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Mar 29 2007

Pretty instead of “um. . . pretty.”

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As Mackers reminded me, it all started eight days ago with my sudden compulsion to fix the rusty bathtub hardware. I should know by now that one sudden compulsion is only the forerunner of a larger and more insistent compulsion, but I am dumb. I should have known that once I started with “just a little repair” in the bathroom, I would not be able to rest until the whole room was redecorated.

It really needed it, though. Many people have assured me that the bathroom was not ugly; several even went so far as to say they liked it, it was calming. I can agree, the bathroom was not exactly ugly, it just didn’t go with the rest of the house, or with our personal style. It was too fussy for my taste. The mirror was too small. The lighting was inadequate. It bothered me every time I took a shower, because the wallpaper was peeling away in there due to mildew. So, I set out on my task.

Some of these pictures are not of the best quality; I took them at night under low light and my camera didn’t properly compensate.

Here’s a picture of the mildewed wall that started my desire to remove wallpaper. Yum! The first day consisted just of me taking down the wallpaper in the shower and cleaning/killing the mildew with a special spray.
Most of the wallpaper came out in large sheets. Chris took this action shot of me ripping the stuff from the walls with glee. Dig the groovy pink paint under the wallpaper. I told The Man it was probably lead-based and we would all die. He just nodded. He doesn’t pay much attention to my extreme worries.

Here’s a picture of the old medicine cabinet and light fixture. That fixture used only two 60-watt bulbs. That’s not a lot of light. The outlet covers shown are new; I put them up when I was still in my “I’m not really going to redo this room” denial phase.

We lived without a sink for a few days while I was doing the painting under the chair rail. The toilet tank was removed and put back in several times, because no way we’re going without a toilet for three days. The base coat shown here looks kind of white; it’s really light blue. It shows up better against the contrasting color, as you’ll see later.

I decided to stick with a dark blue for the major color. There is some grey in it, and it is richer than shows up in the pictures. Mostly it’s just navy blue, which is fine with me. I like it.

The results of two-three days work: the areas behind the sink and toilet are done so that we can have indoor plumbing again.

Finally, a shot of the new light fixture, new medicine cabinet, and the new walls. It’s funny that this room came out with kind of a modern feeling. Most people will tell you that the rest of my house is pretty casual/conservative with warmer tones, but I wanted something a little more updated for the bathroom. I like the way it turned out. Eventually we’ll replace the floor and bathtub as well, but for now I’m just glad we have one more room that is wallpaper free.

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Mar 28 2007


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The painting IS DONE. I just finished screwing back the last thing that needs to be screwed to the wall. Well, except for the new medicine cabinet, which Chris and I are putting in tomorrow whether he likes it or not. I am so ready to have a bathroom again.

Pictures will commence once everything is back where it’s supposed to be and I clean up all the random bits of schmeng that are still scattered around.

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Mar 26 2007

*sob* Painting.

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Just dropping a quick line to let you all know that the bathroom repaint is not going well. All the wallpaper is down (finally) and the first coat of primer is mostly up. However, today I was busting ass trying to get the areas behind/below the sink and toilet done so that we can hook all of our plumbing back up and I ran into the following snags:

1) The colors I chose, which I thought were light blue and bluish-white, are in fact white and who knows? I say “who knows?” because I am not even putting that up yet. I have changed the color scheme based on the fact that the other paint is white. The new color scheme will commence tomorrow, when it will hopefully be grey-blue and light blue. I suspect it will end up being more like “Surprise!” and “Not quite what I was expecting”.

2) The primer dries to repaint in two hours. The actual paint dries to repaint in four hours. This is a long ass time to wait for paint to dry, when there is no toilet.

3) The ceiling is high. So high that I cannot make the nice blue tape lines around the top of it to prevent the color (whatever it ends up being) from getting on the ceiling. My plan is to send Chris up there with his acrobatic ways to do some taping.

4) We have no light fixture anymore, so my painting is limited to daylight hours. The small lamp that was brought in to keep us from breaking our fool heads in the dark does not provide adequate light to see if I’ve missed a spot.

Like I said, we still have no light fixture or medicine cabinet, so our bathroom is almost completely unusable. We can shower and shit in there, that’s all. And the shitting part is iffy, depending on whether I’m wielding a paintbrush at that exact moment. I am hoping and praying to having this done by the time The Man comes back from Nashville.

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Mar 22 2007

No more borked.

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The tub is fixed. Actually, it was fixed yesterday morning, but I just didn’t feel like updating. I doubt anyone was sitting on their hands, anxiously awaiting an update about that. Anyway, the next project I’ve got on my hands is taking down the wallpaper in the bathroom. I’ve talked before about how much I dislike this wallpaper. It’s navy blue, with pink roses and lace on it. Kind of old ladyish. It used to just be a cosmetic thing, but now it’s peeling away around the tub and we can see there is mildew (or mold, or something else not good) back there. So I’ll be taking that down, and killing the grossness, and then finally painting the whole shebang, which should be a blast, because the ceilings are about 20 gojillion feet high.

Today I spend a shit ton of time ordering some custom framing. My cousin sent me three of his prints about a month ago, and since now is the time that Michael’s is having their 50% off custom framing sale, I took them down to get done. Framing is expensive! But I think they’ll look nice once they’re done, and I’ll take pics so you can all bask in their majesty.

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Mar 21 2007


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What did you do today, kids? Really? That’s nice. What did I do today? How nice of you to ask. I broke the tub.


It all started innocently enough. Our tub is pretty grotty, mostly because the hardware is about twenty years old, and rusty. The one thing I successfully replaced today is the drain plate (shown shiny and new in the above pic), and I shit you not, that was a SOLID chunk of rust. It bled rust down the tub, and made me scrub ever so much. So, today I got a bee in my bonnet and decided I wasn’t going to take it anymore. I went to Home Depot and got a replacement kit.

It all looked pretty easy. I replaced the non-functioning drain closer with a blank plate (again, see above), because the replacement drain was one of those push-close things, instead of one that had a separate switch. The problem was that the silver part that goes around the drain hole and connects to the pipe (the flange, maybe? I don’t know) was missing the normal cross-pieces that would allow me to stick a universal drain wrench down there and get it out.

So, The Man somehow got the flange off, through methods nefarious. All we had to do was screw the new assembly into the pipe and stick some plumber’s putty under there. . . voila! Better drain!

Except the new assembly wouldn’t thread onto the pipe. The Man and D– had to go to the basement, unhook the pipe (luckily it was only a bridge pipe connecting the tub to the main drain), and then everyone had a whack at trying to figure out if the threads were stripped, bent, too large, or just gummed up with rust. By the time gaming started, we had made no progress, and the tub remains as you see it above. No showers for us tomorrow until this is fixed.

By the way, all the rust on the bottom of the tub is from what fell out when The Man ripped the old piece out. He cleaned up the big chunks, but the residue remains. Guh-ross.

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