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Apr 30 2008


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Most of my spam these days is of the gambling variety, which doesn’t yield very interesting subject lines. However, when cleaning out my spam folder today, these subject lines caught my eye.

LAST CHANCE Are Your Meetings Worthwhile? – The answer is NO. Perhaps 5% of meetings are worthwhile. The other 95% drag on too long, are about stupid things, or are poorly attended.

Quiz: What’s Your Workplace EQ? – No one ever let me play EQ at work. If I had known that there was a job out there that allowed me to play EQ, I would have applied for it.

Think about your health every minute. – Does that sound boring and obsessive to anyone else? Not to mention. . . unhealthy.

USA Go! Go to Big Money! – No whammy, no whammy, no whammy, STOP!

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Apr 30 2008

Clock destruction.

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My dream last night consisted of getting back the clock Dr. Mom gave me, which I currently have out for cleaning and repair.  It is a lovely German shelf clock, which winds up and chimes on the half-hour and hour.  The horologist told me it needed a thorough cleaning and three bushings/bearings replaced (in real life, not in my dream), so I’ve been waiting for him to finish up with that.  I guess I’ve been worrying about it subconsciously, because when I got it back in my dream last night, the horologist had gutted the inside and screwed a battery-powered quartz movement into the case.  The chime now sounded like a doorbell.  When I complained, he basically shrugged and said that the old movement was pretty worn, and this was a lot easier and less expensive than replacing it.  Need I say that I was pretty unhappy?  Now I really am anxious about getting that clock back!

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Apr 29 2008

Something’s not right.

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I just watched an episode of Cold Case Files on A&E (not Cold Case – that’s fiction, this one’s reality).  This episode had two cases in it, both of murdered women.  The first woman was a prostitute who had been beaten, raped, murdered, and dumped in a canal.  Her murderer was convicted of first degree murder, was sentenced to 15 years and served 7 years.  The second case was of a upper-middle-class woman that was raped and strangled in her home.  Her murderer was convicted of first degree murder and received a life sentence.

Is there a clearer way to illustrate how the quality of justice you receive depends on who you are?  If that first case had been an 18-year-old prom queen, the guy probably would have been executed.

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Apr 29 2008


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So, I just finished my first Turbo Jam workout.  I’m doing strength training with the Bowflex M-W-F and apparently am having a heart attack with Turbo Jam T-Th.  The workout is a lot of fun, at least.  I don’t find the lady leading it to be as annoying as workout people usually are.  And the speed is challenging, but not “fall over” challenging, as TaeBo was.

Nevertheless, it has been brought home to me once again that I am not very coordinated.  I can do the combos at the slower pace, but once it “steps up to tempo” I’m basically flailing around like a overactive three year old.  But I figure, as long as I’m still sweating, it’s still good.

All I’ve got to say is if I’m killing myself in one way or another 5 days a week, I’d better see some results.  If, at the end of three months, I’m still a size Fat Ass. . . well, let’s just say there will be less workout and more cookies in my future.  I’m not one to keep busting ass if I’m not getting anything out of it.

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Apr 28 2008

Filthy lucre.

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A couple of months ago, I decided to open an online brokerage account.  I’ve been wanting to take some of the money I make selling stuff on eBay and invest it into things.  Things I am interested in.  Things that may or may not make us money.  I don’t know.  The amount of money I’m working with is not going to make or break The Man and me, unless something totally strange happens and one of my little stocks takes off like a rocket ship to Venus (with The Final Countdown playing in the background, of course).

So far I’ve dropped some cash into a mutual fund that is focused on leisure activities.  Doesn’t that sound like shuffleboard down by the pool and drinks on the lanai?  It’s actually all about video games, travel, hotels, and stuff like that – right up my alley.  I started another wire transfer today (SIDE NOTE: transferring all this money around electronically kind of makes me feel like a bank robber or movie villain.  I have to transfer money from PayPal into our bank account, then from the bank to the brokerage service.  It feels like money laundering.  END SIDE NOTE) so that I could buy stock in a company that grabbed my attention.

And while it may sound like I’m very interested in the stock market and doing research, the sad truth is that I HATE MONEY.  I love what having money can do for us, but I hate dealing with it, worrying about it, or thinking about getting more of it.  I long to live in the Star Trek universe, where money is no longer an issue.  I don’t like thinking about the weak dollar, the strong euro, the fact that money is inequitably distributed, retirement, IRAs, 401(k), or anything else dealing with finances.  I refuse to handle our bills because I know that it will overwhelm me with the panicky feeling I get when I have to work at balancing accounts.  I CAN do these things, if I have to, but it makes me irritable.

Dabbling in the stock market is something I can do only because it IS dabbling.  I am not exactly working with huge sums of cash, nor am I attempting to get rich overnight.  I’m more trying to find companies that both look promising AND that fit in with things that interest me.  If I start to feel irritated, I can just stop and resume later.

But I still hate money.

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