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Dec 27 2007


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Starting tomorrow morning, The Man and I will be up north visiting his mother. I may be online and I may not – last time we couldn’t get the laptops on the network up there. Anyway, that’s the news. Woo!

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Dec 24 2007

This entry is roughly as long as a snake.

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I have no mechanical aptitude whatsoever. I think somewhere along the line I broke the part of my brain that deals with spatial relationships and logic, because I cannot build nor even conceive of how to build something. For instance, two summers ago I wanted to make a planter for my front porch, which was basically a wooden box. I bought all the lumber, I measured everything out, I cut some stuff up, and then I stood there with a pile of wood and a confused look on my face. I literally could not figure out how to attach the boards to one another to make this wooden box. Could. Not. Do it. My husband had to rescue me, and he built that planter box in less than an hour because he is a regular person who can see that if you want a wooden box, then eventually you are going to have to screw some things together.

Despite my obvious shortcomings in the Build It Yourself department, I love this show on the Science Channel called “How It’s Made”. This show takes you into a factory or workshop and shows you step-by-step how they make things. Anything from suits of armor to CCD semiconductors – they will show you how it’s done. It’s wonderful. My favorite ones are when they are making things by hand, like violins or wooden ducks. However, most often you’re going to see a lot of automated machinery and robots doing things at incredible rates of speed or applying incredible amounts of pressure. And that’s where my confusion comes in.

The last few times I’ve watched this show, the narrator has said something like “The blank goes into a press, which exerts an amount of force roughly equal to the weight of four elephants.” The first time it didn’t really make an impact, but after hearing it twice, I started to think “Something is not right there.” I mean, I’m watching a show on The Science Channel. It’s a show about how science is used to make things. It is, most often, a very scientific show. When did “the elephant” become a scientific unit of measure? Wouldn’t it be better just to say “two tons” or however much it is? I also love how they have to throw in the “roughly equal” to make it sound even more like people are going around ordering things by the elephant now. Really, is there a press that exerts pressure precisely equal to the weight of four elephants? No, there is not, because elephants don’t all weigh the same amount.

I realize that most people have no way to visualize a ton, and that if you picture four elephants all balancing on one tiny bit of metal, you can say “Wow, that’s a lot of weight”, but really. You don’t know how much weight “four elephants” is, you just know it’s a lot. The same way you can’t really visualize 2000 pounds of weight , but you know it’s a ton. It’s a lot of weight. It’s such a lot of weight that people use the unit of measure as hyperbole in normal conversation – i.e. “I ate a ton of food”. What I’m saying is, most people have no frame of reference for that much weight, so why not just use the proper amount and be done with it? Four tons or four elephants, most people are going to have the same reaction: “I wouldn’t want to get my hand caught in that press.”

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Dec 21 2007

Happy Holidays.

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Happy Holidays from my World of Warcraft character and her Festive Holiday Mount.

Ashia and Rudolph ride again!

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Dec 17 2007

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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Mackers came over on Friday evening and spent the weekend at our happy home. We wanted to finish our Christmas shopping and also, you know. . . hang out together, since we probably wouldn’t have a chance to do that for a little while. Saturday was our big Christmas bonanza of shopping and wrapping. We shopped for what seemed like a gojillion years, and then we came home, made dinner, and wrapped presents for another gojillion years. We were wrapping presents through the whole showing of Pulp Fiction, although we did take many breaks to groan and stretch and say “My back is killing me!” But, it was all worth it in the end: I got to spend time with Mackers, I got my shopping 99% done, and almost everything is wrapped and under the tree, waiting to be distributed to various households.

One thing that is making me angry right now is the present I ordered for my dad’s girlfriend. I ordered this thing on November 29. The web site stated that it would probably take 12 days maximum to make and ship. It’s still not here. I sent an e-mail to the proprietor on the 13th, asking very politely for order status, as I was going to have to ship this thing to another state once it arrived. I have heard nothing back. Nothing. Not even a “I’m holding it hostage” or “Yeah, yeah, I’ll get to it, I’m pretty busy”. Not a word. This is nerve-wracking.

On Sunday, when Mackers had to drive home, we woke up to find that six inches of snow had fallen overnight, and it was still snowing outside. Not only was it snowing, but it was blowing and drifting, too. Hooray! She had a small problem getting out of the driveway (meaning she kind of slid off the driveway, and we had to shovel her out), but once she got on the road she said it was relatively okay. Well, except for that part where her car was possessed, and she could take her foot off the gas and watch the speedometer show her that yes indeed, she was speeding up. But a quick reboot fixed that problem.

The Man and I spent the rest of Sunday indoors. We played Warcraft and napped and read books and played more Warcraft. Somewhere in there, our neighbors used their powers for good and plowed our driveway for us. Very stealthy of them, for we did not even see nor hear it happening.

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Dec 07 2007

You will not be sorry.

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Do you love yourself and/or love another person? Do you/other person eat meat? If the answers to both of those questions are YES, then get your ass to the store, and buy everything you need to make this sandwich. Even if you’re like me and somewhat skeptical of steak sandwiches. This is a damn good meal. However, if you are trying to be on a diet, are concerned about heart damage, or are just a heathen who doesn’t like butter, you might want to give this a pass. But I wouldn’t.

FYI – I bought 3 pounds of cube steak and that was one pound too many. We have a lot of leftovers, and there wasn’t room in the pan for all the meat. But then again, there’s only 3 people in our house.

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