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Dec 06 2008

O Christmas Tree

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Behold, Christmas Tree 2008.

I was also going to include the picture that we took for our Christmas cards, but since we haven’t sent them out yet, I thought I’d hold off.  I think the people who receive the cards deserve the first viewing of The Man’s “Just take the damn picture, already” smile, and my “I’m kneeling very uncomfortably” grimace of holiday cheer.

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Dec 04 2008

Home stretch

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My Christmas gifts are 75% bought, although some of them are in that eerie state known as “shipped, but not yet arrived”, or even worse “not yet shipped”.  I don’t like that.  I had a problem last year with things being late and I don’t want a repeat.

The gifts that have arrived have been wrapped and placed under our tree, except for the ones that are still waiting on additional parts to be complete.  We got Luke’s dad a three-part gift and so far only one part has shown up.  What’s even worse is that I just realized (literally, while I was typing the previous sentence) I haven’t even gotten a confirmation e-mail for his stepmom’s present!  Um, eek?  Guess I better check on that.

My Christmas cards are all addressed, except for one, which is waiting on a name/address confirmation.  I need to get stamps and send them out.  We decided to send picture cards this year, and neither one of us is totally happy with the picture we ended up using, although at least we were both looking at the camera, smiling, and not cross-eyed or in the middle of talking.

This is all to say that I feel kind of on the ball this year, in regards to Christmas, at least.

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Dec 01 2008

The annoyance begins.

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Ever since the first snow fell, my Forecastfox addon has been showing the Severe Weather Alert icon.  Because. . . wait for it. . . IT’S SUPPOSED TO SNOW!!!  AHHH!!!  NOT SNOW!!

It’s winter. . . in Michigan. . . you say it might be snowing later on?  NO!  That can’t be true!  Not the total horror of. . . LIGHT SNOW!*



Please also note that they were so kind as to tell me that it might be slippery, if the road I’m on happens to be “untreated”.  Perhaps those of you from out of state are unaware, but Michigan is Kind Of Poor right now.  We don’t treat roads for things like “light snow”.  We barely treat our roads when there are ice storms.  We have to save our salt for things like margaritas to stave off the cold.

And, to tell the truth, I’ve never seen a single Michigan driver exercise anything resembling extreme caution even on dry roads.

At any rate, I’m kind of annoyed with my Severe Weather Alert icon right now.  I would like to once again point out to the fine people at the National Weather Service that the months of November through February are a SEASON, not a severe weather condition.  No need to throw the red exclamation point out there every day.  Save it for something special.

*Too much sarcasm?  I can never be sure.  Better safe than sorry, I always say.

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Nov 26 2008

zomg housework

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Well, I got all the reports done for the month of November and sent in my invoice, so now I have a small break in which to get the house ready for Christmas.  Usually, that would consist of getting the tree out and decorating it, but since we’ve moved the computers into the dining room, this year I’ll need to do some extra wrangling.  The corner where the tree usually lives is occupied by The Man’s computer.  So, what I need to do is:

  • Clean out the downstairs closet so there is actually room in there.
  • Get rid of the coat rack in the dining room, which has three holders broken off of it anyway.
  • Move all coats into the closet.
  • Put my computer desk over by the door where the coat rack used to be (I predict a rather chilly month for me)
  • Get the tree out and put it up where my computer used to live.
  • Profit!

Ok, maybe not profit, but at least we’ll have a place for the tree.

Some of this stuff (like cleaning out the closet) is on the agenda for today, but I already put myself behind by sleeping in until the shameful hour of 10 AM, when I had planned on being up by 8:30.  I also need to go to the grocery store today, possibly the worst day in the world to go, because I need to pick up a veggie tray and chips for Thansgiving snacks.

Before I go back to work sometime in December, I need to put up the tree, put up the rest of the Christmas decorations, put up the exterior lights, and start my Christmas shopping.  Did I say I had a break?  That doesn’t sound like a break to me.

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Nov 21 2008

Just give up!

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Probably the most difficult part of dealing with infertility is other people.  To be honest, I don’t spend a lot of time fretting about not getting pregnant.  I think about it when I do my ovulation tests, and I think about it when it becomes blatantly obvious that this is once again Not Our Month, but I don’t obsessively chart my basal body temperature, I don’t read a ton of articles, I don’t hang out on infertility message boards, and I don’t even really seek medical help anymore since Dr. F seems to be kind of bust.

No, it’s the other people that get to me.  And most of the time, people will tell you that the worst part is someone asking “So, when are YOU two going to have kids?” at a christening or someone’s first birthday party.  That doesn’t really bother me, because I combat it with information overload.  I find it a kind of intrusive question to ask anyone – how is that your business?  So, I do my best to make the other person sorry they asked.  I talk about our diagnosis.  I talk about the treatments we’ve been through.  I talk about the medications I’ve tried and the things I’ve given up.  Most of the time, the other person REALLY does not want to hear this stuff, and they start getting that look in their eyes that says “Oh God, how do I turn her off?”  That’s when I get a nice, warm feeling in my heart.  I know it’s pretty passive-aggressive, but COME ON.  Asking someone in the middle of a crowded room how come she hasn’t reproduced yet is just plain rude.  You deserve to get the Full Medical Reasoning, In Detail, With X-Rays and All Related Test Results.

No, the worst thing for me is when someone says, “You know, you should just stop trying”.  Or, “You should just stop thinking about it”.  People, please.  If these words have ever left your lips in the direction of someone who is dealing with infertility, kindly check yourself.  It is not helpful.  It is not even POSSIBLE.  Stop trying?  You mean, stop having sex?  Or just go back to using birth control?  Which one is it?  Because either way, I’m not sure that it’s going to help, at least if my 5th grade Sex Ed class is to be believed.

And “stop thinking about it”?  How do you suggest I do that?  Let me tell you something:  This morning I had a dream.  I dreamed that I was doing my regular ovulation test, but somehow I accidentally used a pregnancy test instead.  When I looked at the test, it said I was pregnant.  I double checked.  I started to cry.  I started to laugh.  I yelled for The Man.  I told him we were pregnant.  He hugged me and we jumped up and down because we were excited.  And then, I woke up.  And that dream was so real that for a minute, I couldn’t figure out if it had been a dream or if it had really happened.  And when I realized it was just a dream, I was pretty bummed out, let me tell you.  How am I supposed to stop thinking about it when my subconcious sends me shit like that to deal with?  It’s not like I go around all day thinking “Must have baby.  Must have baby.  Must have baby”.  Other than quitting smoking and taking a pre-natal vitamin, my day-to-day life is usually not affected by my desire to get pregnant.  So, stop thinking about it?  Sure.  I’ll get right on that.

At any rate, this stuff doesn’t happen very often.  I’m just in a bad mood today because it seems like everyone around me is suddenly getting pregnant, and I get to be all happy for them, when really, sometimes, I secretly feel like punching them in the mouth.  So, I come here to blow off steam, because that’s what I have this place for.  And also, to give you some good advice:  Don’t tell people to stop trying or to stop thinking.  It’s not helpful.  And don’t ask when people are going to have kids.  It’s just rude.

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