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Oct 29 2006

I thought labor would hurt more.

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Pictures of the kitchen floor are still on the way…
My dad sent me one of those chain e-mails where you scroll all the way to the bottom while making a wish. So, because sometimes I am lame, I did it. When I got to the bottom, it said whatever you age is, that’s how many minutes it will take for your wish to come true.
Apparently, I’m having a baby in 28 minutes. I better get my ass to the hospital.

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Oct 24 2006

Long ass day.

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We tiled the kitchen floor on Saturday. Actually, I still have to do the grout today, but most of the work was done Saturday. We started at noon. Know when we finished? FOUR-THIRTY IN THE MORNING.

Tiling a floor is no joke.

Pictures of the process are forthcoming. I will try to make the picture entry a little more reasonable than usual. No guarantees, though.

Now I have to go grout a floor. I hope it doesn’t take another sixteen hours.

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Oct 19 2006

Her other name is “Bitchy McWhinesalot”.

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It’s kind of weird when the cat you used to call “Fatty Fatcat” is now referred to as “Bony McPokesalot”. Fate seems to have turned off of the dry prescription food. From the looks of her, she hasn’t been eating it for awhile and I just didn’t notice until bones started poking out. I need to call the vet and see if we can end this experiment in expensive food a couple of weeks early.

Destiny, on the other hand, is a plump as ever. And she hasn’t had any more allergy problems, so hopefully we can move on to the next stage of this, whatever that may be. I hope it involves less expensive food that BOTH cats will eat.

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Oct 13 2006

How can you fear such a nice reaper?

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Yet another new template. I couldn’t take the primary colors anymore. Besides, the reaper image was annoyingly cutting off any links that were on the left side of the text box, and I was too lazy to fix it. Not too lazy to make a whole new template, though!

I tested this with the usual suspects (Internet Explorer and Firefox), but let me know if there’s something I missed, or if it’s wonky in other browsers. Or, if you just want to leave general feedback, that’s cool too.

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Oct 12 2006

No spoilers.

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The Man and I went to see The Departed tonight.

Uh. . . yeah.

I know that I was supposed to like that movie, because it’s by Martin Scorsese, and anything he does is a gold bar wrapped around a brick of money, but. BUT. I just couldn’t take it.

First of all, I love me some gangster movies. You can hardly go wrong with me and a gangster movie. Prohibition-era, 50s, current day. I don’t care. If there’s a movie about gangsters (not to be confused with gangstas), I’m all about that. So, The Departed had that going for it right away. Second, it’s got Nicholson in it, who I always forget that I like until I see him in another movie. For an added bonus, Matt Damon, who always manages to bring a twinkle to his character when it’s called for. And, for an extra-special-mega bonus: Martin Sheen.

The first part of the movie was terrific. Snappy dialogue, great pacing, good setup, interesting characters. A somewhat cliche premise, I guess, but hey. It’s a gangster movie! But around about the end-of-the-middle (does that make sense?) the pacing slows down to a crippled snail’s crawl and the details start getting left out, which makes for some pretty hard to take stuff later on. I don’t want to get all into it, because I don’t want to put spoilers on here for those of you who haven’t seen it, but The Man and I left the theatre asking ourselves WHY? did this happen, and HOW COME? no one saw this coming, and WHAT’S THE DEAL? with this thing that was left hanging out there, and so on and so forth.

And the ending. Oy vey. Come on. There was no better way to end that movie? Really? After so long coming, that was a hell of a bad payoff. I guess if I were someone who could watch a movie with one part of my brain, and analyze with the other, I would have caught the (in retrospect) heavy-handed foreshadowing and braced myself for it.

Anyway, there’s really no good reason to see this movie in the theatre, as far as I’m concerned. I can’t see any of the experience being lost when viewed on the small screen, and you’ll have the added bonus of being able to pause and take a smoke break when you just can’t stand the slowness of the latter half. I had to settle for whipping out my cell phone every half-hour, trying to gauge how much time was left. That’s always a good sign, right?

(As a funny footnote, my spell checker wanted me to replace “foreshadowing” with “presidential”. What the hell?)

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