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Jul 24 2007

Itinerant houseguest.

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Two more days, and our little cat guest will be off to its new foster home. I spoke today to a lady from the shelter I’ve been working with (Few Steps From Home, if you feel like throwing some cash or other prizes their way) and she told me that the woman who is going to foster our guest worked with vets. This means she will probably have a better understanding of how to care for a banged up cat than I do.

In the meantime, the cat is still confined to our office, where she drools a lot. That is possibly due to the fact that she can’t close her mouth all the way. She also eats, like, a TON of food. I’m not complaining, it’s just, damn. She eats a lot.

Anyway, I feel bad that we can’t keep her. I really wish that her life wasn’t about to get uprooted again, now that she’s been here for over a week and is all comfortable and stuff. But I also don’t want to disrupt my own cats’ lives, and they have made it quite clear that Change=Puking Scared. I can only hope that she’ll be happy, and someone kind will adopt her, and she’ll have a nice second life to look forward to. I know she’s going to a great foster home, and I know this shelter screens their applicants pretty rigorously, so if she gets adopted her permanent family will be great too. But, I still feel bad that we’re sending her away, because I feel like she trusts us, and we’re just going to dump her off on someone else. I wish there was a way to make her understand how much I wish her the best.

She doesn’t have a name, we’ve just been referring to her by handles. The Man calls her “Derf”, for reasons which are too pointless to relate. I’ve been calling her “Buddy”, and generally she’s referred to as “The Cat”. I wonder what her name really is.

Our cats are both too fat to fit in this little cat house, but “Derf” is teeny.

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Jul 18 2007

Looking for a home.

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I just picked up The Wandering Kitty from our vet – ouch, the vet bill was a bit of a hit, but oh well. She’s in the garage right now, lapping up pureed canned cat food, and running around like a fool. The plan was initially to try and keep her, if Stylin couldn’t take her, but that plan is not feasible, really. My cats are twice her size, twice her weight, have all their claws, and are rough with each other. This cat would have a hard time holding her own, especially since she’ll have a glass jaw for the next 4-6 weeks.

So, I ran a FOUND ad in our local newspaper, and contacted a shelter that fosters out cats to see if we can find her a place that way. If anyone responds to the found ad, I’ll be shocked. Like I said, I’ve been seeing this cat around for a few weeks, her family (if they were ever looking) has probably stopped combing the newspapers by now. I hope this shelter comes through, because I really don’t want to surrender her to animal control.

You’d look cranky, too, if you were half-staved with a broken jaw.

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Jul 16 2007

The hobo mark.

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Yesterday, while sitting on the front porch, minding my own business, a cat appeared and rather imperiously (and loudly) demanded some help.

I’d seen this cat around for at least three weeks, but only from a distance. I knew it was wearing a collar, so I figured it was one of my neighbors’ indoor/outdoor cats, just making the rounds of the neighborhood. But, when it came right up to me, I could see how wrong that assumption was.

The cat was starving – literally – and very dehydrated. There was also something wrong with its mouth, because it couldn’t close it all the way. Being Sunday, there was really nowhere to take it, so I made it a bed in the garage with food, water, and a litterbox, and checked on it periodically. It was eating with difficulty, drinking water, and very friendly. It slept most of the day, worn out from long days of wandering around trying to find something to eat. Finding or hunting food would be more difficult, because it was declawed in the front.

I checked online lost-and-founds, and this morning I called our local animal shelter. No one seems to be looking for this cat, which is weird to me. Once upon a time, someone took care of it. It had a collar (no ID tags), and was declawed. I took it to my vet this afternoon and he checked it for a microchip. It didn’t have one, but that isn’t really a big surprise, since most people don’t chip their cats.

The cat is at the vet’s right now, where it will stay overnight getting tested for FIV and FeLuk. They’re going to give it a pain shot, and tomorrow they’ll sedate her to take x-rays and see if they can do anything for her jaw, which is broken. The vet thinks she was hit by a car, or sustained some other type of trauma. My personal dark suspicion is that she is a throw-away; someone took her for a ride and threw her out.

What to do with the cat? I don’t really want a third, but that’s preferable to having her euthanized just for being a stray cat. Stylin, who recently lost his own cat to kidney failure, also has said he may be able to give her a home. From here, all we can do is what we’re doing – try to help it.

I asked The Man why, why do stray and injured animals always seem to find their way into my path, and he answered “Because they know you’ll help them.” Stylin said the same thing, but added “I think there’s a network among the strays of the world, kind of like how hobos used to leave marks to identify which houses would give out food. I think strays leave messages so others will know where they can find help.”

I worried, at the vet’s office, about the expense of helping the cat. We are not poor, but we are not rolling in the extra money either, and the vet sounded like this could end up being an expensive task. But, as The Man says, “What can we do? The cat needs help, and it came to us. We’ve spent money on a lot less noble things.”

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Jul 14 2007

God is angry.

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I’ve been noticing an increase in strange insects around our home lately. There have been more black beetles, enormous moths, crazy dangerous looking flying things, and just plain oddities around than in any other year I remember. Those of you who know me will recall that I am not Fond Of Insects in any way, shape, or form. I mean, I recognize that they play a role on our world and it’s not their fault that they’re so creepy, but really. I don’t want them on me. That has made this summer a particularly trying one, because as I mentioned, there are some odd things creeping around lately, and I’m starting to wonder if God has finally decided to rain down a plague on our house.

The latest specimen is this little critter, displayed below. We found him/her sticking to the screen of our office window. It looked like a twisted hybrid of a hornet and a locust, complete with BIG OLD stinger thing sticking out its abdomen. Fun! I can’t identify it, can any of you? Sorry that it’s not in the best position, but I wasn’t going to flip it over and risk it ejecting some foul acid from it’s backside. Play along at home: with what are we being cursed?

Evil insect from hell.

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Jul 06 2007

Pictures from the zoo.

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Hey, girl! Yeah, just chillin’. I have got to get my nails done, though, for real. They are getting out of control.


I am the oddest creature in this whole zoo, and yet, I am compellingly cute. You want to cuddle me and braid my strangely long tail-hair, don’t you? Just like a “My Little Anteater”, the toy you never had as a child. If you hug me, I will stick my snout in your ear and tell you all my secrets. BFF!


FOOLS! Soon they will realize my power but by then it will be too late! TOO LATE!! Mwahahahaha!


“I think that last Foster’s was a mistake, mate.”

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