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Jan 27 2009

Never enough storage.

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I’ve spent most of the day looking at furniture online. I need more storage. There is never enough storage in my house. I have bins and shelves and boxes and cabinets, but I need more. There is just SO MUCH stuff and no place to put it. And I can’t pare down. I pare down once every couple of years, and it doesn’t matter. The problem of storage remains. Mostly because of books and clothes.

I look at these pictures on web sites of bookshelves – they always are full of knick-knacks, which are acting as bookends for perhaps 9 books. Who does that? Who actually uses a huge, wall-sized bookshelf for 9 books and 50 knick-knacks? I have WAY too many books to even think about doing something that foolish. If I had one of those big ol’ “8 feet long, 5 feet tall” wall units, it would be CRAMMED with books, and there would be more books piled around it. Oh, wait a minute, that’s what’s going on in my bedroom as we speak (or, as I write). One whole wall (and it’s a big wall) is given over to books and they’re STILL piling up all over the place. When the spare room is done, it will help somewhat, because there will be shelves in there, but a more wily solution needs to be found.

Clothing is a similar problem. The Man and I share one small closet and we each have our own small dresser. That is not good enough. I have to rotate our seasonal wardrobes in and out because we don’t have room for everything at once. That’s not a real big pain. What IS a real big pain is that we STILL don’t have room for everything, even removing the off-season stuff. And it’s not that we have too many clothes, because I just pared out our closets. There are about 4 garbage bags of stuff for Goodwill, but a noticeable dent has not been made. There’s just not enough space. We need larger dressers, at least.

In picking the furniture for the spare room, my focus has been mostly on two things: Will it match the scheme I have in my mind, and does it also provide storage in addition to its main function (if that function is not already storage)? There will be no chance of under-the-bed storage, because we’re getting a day bed that has a trundle. So, I’ve picked out a bench that has storage in the seat and a cedar blanket chest that can double as an end table. And an accent table that has two deep drawers. The closet will have cubbies on the floor. There will be built-in shelves on one wall. The small nook was originally going to house an accent mirror, but now I’m seriously considering a mirrored cabinet instead. My mania for extra storage knows no bounds. I won’t be buying all this furniture at once, but eventually the spare room will be the most storage-efficient room in the house. I hope.

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Jan 27 2009

Better than ice.

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For the past two days, the weather people have been predicting a big ol’ mess of an ice storm for all of Tennessee. Today it hit, except that it’s not ice. It’s just rain. The ice storm is hitting Kentucky, and that is OK with me, because I didn’t want anything possibly interfering with our flight home.

I’m a little ready to leave.

It’s not that I’m not having fun – I am – but I’d like to be back home, working on stuff that needs to be worked on, organizing my photography, planning for the spare room, and petting the cats. Some of that I can do from here, but not all of it. I certainly can’t pet the cats.

Chris tells me that Destiny is not only getting up on the furniture, but that she also managed to climb the stairs and get up onto our bed all by herself. The furniture I can’t help, unless I want to start locking her in the bathroom at night again, but I don’t feel comfortable about her tackling the stairs. Yet. The doom-and-gloom vet kind of scared me about relapses and additional damage from falling and she specifically mentioned stairs as being the evilest things.

But her getting up on furniture is more than I ever expected she’d be able to do again, so it just proves that her recovery/rehab is not over, like I thought. Just another reason I’d like to be at home.

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Jan 21 2009

Small town girl.

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I’ve only been to a few big cities in my life, and only seldom on my own. The last time I was anywhere all by myself, I was on a business trip to San Jose, California. I was staying in a town called Milpitas, and I was so intimidated by the 880 that I refused to drive anywhere but to and from the office.

This trip, I’m not technically by myself, but I might as well be because The Man has to work a regular day. Which means I’m on my own for at least eight hours. And I am finding that to be rather intimidating. Coupled with my regular social anxiety, which is enough to deal with on my home turf, being a stranger in a strange land is nigh overwhelming.

I did force myself out of the room today. I walked a few blocks to a statue and fountain I had noticed last night when we were driving around. I got some excellent shots of the statue, at least. There was just no good angle on the fountain. Every way I tried there was a construction crane or a building cutting into the frame. And I am not good enough to remove that stuff seamlessly.

On the way back, I got a really cool shot of some graffiti, which looks to be an old advertisement. I saw another wall in a similar style near the hotel, so I’ll get that one tomorrow, if it’s nice out again. It might rain.

Anyway, I am having fun. I’ll keep making myself venture out, but I don’t think I’ll be taking the car. From what I saw last night, I’ll probably get so lost my only recourse would be to start a new life in the next town I came to.

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Jan 19 2009

One more day.

Hey, how about this new theme, eh? Do you like it? I’d love it to pieces if the columns were separated like on the old theme: column – content – column. But I can get used to this. My favorite part is the rotating image thing in the header. I think I’ve got seven different pics on rotate right now.

We’re leaving for Nashville tomorrow. Today I’m doing laundry, packing, and getting the last couple of things cleaned up so I can feel like I didn’t leave a craphole house behind me (or, as Julio and I might say, a “sheethouse”). I should be much more excited about this than I am, but I think I’ve had too short of a time at home. I need a larger break between my madcap dashes of adventure! After we get back from Nashville, we probably won’t go anywhere until April, when we’ll most likely dash up north for our last visit before Tick Season commences. We don’t do Tick Season, not anymore. Once was enough.

We went to church yesterday, and were welcomed back by the few people who we’ve met. The rector asked about our trip and was pretty surprised to hear we were leaving again so soon. It’s just one more thing to make me wish we’d had at least a week more time at home. Church is part of the routine now and I don’t like it when my routine gets all out of whack.

We also went to The Man’s stepdad’s yesterday for the last Christmas party of 2008! This gathering should have taken place on Christmas Eve, but The Man’s stepdad is in the snow removal business, and Christmas Eve was a pretty snowtastic affair in Michigan. It was nice to see him and his girlfriend – they are so much fun. We watched the Barrett-Jackson auction on TV and talked about the cars. They also dropped the news that they are seriously considering moving to Colorado? What IS it with Michiganders moving to Colorado? It seems like every time someone moves away, they head for Colorado – notable exceptions being the Eldest and Middle Miller boys – way to buck the trend, fellas. I think if I were ever to leave the state, I’d have to head to Georgia, just to be different.

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Jan 17 2009

New name, same place

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You might notice – if you’ve been here before – that if you clicked on your bookmark or typed in the same ol’ address you’ve always used, that there has been a slight change in your address bar. I changed the domain name of this blog to “”. Hopefully, this change is seamless and would have been unnoticeable except that I just pointed it out. The old address will still work (no way could I retire my first EVER domain name. I’ve had it for ten years!), I just felt this was a more suitable name for this blog.

Everything SHOULD be working now, I got the images loading up properly on my computer at least, but if you notice anything funky, let me know.

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