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Apr 28 2006

Streaking Game

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I figure a few of you will get a kick out of this:
Very fun.

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Apr 21 2006

It’s my birthday, my buh-buh-buh birthday! Thanks …

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It’s my birthday, my buh-buh-buh birthday!
Thanks for everyone who’s sent me birthday wishes. For the rest of you, what ARE you waiting for? I’m 28 years old today.
It was also Chris’s birthday yesterday. To celebrate, we’re having a ritual sacrificial fire rite tomorrow. Or if it rains, poker. Either way, sure to be a good time.

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Apr 07 2006

She pisses me right off.

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Just a question for those of you who watch Smallville: do any of you really like Lana Lang’s character? Really? Wouldn’t that show just be so much better if that character got killed off? Doesn’t she just SUCK?

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Apr 02 2006

Drunken poker.

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I’ve been feeling a little throw-uppy all day, so what is the obvious solution?
Lots of alcohol and cigarettes, of course!

It was poker night tonight, and only D– and the Hierophant showed, bringing the total of players to an astounding FOUR until Chris got home around 10:30. Since it’s kind of pointless to play Hold ‘Em with only four people, we played five card draw and stud, and made up all kinds of crazy rules. Like “OK, after our five cards are dealt, you can trade for up to three cards with the person to your left. Then we all bet again.” or the ever famous “If you get a wild card, you have to say ‘Thank you, sir, may I have another?’”. It was fun, but after we’d all consumed more than three drinks there was a lot of “OK, so what’s wild again?” and “Is this stud or draw?”

After we were all done playing, I came in and set the clocks ahead an hour (so fun to do when half the stuff is electronic, you’re drunk, and you don’t have the instruction manual) and said good night to The Man. I’m still awake because I know that if I go to bed feeling like this, it will be Very Bad Scene.

For the second week in a row, someone brought Djarms to the table, and I bummed some. These were all I used to smoke when I was sixteen and Oh So Moody, but now I can’t fathom smoking them on a regular basis. What I do like about them is the way they smell and the fabulous way they have of cutting through the alcohol.

It was a fun night, nausea to the contrary, and I came out about three dollars ahead. Short of my usual, but hey. I ain’t bitchin’ about tree fitty. I ain’t no Loch Ness Monsta.

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