course of time, this has caused major shifting of the feathers in the comforter. I’ve tried turning it around, but that means that I have to sleep cold for three or four nights until the down works its way across again. I’ve tried shaking it, but that does absolutely nothing. Bah. So, it’s back to regular old comforter for us. Poly-fill, the whole nine yards. Lucky for me I got the whole set (comfortor, bed skirt, shams) for $50 and a set of 400-thread count sheets for another $50. I loooove major sales. Love them.

I’ma go trim up the apple tree a little bit now. It’s actually quite nice outside today.

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Mar 29 2006

[insert pedophilia joke] EW!

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I signed up a MySpace account, because I wanted to be able to read The Prodigal’s and the B’s journals. I happened to mention this to my mother this weekend, and she said “Isn’t that the site where all the pedophiles are preying on the 13 year olds?” So now my mom thinks I’m a child pornographer. I don’t think it eased her mind when I told her that my stepbrother (the father of her only current grandchild) also had an account.

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Mar 29 2006

It’s like archaeology for lame people.

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The Man is on vacation this week, and today we chose to celebrate that fact by chainsawing stuff and hauling other things out of the ravine behind our house. I call it a ravine, but you know, it’s not. You know what it is. It’s a big drop down to a creek in our backyard.

Anyway, I think I’ve mentioned that the people who lived here before us were a little odd. Odd like, maybe they were half-assed Amish or something. Or were convinced that Y2K was going to result in the spontaneous explosion of all things that use power. Most of you know that they used a big, algae-ridden cistern to provide water for washing dishes, clothes, and themselves. Most of you also know that when forced to install something besides a wood-burning stove when putting the house on the market, they chose the oh-so-efficient and inexpensive fuel oil option, because it’s not like oil fluctuates in price or anything. This week we also discovered that these people may have been more retarded than previously thought when The Man found that our bedroom was wired to no less than THREE different fuses – and one of those fuses was operating only one plug in one outlet.

These misunderstood geniuses also apparently loved to hoard brush. Because instead of burning it, or bundling it for the brush people to pick up every month, they just made large piles of wood and threw it down the large hill in the backyard. There were no less than six of these piles when we moved in, and they were all at least six feet across and three feet high. Most of this brush is years old now, and provides adequate low-cost housing to the local rabbit, chipmunk, mouse, and snake population. We are slowly but surely pulling it all back up the hill and burning it. Today I found an ancient artifact – half of a rotten, partially burned stairway. This ingenious contraption was secured with (as I stated) partially burned logs and chicken wire. Underneath the rotten wood was the following treasure cache: a pot, another pot, a flower box, a scrub brush, a long iron thingy, and the remains of a child’s swimming pool. Plus a perfectly good cinder block.

What other exciting finds await me? Only time can tell.

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Mar 27 2006

Steer the drunk

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Get the drunk guy home!
Unfortunately, all the text is in German, so you get to puzzle it out for yourself. Basically, you keep him upright by moving the mouse to compensate for his tippage.

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Mar 27 2006

I miss my comments.

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More archives are up! Lucky you.
As I’m going through these, I’m getting more and more depressed that I lost the comments that went along with the entries. I mean, I still have them in that they’re available to me through my Haloscan account, but they aren’t available for you to read with the appropriate entries. That chaps my ass.

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