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May 10 2006

Mosaics, in progress and completed.

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The weatherbot that lives in my browser status bar assures me that it’s going to thunderstorm later today. However, when I load up Accuweather (that’s the site I get my weatherbot from), it tells me that there is only a 25% chance of thunderstorm. Why, then, is that the “lead story”, so to speak. 25% thunderstorm means 75% chance not-so-much thunderstorm. Shouldn’t you go with the likeliest scenario?

Anyway. Last night was D&D night for the menfolk. I amused myself by getting drunk, reading, doing part of the grout on a new mosaic, and calling Mackers. When I told her that I was doing a mosaic, she got all snippy (SNIPPY!) with me and insinuated that I had not delivered on the mosaic piece I was supposed to make for her. Well, maybe she’s right in that I haven’t actually DELIVERED the thing, but it’s done, and it’s much less gaudy now than I thought it would be. Black grout seems to tone down a lot of gaudiness. Anyway, some pictures:

The box I made for Mackers. It looks kind of dull in this picture, but that’s because I didn’t use a flash. It’s really very shiny. All the tiles are metallic.

This is the mosaic I’m currently working on. I just have to finish grouting the edges and then let it cure. It’s going to hang on my front porch.

The inspiration for my mosaic. This is the design in my front porch railing.

Every day when I walk outside, my nose comes under assault from the most wonderful sweetness. Not only are my eighty-billion lilac bushes in bloom, but the flowers I’ve chosen for my planters this year all smell gorgeous. Have you noticed that too many garden flowers these days don’t have a smell. What a shame. I love spring. Today I plan on reading on the front porch, and looking for the elusive thunderstorm.

Here’s my front porch. Not shown: the planter that sits on the floor of the porch. Also not shown: me reading a book and breathing deeply through my nose.

Cascade of lilacs. This is only one sliver of one of my five lilac bushes. Mmmmm.

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May 08 2006

It burns! Oh God, it burns!

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I know it’s been awhile since I posted, but the truth of the matter is that there’s not a lot that I’ve found to write about.
I went shopping today with my mom and grandma. One of my cousins is getting married in June, and we all need to find something appropriate to wear to a black tie optional wedding. The only one of us who did find something was my grandmother. My mom and I tried on various and sundry dresses that looked wonderful on hangers, and not so wonderful on us. Many of them thwarted us by revealing their evil natures only when in the dressing rooms – SPANDEX underdresses with a filmy overdress. Horror!
I did, however, find a dress to wear to another wedding I have to go to, one that is thankfully less formal. Now I just have to find shoes to go with it. And some way to make it look a little more interesting than just being a blue, linen shift, which is what it is.
Um. . . how about some shiny things to distract you? Here are two pictures of our most recent fahr, one with flash and one without. Enjoy.

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