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Sep 27 2007

Oh my stars and garters.

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So, I told you that we got some new trees. One of them – the linden – doesn’t really look so hot. It’s missing half of its leaves, and the ones that are there are yellowish and browning at the ends. The nursery assured me that it was fine. It’s just shocked from being in a pot all summer, and would bounce back in the spring after resting through the winter. I understood what he meant by being shocked, but it still kind of made me chuckle, the tree being shocked, like it had overheard some truly raunchy things while it was waiting to be bought, and was on the verge of fainting dead away and needed some smelling salts. What kind of things shock a tree? What tales of degradation were some of the tree shoppers whispering under the branches? I imagine my poor linden to be a sort of prissy, maidenly sort of tree, whose delicate ears were scorched with tales of the master diddling the kitchen servants.

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Sep 16 2007

Whine, whine, whine.

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My finger doesn’t hurt so much as ache in the knuckle, which is where the stupid sting occurred. I’m thinking now it was a yellowjacket and not a spider, since there were plenty of those around and the symptoms are more yellowjacket than spider. However, the swelling is much worse and I can barely bend the thing, which is less of a finger and more of a sausage. My skin is so tight that it feels like it’s going to asplode any second.

I did get trees today – a linden and an ornamental pear. Plus a free spruce because they were having an open house and you got a free spruce if you bought something. Woo! We have to pick them up, which means we need to beg a truck from someone.

You can’t really get the full effect, but it is puffy.

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Sep 16 2007

Still gimped up.

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Today my finger is even more swollen and I can’t bend it more than halfway. I woke myself up several times in the night clawing at the bite area, which itches a little bit – but when I claw at it, it hurts more than a little bit.

Today we are going to shop for trees. Trees!

And this is my new bird feeder, which is really more like Cat Television, since it sticks right to a window. My ultimate plan is to put a cat perch on the same window for maximum feline tauntage.

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Sep 15 2007


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I went over to J-bird’s house today to help her harvest her grapes. Now I can’t wear my wedding ring.

About an hour or so into the day, I was viciously attacked by a spider who seemed to be making its home in a bunch of grapes. Since I had just picked said bunch of grapes, the spider decided to take its ire out on me and bit me on my wedding ring finger, just below my second knuckle. It didn’t feel great, but it felt less great when I realized my finger was swelling and I had to pry my ring off. It’s probably good that I took it off when I did, because now it doesn’t go back on. My knuckle and everything below it (up til finger becomes hand) is swollen and hurts. Ouchie ouch ouch.

J-bird managed to use her snippers to snip the tip of HER wedding ring finger before I even got there. We are a matched, broken pair.

On the plus side, the grapes are picked, de-stemmed, and have been run through the primary smoosher. I went home with a bottle of the 2002 vintage, which is probably too sweet for some people but is just right for me. Yum.

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Sep 14 2007

Hard water.

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Our water softener is broken. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, not being a water softener guru. All I know is that yesterday it stayed in its purge cycle for two hours, and when I went down to see what was taking so long, the screen displayed the helpful information of “ERR 1″. Oh, thanks, water softener. I’ll get right on that. I tried to reset it, and there was a nice little animation that looked like it was trying really hard to open something somewhere, and then we were right back to ERR 1. I assume some valve or something is blocked, but in the meantime our water is unpleasant. It’s a good thing I got into the habit of using lotion every day or else my skin would be so tight that it would split when I move. We’re going to have to figure something out soon, or else my hair will start breaking off and my skin will be flaking all over the town. There’s an image for you.

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