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Aug 31 2006

Pointy sticks, too.

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I hate people who don’t live in the US but bid on my clearly stated “will ship to the US ONLY” auctions. Then they ask me to ship it to Timbuktu anyway. I want to hit them with sticks.

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Aug 29 2006

New Template

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The new template is FINALLY online. If you’re not seeing the grim reaper, you may have to refresh the page or clear your cache.

I only tested this in Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox 1.5 on Windows. If you’re using something different and things seemed messed up, shoot me an e-mail and let me know.

Once again, my hatred of IE knows no bounds. If you’re using IE, I recommend you switch to Firefox immediately. It’s a much better browser, for various reasons, but I love it because it’s not such a stuck-up bitch when it comes to coding. Oh, plus you can’t beat tabbed browsing.

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Aug 23 2006

Everyone should just use Firefox.

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Everytime I try to change my template, my frustration with web browsers increases. Don’t you think all browsers should display the same web page in THE SAME WAY? I mean, your own settings nonwithstanding. . . but if I open a page in IE and the same page in Firefox, or Netscape, or Safari, IT SHOULD LOOK THE SAME.


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Aug 22 2006

I just woke up from a dream that ended with my get…

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I just woke up from a dream that ended with my getting my throat cut, spraying blood everywhere, and choking on what wasn’t being sprayed out. The rest of the dream had similar high points, but with less gore. It was a very long, involved dream. I am very glad it’s over.

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Aug 22 2006

Too much crack rock.

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I have to be up in five hours to take The Man to the airport, but sadly, I am not tired enough to go to bed.
The new template is coming along slowly. The first version was far too depressing, so I had to recreate all the images. Now I’m trying to get my divs done. There’s probably only a half an hour of work left, but I am The Grand Procrastinator.

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